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Gabor previous winners 2005 - 1989

2005  Lionel Crawford FRS, in recognition for his work on the small DNA tumour viruses, specifically the papova virus group, papilloma, polyoma and SV40.

2003 Professor Jean Beggs FRS, for her contributions to the isolation and manipulation of recombinant DNA molecules in a eukaryotic organism, adding a new dimension to molecular and cellular biology.

M. AzimSurani2001 M Azim Surani, in recognition of his discovery of mammalian genomic imprinting, revealing the expression of certain autosomal genes according to the parent of origin.  Genomic imprinting has major implications for human genetics and the inheritance patterns of human disease and its discovery has been a major fundamental breakthrough that has changed the way we think about genetics in mammals.

Adrian Bird1999 Adrian Peter Bird, in recognition of his pioneering work in the study of global mechanisms by which transcription of the mammalian genome is regulated and for his exploration into the molecular basis of fundamental biological mechanisms, particularly his development of ways of analysing methylation patterns of eukaryotic DNA using endonucleases and the discovery of and continued research into a new class of DNA sequences found in all vertebrates.

1997 Kenneth Charles Holmes, in recognition of his achievements in molecular biology, in particular his pioneering analyses of biological structures and viruses, and his development of the use of synchrotron radiation for X-ray diffraction experiments, now a widely used technique not only in molecular biology but in physics and materials science.

1995 David Hopwood, in recognition of his pioneering and leading the growing field of the genetics of Streptomyces, and for developing the programming of the pervasive process of polyketide synthesis.

1993 C Weissmann, in recognition of his many contributions to molecular biology, including his innovative analysis of coliphage Q-beta by the introduction of methods for making site-specific mutations, and the cloning and expression of alpha-interferon genes in bacteria.

1991 AR Fersht, in recognition of his pioneering work in the use of protein engineering to study protein structure and enzyme function.

1989 Noreen Elizabeth Murray, in recognition of her pioneering work in the field of genetic engineering, in particular for her development of the bacteriophage lambda system as a cloning [vector?] into which could be incorporated DNA fragments of over 5 kilobases in length.








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