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Using FaceLift 2.0 and WordPerfect with Windows 95/98 Running Bitstream FaceLift for WordPerfect

You must run FLSETUP.EXE from a DOS prompt in full screen mode.

  • From the Windows Start menu, choose Shutdown, then choose Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode.
  • You can set up a program icon for FLSETUP.EXE to run it in full DOS mode.
Running DOS programs in Full Screen Mode

To find out how to run DOS programs in full screen mode, look for the topic "Optimizing MS-DOS programs" in Windows Help. To open this topic in Windows Help:

  1. Choose Start > Help.
  2. Click the Index tab.
  3. Type in this subject: Optimizing, MS-DOS programs
  4. Click Display.

Printing with Bitstream FaceLift for WordPerfect with Windows 98/95

Windows 98/95 control the printing process, even from a DOS prompt if the DOS prompt is started from within Windows. To work around this control, you must set up FaceLift to insert the fonts used into the print job before Windows sends the job on to the printer.


Changing Port Mapping in FaceLift

These directions assume that LPT1 is your real printer port or network captured port, and that you do not use LPT2 for printing or communications in Windows. LPT2 will be your virtual port. Substitute the appropriate ports for your system.

  1. Run FaceLift's FLSETUP program from a DOS prompt in the directory where FLSETUP.EXE resides (usually the WordPerfect directory.)
  2. From FLSETUP's Main Menu, choose Port Mapping.
  3. Follow the directions at the top of the window to change Port Mappings to:
    • LPT1 --> Direct
    • LPT2 --> LPT1
      Your real port (LPT1 above) should be pointing to Direct.
      Your virtual/fake port (LPT2 above) should be pointing to the real port (LPT1).
  4. Press F10 to return to the Main Menu.
  5. Choose Review an installed printer.
  6. Select your printer and press the ENTER key.
    If you are using a network, OR your printer is shared: answer Y to Is this a shared printer?
  7. Press F10 to continue.
  8. Select the LPT2 port and press the ENTER key.
  9. On the Main Menu, choose Save, return to DOS.

LPT2 is now setup as a virtual port that sends its output to your real port, LPT1. Now set your WordPerfect printer to use this virtual port, LPT2.

Setting the Printer Port In WordPerfect
  1. Start WordPerfect with FaceLift, using the FLWP command.
  2. From the WordPerfect document screen, press SHIFT + F7
  3. Type S to select printer.
  4. Select your printer in the list.
  5. Choose 3 to Edit.
  6. Choose 2 to change the Port.
  7. Select LPT2 as the port (or the virtual port created in FLSETUP).
  8. Press F7 to accept the default settings.
  9. Press F7 until you return to the document window.

FaceLift and WordPerfect are now setup to work with Windows 98/95.

Changing the Spool Settings

The option for spooling DOS print jobs must be unmarked for your printer.

  1. Choose Start > Settings > Printers.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on your printer name and choose Properties.
  3. Click the Details tab.
  4. Click the Spool Settings button.
  5. Choose Print Directly to Printer, then press OK.
  6. Next, click the Port Settings button.
  7. Clear the Spool MS-DOS print jobs check box if possible, and click OK.
    If this choice is unavailable, you do not need to change it.

If you are using a network

If the Port Settings dialog box does not appear, or you get a message "There is nothing to configure for this port", this printer is not set up in Windows to use a captured printer port. Select another printer, or follow the instructions to capture a port in Windows 98/95.

Capturing a Port In Windows 98/95 (Network only)
  1. Choose Start > Settings > Printers.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on your printer icon, and choose Properties.
  3. Click the Details tab
  4. Click the Capture Printer Port button.
  5. Find and select the port on the Device list (LPT1 in our example).
  6. Find and select the network printer queue on the Path list.
  7. Select the Reconnect at Logon check box if it is not selected.
  8. Click OK on each screen, then close the Printers dialog box.

If your problem is not solved by any of the solutions on this Web page, we regret to inform you we no longer provide support for Bitstream FaceLift beyond this Web page and the documentation that shipped with the product.

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