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Let us know some questions about Marisol you would like answered and if we think other people would want to know too, we’ll add them! Send the questions to marisol at marisol-nichols dot com.

"Since you are from Chicago are you a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan?" - Scott

Cubs! I'm from the Northside.

"What\'s going to happen between you and CTU agent Mike Doyle in upcoming 24? " - Mia

Don't know. Depends on what happens to CTU next year. Next season may be a day where Jack is on his own, so we'll see...

"I loved you on 24, you played Nadia so well and I wanted to ask you if you are going to be back on Day 7! Also, me myself and a lot of other people loved the romance triangle in 24 between Milo and Mike Doyle. Do you have any information on Day 7 with you and Doyle if you both return (which I really hope you do!) " - Priya

I don't have any info... wish I did.

"Hey Marisol. First off, I wanted to say that you\'ve been my favorite actress of all-time, ever since I first saw you in Vegas Vacation as a 10- year old. Beauty-wise, you blow every female celebrity out of the water. (Jessica Biels, Christina Aguilera, or J-Lo couldn't hold a candle to you.) Not only am I blown away by your looks, but your story about how you pulled your life together after experimenting with drugs as a teenager has truly inspired me. I'm 20 years old now and I've been in a similar situation over the past few years, surrounding myself with people that have brought me down with drugs and alcohol, to the point where I got into some trouble with the law a year ago. After hearing your story, I've begun to change my life and segregate myself from people that are keeping me from reaching my goals. I'm currently enrolled in college with a major in criminal justice, and hopefully someday we can work together since you also have an interest in the rehabilitation of convicts and the well-being of people who are/were in similar situations that you and I were in. I just wanted to know what it was like for you to accomplish that task of seperating yourself from friends that you realized were truly bringing you down, and rising above everyones expectations. It's been extremely difficult for me, so I was just wondering what it was like for you, or any other advice you have. Also, I was wondering if you've ever been to Connecticut (that's where I've grown up). I'm also amazed at how similar our music interests are. Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time, and I love 80's music, and rock in general. I was wondering if you liked the Foo Fighters at all? Namely songs like "Everlong""My Hero" or any of their music from the mid 1990's. Again, thank you for being such an inspiration in my life and creating such an impact on me. I can't say any other celebrity has ever done that for me." - Roman

Thank you for taking the time to write me and let me know that I am making a difference. As far as rising above.... it wasn't easy, but for me it was a matter of survival. I was either going to win or lose and I decided to do whatever it took to win. I just ignored the complaints.
I have never been to Connecticut, but I hear it's very nice.
Yes, I love the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is so talented and I especially love what he did with the earlier Queens of the Stone Age album.

"hello how are you??? well i just wanted to say im muslim and i loved your movie THE PRICESS AND THE MARINE it was good.But i would to ask you are you really muslim? and would u like to be my friend lol thanks :)" - Sandy

No, I am not a Muslim. Sorry.

"hi im 13 years old and i live in the uk i watched a film of yours which you was in called the princess and the marine. i thought it was great you were excellent i would just like to know are you going to be making any movies any time soon then i can watch them and do you keep in contact with mark-paul gosselaar any more" - Sandy

Only when I run into him at events and things. He's a great actor and a wonderful guy!

"I have been watching the tv show resurrection Blvd. I am in love with that show. I believe that there is only one season. Why wasn\'t anymore then one season? Was there plains for more then one season?" - Mariana

Glad you loved that show. It was a lot of fun! There were three seasons total.

"Hi! I saw your website and all the questions, so I decided to ask a few of my own...
1. Just out of mere curiosity, what's on the necklace you wear on 24? At first I assumed it was a cross or something, but Nadia's a Muslim, so I don't know.
2. Are you coming back next season? Nadia is one of the most AWESOME characters! She's incredibly strong and just about everyone can relate to her. You've got to be a great actress to play someone like her... I think you do a particularly good job of showing all the conflicting emotions that she has.
3. Do you ever read fanfiction of movies/TV shows you've been in? There's a rapidly growing group of people, myself included, on who like to write about Nadia and Doyle..."
- Tigerlily

1. It is a Hand of Fatima.
2. I am not sure if I am coming back yet. All of us in CTU are waiting to hear.
3. I haven't heard of fanfiction, but I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!

