What Passenger Lists Are Online?

Internet Sources for Transcribed Passenger Records & Indexes

Opening note: If you don't find your ancestor's passenger list online (some have not been indexed or transcribed yet), you can still search offline using the available indexes and microfilmed records. The Finding Passenger Lists Guide is a good starting point for locating US arrivals from European ports.

This webpage is divided into three main sections: US Arrival Records, International Arrivals & Departures, and General Sites. Items marked "requires payment" are part of Ancestry's online genealogy records collection.

United States Passenger Lists & Records (Arrivals)

to New York

New York Indexes 1820-1957...
For New York Research Tips (online & off) See: Finding New York Passenger Arrival Records 1820-1957

Assorted New York Resources & Passenger Lists...
  • Ship Passenger List: the Rotterdam, from Rotterdam to NY, 1887 [on this website]
    Transcription of the passenger list for the SS Rotterdam which sailed from Rotterdam to New York, arriving on 27 May 1887 with 485 passengers from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Austria, England, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, France, Poland, Belgium and Brazil.

to Alaska

Alaska Alien Arrivals 1906-1949 - Name Index & Microfilm Images (requires payment)

to Baltimore

Baltimore Passenger Lists Online Index 1820-1948 (requires payment) includes digitized images of the passenger lists

Ship Julius & Eduard Passenger List - Bremen to Baltimore 1834 [on this website]

Brig Ferdinand Passenger List - Bremen to Baltimore 1834 [on this website]

Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1840s - Filling in the Gaps research guide for locating missing Baltimore lists - includes a searchable database for the 1st 6 months of 1839

Also see: Baltimore Passenger Lists Index 1820-1897 [on this website]

to Boston & New England

Boston Arrivals
  • Boston Passenger Lists Online Index 1820-1943 (requires payment)
    Includes digitized images of the passenger lists from the microfilm; 1855-1856 & 1875-1882 are not included in this database. For those years (or other missing ships) try these online or microfilmed indexes...
Maine Arrivals Great Migration Series Mayflower & Plymouth Colony Resources Also see: Finding Passenger Lists Before 1820 [on this website]

to Florida

Florida Passenger Lists Index & Images 1898-1951 (requires payment) includes the following Florida ports: Key West, Knights Key, Panama City, Pensacola, Port Everglades, St. Petersburg & Tampa (coverage varies by port)

to New Orleans

New Orleans Passenger Arrivals 1813 [on this website]

New Orleans Passenger Arrivals 1815 [on this website]

New Orleans Passenger Lists Index & Images 1820-1945 (requires payment)

New Orleans Passenger Lists - Filling in the Gaps 1845 & 1847 (Jan, Feb, March) transcriptions from the WPA transcripts & Quarterly Abstracts

Ship Passenger List: the John Holland, from Le Havre to New Orleans, 1847 [on this website]
Transcription of the passenger list for the John Holland which sailed from Le Havre, France to New Orleans, arriving on 20 June 1847 with 150 passengers, all from Germany.

Inward Slave Manifests 1818-1860, Port of New Orleans
These little used records document the movement of slaves from the Eastern seaboard to New Orleans.

Also see: Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists [on this website]

to Oregon

Oregon Passenger and Crew Lists 1888-1957 (requires payment)

to Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Passenger Lists - Index & Images 1800-1945 (requires payment) includes images of the passenger lists from the microfilm

Directory of Ships in Pennsylvania German Pioneers (Palatine Passenger Lists) with links to online passenger lists beginning with 1727

Early Immigrants to Pennsylvania 1680s-1726 assorted PA arrivals 1680s-1726, including the Welcome & Penn's Fleet.

Also see: Pennsylvania German Pioneers - a Research Guide [on this website]

Also see: Philadelphia Passenger Lists Quick Guide 1800-1948

to San Francisco & Hawaii

Case Files of Early Immigrants to San Francisco and Hawaii
presently covers Honolulu files 1903-1944 and San Francisco files 1884-1915

The Maritime Heritage Project: Ships to San Francisco 1849-1868 (includes many online transcriptions)

New York City to California via Central America 1848-1873 (some years missing)
Chronicles passengers who sailed from New York City to California (mostly San Francisco). Taken from the New York Times & other newspapers. Also includes some sailings from Boston & New Orleans.

San Francisco Passenger Lists 1893-1957 Index & Images includes digitized images of the passenger lists (requires payment)

Also see...
to South Carolina/the Carolinas

South Carolina Passenger Arrivals 1700s includes...
  • Passengers to Charleston, 1768
  • Passengers to Carolinas, 1774
  • Forbay Prison Ship, 1781 (Charles Town Harbour)
Five Ships from Larne, Ulster to South Carolina in 1772 (with the Rev. Martin) includes lists of passengers for these ships: James and Mary, Lord Dunluce, Hopewell, Pennsylvania Farmer, and the Free Mason

Also see: Finding Charleston, South Carolina Passenger Lists [on this website]

to Texas

Texas Seaport Museum - Galveston Immigration Database
Here you will find a database containing over 130,000 passengers who arrived at Galveston, Texas from 1846-1948.

