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Why is the Pyrex Glass Cookware unique?
Pyrex glass cookware offers a wide range of of high quality products, identified by an azur tint glass. Its heat resistance (up to 300�C) allows you to use it safely in the oven and micro-wave. Its non porous and stain resistant features will keep your products hygenic and transparent for a long time. This range is very versatile (fridge, freezer, oven, micro-wave, dishwasher) and is also elegant on the table.

I have to buy some basic cooking utensils for my student daughter, who has just moved into her own flat. What would you recommend?
The Pronto range would be perfect; it�s designed specifically for people who need to cook good, simple meals with the minimum of fuss, plus items from the Classic range for those more substantial dishes.

Are Pyrex dishes shatterproof?
Pyrex dishes will break if dropped from a height onto a hard surface. They are very durable, however, so if taken care of will last many years.

I have some well-used Pyrex casserole dishes that have become stained � what�s the best way to clean them up?
Stubborn stains can normally be removed with a scouring pad and washing up liquid. If the stains have been there for some time, try soaking the dishes before you attempt to scour off the marks.

I need to buy some dishes to use on regular caravan holidays. We have a small oven and a microwave but limited storage space. What would you recommend?
The Pronto range would probably be fine, unless you are planning to cook many family meals in which case incorporate several items from the Classic range.

For the first time this year I will be cooking Christmas lunch for a number of relatives. I want some new dishes especially for this; can you suggest a selection that would fit the bill?
A combination of Classic and Creatif dishes would be perfect, all ideal for the wide variety of foods you will be cooking.

I have some Pyrex dishes that are a number of years old. Could I use them in a microwave?
Most certainly.

Are all Pyrex dishes microwave-friendly?
All dishes from all ranges are suitable for use in a microwave.

Which Pyrex dishes would be suitable for use as serving dishes at the table?
All dishes in the three ranges are suitable for oven to table use.

Can Pyrex dishes be used on the hob?
Pyrex dishes should not be put in direct contact with a flame or with a heating surface.

Can dishes be used straight from the fridge or freezer?
Dishes can be placed in the oven direct from the fridge, or in the microwave direct from the fridge / freezer. We would not recommend placing frozen dishes directly in a hot oven or hob.

Can dishes be used as freezer containers?
Yes, all dishes are suitable for freezer use.

Can I put any Pyrex dish in a dishwasher?
All dishes in all three ranges are dishwasher safe.

Can I cut my food directly in a Pyrex dish?
We do not recommend cutting directly on a glass surface, this might scratch the surface.

What is Pyrex glass made of?
Pyrex is made out of borosilicate glass: a special blend of sand, boron and other �ingredients�. These components are heated to very high temperatures and melted in order to form glass.

What should I look for when buying quality glassware?
Manufactured glassware is judged by a number of characteristics, including clarity, uniformity, and shape. When making a purchase decision, it�s best to hold the glass against an opaque surface to look for quality: nice azure color, no waves on the bottom, no defects and an agreeable feeling when holding the products.

How do I get information about the entire Pyrex range?
Either from this website or by calling us to request a brochure on 0191 515 6500

Can I buy Pyrex via this web site? If so, how do I go about it?
No, but our web site does tell you where you can buy the products.



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