"Hey Marisol !Way to kick A__ on 24 this season! Also, been to any cool concerts lately?" - John

Yes! I saw Ima Robot in L.A. They were great!

"My roommate and I were watching the other day and she made a comment about how great your smile is, and we got to talking and began to wonder if you were ticklish at all...weird question, I know, but we sometimes go off on tangents like that. We really enjoy your on-air personality every day we getto see it and will continue to be huge fans whether you can give us any infoon this or not, but we\'d definitely love to hear from you!" - Katie and Amanda

Thanks for the compliment. And I am extremely ticklish!

"I saw on your profile that you are a sci-fi nerd. Gald you can admit it too. Have you ever watched Battlestar Galactica? The show is a metaphor for America\'s war on terror, it deals with similiar issues as 24. Just curious." - Frank

No I haven't! Isn't that awful! I am sure I would love it and I have heard great things about it.

"I noticed that you have two younger brothers. Me too, except I'm a guy. So, what was it like being the only girl, and what kind of an impact(s) did your brothers have on your life?" - Tyler

Odd being the only girl, plus I was the oldest.  I always wanted an older brother or sister, but as I grew up I'm glad I was the older sister to my two brothers.  It helped make me stronger and see the effects of the example I set for them.  My brothers are great guys, and now they're grown up and happily married!

"Hi, Marisol :) This is Avery in New Orleans, La. I guess saying that I'm a fan of 24 is a bit of an understatement - I loved Nadia this year! It must be great to play such a strong female character. I really enjoyed watching you interact with Bill Buchanan, especially. What was it like working on the set? Do you know if you'll be back next season? Thanks for a great season! " - Avery

I loved working opposite Bill Bucanan (Jim Morrison).  He's such a great actor and we really enjoyed our scenes together.  The set too is such a pleasure to work on.  I am not sure if I will be back next season.... They are still figuring everything out and how and when to bring all the "24" supporting characters back.

"Hi Marisol. I absolutely loved your character Nadia Yassir in 24 and I was wondering that are you gonna be in the future seasons of my favourite show? You looked so hot in that suit of yours as Nadia that my socks spinned at my feet. I also love your brown eyes and your very sexy voice. You're a great actress and I thought so from the very first second I saw you in 24. Thanks for the great work and please let me know that you're gonna be in cast of 24 on the future also. =)" - Jarkko K.

Let me tell you, I loved being on "24".  I know they're making some changes to the structure of the show and no one knows what that entails yet.  I can tell you we've talked about me next season and how and when to bring Nadia back.  Thanks so much for your support of the show.

"hi, you are very beautiful and exotic looking, I love your complection it is so rich. what is your ethnic background?" - James

Thank you!  I am part Latin American and part Hungarian.

"We have similar interests in music (80's-wise). I wanted to throw a couple of names your way and get some feed back (heard of them, like, don't like....). 1. Mink DeVille (I know you've probably heard of them. Lead singer Willie DeVille is still recording as a solo artist. He also sings "Storybook Love" from "The Princess Bride" with help from Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits) 2. Wall of VooDoo. Their version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" still blows me away. 3. The Plimsouls. "A Million Miles Away" is the most underated rock song ever, in my eyes. That's all I got for now. Keep up the great work on 24!! " - Henry

Okay, 1. Never heard of them... I'll check it out.� 2. I know them and really like them.� 3. The Plimsouls are fantastic, I agree.� My favorite song is "Is That Love"

"G'day Marisol, You are a remarkable actress and i hope you keep up the good work. I can't believe you were Audrey Griswald, bloody hell i remember watching that then i saw you in 24 and i thought man she looks familiar. I would also like to congratulate you on being a down to earth person. A lot of other celeb sites you have to pay to join them and yet i came here and saw i could ask a Question, bloody hell i spose i should do that. ok Have you ever been over here to Australia or have you ever thought about it? Be safe and Take care hooroo :)" - Mark D.