Indianola Texas Immigrant Database

Also see: Finding Galveston Passenger Lists [on this website]

to Virginia

Passengers to Norfolk & Portsmouth, Virginia in 1823

USGenWeb Archives - Virginia Ships (Mary and Ann, 1700 & The Supply, 1620/21, plus 2 inward traveling slave ships)

Irish Immigrants to Virginia 1600s/1700s (source not given)

Virtual Jamestown: the Virginia Company Adventurers Database 1620

Also see: the "from England" section (below) and Finding Passenger Lists Before 1820 [on this website]

International Passenger Arrival & Departure Records
listed alphabetically by country

to Australia
(the Tasmania site has some departures)

Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters has many searchable passenger lists 1854-1884

Immigration to Victoria includes "Unassisted Immigration to Victoria - Index of Inward Passenger Lists for British and Foreign Ports 1852-1923" & "Index to Registers of Assisted British Immigrants to Victoria 1839-1871"

Convictions Australian Shipping 1788-1968

Assisted Immigrants arriving in Sydney, Newcastle, Moreton Bay & Port Phillip 1839-1896, and Unassisted Immigrants Arriving in New South Wales 1842-1855

Australia Passenger Indexes includes indexes & information for New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia (aka New Holland), Tasmania (aka Van Diemens Land), Victoria (aka New Holland/Port Phillip/Australia Felix) & Western Australia (aka Swan River)

Tasmania Passenger Lists includes Index of Convicts Transported to Tasmania (19th Century) & Index to Departures 1817-1867

from Belgium

Ship Passenger List: the Christel from Antwerp to New York 1867 [on this website]

Ship Passenger List: the Bark Black Brothers from Antwerp to New York 1867 [on this website]

Also see: the Netherlands section below

to Brazil

  • Memorial do Imigrante - Sao Paulo, Brazil (pre-1907 Brazil passenger arrivals) website is in Portuguese

    to/from Canada

    Canadian Border Crossings to the USA Ship Passengers to Canada
    to/from Cuba

    Passenger Lists to and from Cuba

    from Denmark

    Danish Emigration Archives
    Emigration lists compiled from the Copenhagen Police records 1869-1908

    from Finland

    The Finnish Institute of Migration Emigrant Register (some searches are fee-based)
    Includes over 300,000 passenger records of the Finland Steamship Company for the years 1892-1896, 1899-1914, 1920-1939 & 1949-1960 (partial).

    Sheriff's Passport List 1863-1916 (Äland Islands)
    from Germany

    The Hamburg Passenger Departure Records [on this website]
    Information about the Hamburg, Germany passenger departure records -- how to research them online and off. Includes a link to the online Hamburg passenger lists database.

    Bremen Passenger Lists 1920-1939 (partial)
    While most of the Bremen, Germany passenger departure records were destroyed, a few from 1920-1939 have survived. These are being transcribed by a genealogical society called Die Maus.

    Online German Emigration Indexes & Databases [on this website]
    Links to websites that have transcribed German emigration lists on the Internet. Includes a brief discussion of how to find these records offline at the Family History Library.

    Passenger Ships from Bremen to New York in 1866 [on this website]
    A list of every ship (according to NARA records) that arrived at the port of New York from the German port of Bremen in 1866. Included are links to some transcribed passenger lists.

    A Ship Missed by Germans to America [on this website]
    Passenger list for the Bark Geestemünde, which sailed from Bremen to New York in 1866. Included is a link to the website of the great great grandson of the ship's captain.

    Janet's Germans from Russia Research Site
    Contains assorted passenger lists for ship arrivals at New York (1891, 1892, 1910, 1912, 1913, 1922); Baltimore (1907-1912); Galveston (1909-1911) and Philadelphia (1909, 1912). The site has a focus on Germans from Russia, but includes many other passengers as well.

    Also see: Germans to America [on this website]

    from Iceland

    Emigration from Iceland to America

    from Ireland

    Irish Famine Immigrants to New York 1846-1851

    Irish Passenger Lists 1677-1930
    A collection of links to various Irish passenger lists categorized by year and name of ship.

    Irish Passenger Lists 1677-1921
    A collection of various lists which contain Irish passengers, some taken from the out of print book, Handbook on Irish Genealogy. Not complete, but worth a look if you have Irish immigrant ancestors.

    Irish Emigrants
    A database with the names of 9000 Irish emigrants. Requires registration (free).

