At the end of the XIX century, the cottage was built for a general, a hero of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. The building was made of wood and was called “Generalif” or “Castle of Love”. That was the Castle depicted in the pictures of famous marine-painters: I. Ayvazovsky, L. Lagorio, and A. Bogolyubov.
A. Tobin (Tovbin) the doctor of the court of the Russian tsar and the speaker of the “Zemstvo” was the second owner of the Castle. He willed it to his young beautiful wife and she in her turn sold it to the Moscow tradeswoman Rakhmanova in 1903. In 1911 Rakhmanova sold her castle to the German oilman Baron von Steinhel, who was famous for developing Baku oilfields. It is said that he was homesick for his native country and that he wished to have some memories of knightly castles of the Middle Ages. Thus, in 1912, a miniature castle in gothic style was built on the Aurora Rock in place of the wooden cottage and again it was named “Castle of Love”.
At the beginning of the First World War of 1914 Baron von Steinhel sold the building to a tradesman P. Shelaputin for the restaurant.
In 1927, a massive earthquake (believed to be in nine forces power with the epicentre in the sea near the Yalta seacoast) took place in Crimea. This earthquake resulted in crack in the cliff of the restaurant’s basement. Only fifty years later, in 1971, the Castle-Restaurant was opened for visitors and tourists. 
Throughout history, “Lastochkino Gnezdo” has been always followed by many legends. People tell stories about a courageous young man who was in love with and rejected by his mistress. To win the girl’s heart he used to ride a horse racing it and then jumping from the rock down to the sea, flying down thirty-eight meters. Only his infinite love and magic power of “Castle of Love” made him lucky to remain safe and sound over and over again.

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