Never been Down Under, but I do plan on going some day.� Rock on to my friend Kate Ceberano on winning Dancing with the Stars!

"Hello Marisol! I was watching 24 with my laptop sitting infront of me. Noticing that you are strikingly beautiful, I felt compelled to look you up and see what your cultural background was. On one half, you are romanian/hungarian and the other half Spanish/Mexican American, Do you find yourself relating to one culture more than the other? I ask because I am half white (Irish) and half Mexican myself. Each of my brothers and sisters have similiar and different views on this subject." - Daniel

I don't know anything about my Hungarian/Romanian side, so I know more about the Latin side.� I don't speak Spanish and I grew up in Chicago, so really I love a lot of cultures.� Italian in my favorite.� Each culture is so different, it just depends on what things speak to me.

"does anyone ever compare you to vanessa marcil from las vegas. i think you could be sisters. love 24 and would love to get a pic of you. tks" - Steve

I have heard that.� And she's gorgeous so I take it as a compliment.� Send your address to and I'll get you a picture.

"Hi, I'm a big fan Marisol, and I wanted to know what kind of qualities you find atractive in a man...i.e. personality, appearance, looks, hair-color, etc...Thanks a lot!" - David

I just like a guys guy.� A guy who can be a man and is responsible, that is attractive to me.� Looks-wise... dark hair %27 dark eyes is my favorite, but goodness knows I've dated all types.

"The only musical interest that stands out is NIN.......but why when all the others are rock/hip hop/rap stuff is it because your favourite song they play is closer? And do you enjoy acting in 24?" - Dinkum

I can't stand Hip Hop or Rap.� NIN has been a long time favorite of mine because they branched out from other great bands like Ministry, Nitzer Ebb and Front 242.� And their new stuff is fantastic.

"Also :) have you ever been to australia?............cause its pretty f***ing awesome down here and NIN are here :D" - Dinkum

No I haven't, but I lots of friends who are Australian and I can't wait to visit some day.

"You have done a lot in your life, with film and outside work as well. What has been your most fulfilling achievement?" - Art M

I love acting beyond all reason and that of course makes me happy.� When it comes down to it though, the work I do with Criminon and CCHR/Fight for Kids ( actually makes a difference in the world and changes people's lives.� That is the most fulfilling feeling.

"How do you like your character in 24. And what are your plans for the future? And youre very beautiful =)" - Artoor

I love my character.� And for now my plans are... to stay alive!

"I love the gold disc earrings you are wearing this season on 24 and have been looking all over for them. Do you know who makes them and where I might find a pair? Related question: Do you get tired of wearing the same thing every day you have to shoot?" - Tami

That's funny, so many people have asked me about the earings. I asked wardrobe and they said the designer was Joan Goldman. I am not sure how to get them, but maybe look her up on the internet. As far as my outfit... yes, I get tired of it. The same thing for 7 months! I am always begging for the writers to have me spill coffee on myself or get some victims blood on me so I can change into something else. :)

"You appear to have a great interest in humanitarian issues. Where does this interest stem from and how can people get involved? I would be particularly interested in the last part of this question as I am a high school teacher in the UK and would like to do some work with my pupils on humanitarian issues." - Nigel

I became involved because I saw the conditions all around me and instead of complaining about it, I wanted to do something.� I feel it is my duty as a citizen and human being. Two of the many things I do that are very rewarding and easy to get involved in are Criminon and Youth for Human Rights.� At Criminon you help reform criminals via mail correspondence that is very rewarding.� Youth for Human Rights, especially for High School students would be great to get behind.� Here is their website as well:� You can check out their videos and find out how to get involved.

"Knowing where you came from, what advice would you give to those struggling through school and life to achieve the amazing accomplishments you have???" - Michael L

My advice is to work hard and be a professional no matter what you do.� Do not just settle for what's asked of you, exceed expectations and you will continue to climb.� Also, always do to others as you would have done to you.� With this, I promise you will do well.

