spark the step between college and work
You worked hard to what?

The good news is "CAREER" doesn't have to be an ugly word. In fact, the job search process can actually be fun.

Spark is a collection of tools developed by J.T. O'Donnell that can help guide you towards a smart career path.

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College to Career: The Missing Link" to learn what it really takes to succeed today.

Next steps?

To start, you need some valuable insight. What are your strengths? What is your professional "style"? To answer these questions, check out:

Some things to think about

FACT: With more than 70% of young people attending college today, and another 40% expecting to go on for advanced degrees, getting a diploma is expected, and thus, doesn't guarantee a ‘leg up’ in the professional world.
FACT: Today’s college grads will hold as many as 10 jobs in the first decade of their professional lives, and are on track to have as many as 9 careers in their lifetime with an average of 3 jobs in each career.
FACT: Graduating with an average of $17K in debt and a cost-of-living that has severely outpaced starting salaries, over 50% of today’s young professionals are being forced to move home and remain dependant on their parents.
FACT: With limited, if any, professional work experience prior to graduating from college, and no clear idea of what careers suit their professional strengths, college grads today are being viewed as the least prepared generation to ever enter the workforce! In fact, thousands of young people are feeling the affects of On-set Career Crisis.

What's Your Professional Persona?

The Interaction Style Assessment Test (ISAT) is our on-line tool. Identify your style and how it both helps and hurts your career. Better still, learn about careers and industries that are best suited for your style. You'll feel a sense of renewed confidence in your abilities and a greater understanding of what your next career move should be.

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