Carolina First

University Endowment

The launchpad to leadership

Perhaps the single largest threat to the realization of our vision of national leadership is the size of our endowment. Carolina's endowment is considerably smaller than that of every institution we can rightfully call a peer.

Endowed funds are the bulwark for everything Carolina must do: recruit the best students and faculty, generate trailblazing research and work for a better world. By generating a steady stream of income while leaving the principal untouched, endowment makes it possible for Carolina to respond to unforeseen opportunities and weather the ebb and flow of state funding, tuition income and federal government grant making.

Colleges and universities are ranked by endowment because it stands as an unequivocal statement of institutional health and value. Funding the key investments of Carolina First will accelerate the growth of Carolina's endowment.

Endowment chart


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