"1. what do you love best about your amazing role on 24? 2. You are truly one of most gorgeous women in Hollywood. what's your secret to looking so natural, yet so glamorous?" - Mark C

1. I love that inside, Nadia is truly a bad-ass.� 2. Thanks for the compliment.� I don't drink or do drugs and I eat healthy.� I also work with amazing make-up artists.

"Do you prefer doing comedies or dramas? i see you in both, but always wondered which would be more fun to shoot." - Sam

I like both.� It just depends on my mood.� Kinda like picking music... it all depends on why kinda mood I'm in.� As far as shooting, it's really more about the people I work with.� With great cast-mates and film crew, it doesn't matter what genre we are shooting, it's going to be a blast.

"What TV show would you like to be in? Doesnt matter if its over..." - Diana

Well... The Office & The X-Files

"Have you ever thought about taking up golf? Not only is it great excerise, it is also fun. Do you have anymore projects coming up? Thanks." - Larry

I only golf for the sun tan. :) "24" is still shooting so that is taking up all of my time. Once it ends I will look at what is next. "Delta Farce" is coming out May 11th so be sure to check that out.

"Hey Marisol, so since you are from Chicago, are you happy that the White Sox won a World Championship after so many years ? If you come back to Chicago for any reason, I hope you let your fans know on your website!" - Eddie

Hell yeah I am excited the White Sox won! And I am back to Chicago all the time to visit family. I will announce it on my website if I go there for any events or public appearances.

"What do you look for in a man....the kind of traits that may make him a long term partner?" - Andrew

A manly man, a guys guy for sure.� Nothing will turn me off faster than a guy in therapy.� And a man who loves and respects women.

"What is the hardest part about working on a show like 24? Cheers!" - Dallas

Keeping track of where we are in the story.� We shoot out of sequence so we will shoot some big event and the aftermath of it and then a week later shoot what happened leading up to it.� So it is a matter of always knowing what is happening at that exact moment in the episode.� It keeps it exciting!

"Do you have a favorite episode of the Star Wars movie series?" - John L

Empire Strikes Back.� I couldn't wait for that to come out!

"Do you like to play tennis, soccer, or even work out if you have spare time?" - K

Yes I do work out in my spare time.� I love playing sports when I have the opportunity.� Recently, I have gotten into Beach Volleyball... so fun!

"With your passion for music, do you play or sing?" - Damon W.

I sing amazingly... in my car and in the shower. :)

"Is there any role/character you haven't yet had the opportunity to play that you would love to sink your teeth into?" - Julie W.

I am looking forward to doing a Romantic Comedy someday.

"You say you are part latin american. What country? I hope its Puerto Rico." - Victor

Well, my mom was born in Texas on the border of Mexico.� I believe she is part Mexican & Spanish.

"Are you really half Hungarian? wow! I'm from Hungary :) Have you ever been here or all your familiars live in America? Or maybe do you speak Hungarian a bit? :)" - Timi

My father, who I have never met, is part Hungarian & Romanian.� But since I have never met him I don't know much about the culture.� I do hope to travel there someday!

"What's your nationallity?" - Fernando R.

I am half Latin-American and half Hungarian.

"Are you married?" - William H.

I am not married, but looking forward to a fairy-tale wedding some day.

"Are you a big fan of NFL football?" - Brandon L.

I am not a die-hard NFL football fan, but I catch a game every once in awhile when I can find the time. A few of my friends are big football fans so they keep me in the know on how the season is going. I do get into it every year around the playoffs and of course the Superbowl... especially when the Bears are playing! Go Bears!

"What is this Scientology thing all about?" - Susan R.

For great information and explanations, check out their website.” (

I found out about Scientology through my Chiropractor. He brought me to the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood and gave me a tour. The people were extremely nice. On the tour I saw that Scientology had solutions to how I could overcome any of my problems in life. I started studying the religion and applying the technology. Since then my life has been soaring upwards and I am reaching my goals and making new ones. The biggest success I have had in Scientology can be summed up in the following statement: It makes me a better person.

That is what I was looking for, how to be a better person, how to be in charge of my life, and how to help other people. Those are the things I get out of Scientology.

"What do you do in your spare time?" - John P.

Well, I don't have a lot of it. Check out my MySpace page under "Interests".

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