    Ships from Galway to New York 1846-1851 with links to some passenger lists

    Transportation of Convicts from Ireland to Australia 1788 to 1868

    Irish Convicts to New South Wales 1791-1825

    Assorted Irish Ships to the US 1803-1804, 1811 from Ulster Ancestry

    Irish Passengers to New Castle, Delaware 1831-1840

    Also see: Irish to America 1846-1886 [on this website]

    Also see: Irish Passenger Lists Research Guide

    from Italy

    Agenzia Generale d'Emigrazione
    A database of people who bought a ticket from the "Agenzia Generale d'Emigrazione" for a transatlantic vogage between 1911 and 1913.

    The Transatlantic Passenger Lists of the Calitrani Immigrants
    Calitri is in Southern Italy -- this website lists the ship passengers who came from this region to the US from the 1880s to the 1930s.

    Also see: Italians to America 1855-1900 & 1880-1902 [on this website]

    from the Netherlands

    Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium
    This site is mostly in Dutch, but it contains hundreds of Internet links to passenger lists for Dutch ships that sailed to the USA and other locations. The focus is on Dutch and Belgian passengers. Holland-America Line Passenger Lists
    This webpage has a listing of various Holland-America Line passenger lists from 1878-1969 with information about how to obtain them -- some with weblinks, others offline.

    Emigration from the Island Texel 1850 to 1920
    Includes emigrants to the United States, Australia & South Africa

    Immigrant Ships Carrying Some of the First Colonists to the West Michigan Area from the Netherlands 1840s & 1850s

    to New Zealand

    New Zealand Passenger Lists 1800-1900 a collection of over 1,000 searchable ship passenger lists to New Zealand

    Passenger Ships at Bluff, NZ before 1900

    Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1886

    New Zealand Bound directory of passenger lists

    from Norway

    National Archives of Norway has many online databases, including ship lists, emigration lists 1867-1930, & census records.

    Emigration from Norway 1825-1873 this site contains a database of emigrants who left Norwegian ports from 1825-1873. Also included are many transcribed passenger lists and ship photos.

    from Portugal

    Portuguese Passenger Ship Master List Portuguese ships that arrived in the US with links to many passenger lists

    Assorted Portuguese Immigrants to the USA

    from Russia

    See: Russians to America 1834-1897 [on this website]

    from Scotland

    Highlands & Islands Emigration Society Passenger Lists 1852-1857 Emigrants from Western Scotland to Australia

    Scottish Emigration Database contains 21,000 passengers who embarked from Scottish ports 1890-1960

    to South Africa

    Assorted Passenger Lists to South Africa

    Passenger Lists: Hamburg to South Africa, 19th Century

    from Spain

    Lists of Passengers from Spain to America 1509-1790 this site is in Spanish

    Passengers to Puerto Rico 1567-1577

    from Sweden

    Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951 (requires payment) includes place of origin and destination (often to the USA, but also other countries) for many of the emigrants

    from the United Kingdom

    Passenger Lists Leaving the United Kingdom (UK) 1890-1960 presently available online for 1890-1949 (more years are being added) index searches are free - payment is required for full results; includes some ports in Ireland and Northern Ireland

    General Sites

    Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
    This website contains transcriptions of passenger arrival records done by volunteers.

    Rootsweb's Passenger Database presently contains the following items...
    • Passenger and Crew List of the Lusitania: New York to Liverpool, May 7 1915 (2,000 records)
    • The Lost Children of Ellis Island (422)
    • RMS Cameronia: Scotland to New York, 23 July 1915
    • SS Alice Wilson: Ireland to New York, 4 August 1851
    • SS California: Scotland to New York, 14 October 1911
    • Selected Passenger List Information: Italy to New York (2,939 records)
    • Barque Charlotte Harrison: Scotland to New York, July 1850
    • British Barque Tay: Scotland to New York, August 1840
    • British Barque Gleaner: Scotland to New York, 1842
    • Brigantine Caroline: Ireland to Boston, May 1851
    • Brigantine Czar: Scotland to New York, 1841
    • Brigantine Matty: Scotland to New York, 1774
    • Diana: Scotland to Wilmington, North Carolina, September 1774
    • Edinburgh: Campbeltown, Scotland to Cape Fear, North Carolina, 1770
    • Britannic & Franconia: Liverpool and Cobh to New York, 1950
    • SS Italia: Naples, Italy to New York, June 1906, Partial List
    • British Ship Sarah: Glasgow, Scotland to New York, July 1850
    • U.S. Mail Steamer New York: Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, 1914
    • Wilmington: Belfast to New York, 1803
    • Passengers to and from Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1851 (548 records)
    • Passengers to Barbados on the "Hopewell" from London 17 Feb. 1634 (149 records)
    • Passengers to St. Christopher's (St. Kitts) & Barbados from London. 6 Jan. 1634 (103 records)
    • Charlotte: from Bremen to New York, 6 July 1868 (454 records)
    • Passengers to Virginia on merchant ship "Bonaventure," 2 Jan. 1634 (168 records)
    • Emigrants from Pallagorio, Catanzaro, Italy (389 records)
    • Assorted Miscellaneous Records

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