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Oklahoma To Unveil Statue Of 2003 Heisman Winner Jason White
   posted 1:34 pm Fri September 07, 2007 - Norman
A statue of 2003 Heisman Trophy winner Jason White will be unveiled tomorrow at a ceremony before Oklahoma's game against Miami. The larger-than-life statue of White will join others depicting Billy Vessels, Steve Owens and Billy Sims in the university's Heisman Park area across the street from Owen Field.

White threw for 3,846 yards and set a school record with 40 touchdowns in 2003 as Oklahoma played in its first of two straight BCS title games.

NewsChannel 8 myTAKE - What's Your Opinion?He is Oklahoma's career leader in passing yards with 7,922 and touchdown passes with 81.

The ceremony will begin at 9 a.m.
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