Five New Great Wall Vehicles Debut in Moscow Auto Show

On August 31st, news came from Moscow: in Russia 2006 International Auto Show, Great Wall vehicles gained extensive attention from the Russian media as well as the civilians. Thousands of Visitors were astonished on the Great Wall’s speedy innovation and reaction to market.

During the show time, Great Wall delegation had close talks with the local auto industry professors and dealers. On the same day, over 30 Russian media journalists interviewed Mr. Pang Jinzhu, General Manager of Russian Market Department. He said that, “Attending this auto show is one part of internationalization of Great Wall Motor. At the end of next month, we will take part in the Paris Motor Show. The aim of this exhibition is to demonstrate to Russia customers the research & developed achievement of Great Wall Motors in Russia by promoting the brand impression, to know more demand of Russia market so as to develop products that are more suitable for it, and to learn from the international brands.”

Following Auto show in last September, this is the second time for GREAT WALL attending Moscow Motor Show. All these models shown were brand new models that are not launched in domestic market yet. They are Hover TC Diesel, Hover Automatic Gear, Proteus Mini-bus, 2.4L Safe and new Sailor cabin pick-ups.

Moscow Motor Show which is held once each year is the largest international motor show in Russia. The models on the show are from widely-known brands of worldwide, including GM, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Benz, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, etc. During the 12 days show from Aug. 30th to Sept.10th, Great Wall Vehicles demonstrate most models among all the auto companies from China by taking up the largest stand of 300 square meters located at one of the best stand, No.2 section in No.1 exhibition hall, which greatly stressed the company’s resolution and strength to develop Russian market.

Great Wall vehicles’ first introduction into Russia dates back to 2004 and it has achieved the largest sales in comparison with other Chinese automotive brands. Since last year, the sales volume of Great Wall Vehicles has increased promptly and become the most competitive brand in Russia. Within 8 months from January to August this year, more than 4800 Great Wall Vehicles have been sent to Russia. Over two years’ sale and drive, the quality of Great Wall Vehicles has been acknowledged by the clients, thus changed their original impression on Chinese motors. Great Wall brand attracts more and more Russian customers.

Differed from several “short view” exporting enterprises, Great Wall has been regarding the after-sale service in Russia as an indispensable issue from the very first beginning. The executive of the company declared that, our major job for this year is to strengthen the construction of infrastructure by building the over-all functional 4S show rooms to 50 units by next year. Each 4S should have the ability to offer the service of sale, repair, insurance and loan individually. Besides that, for the 100 existing service station, we would supply them with sufficient spare parts, standardized and concord technique support.

Recently, the large scale spare parts center in Russia built by Great Wall has been completed, which occupies an area of 1500 square meters. All the spare parts there are supplied by the Great Wall Company directly so as to speed up the repairing and purchasing and replacing of spare parts efficiently, and the drivers in and around Moscow are greatly served. In the coming days, another spare parts center will be considered to be constructed to the East of Ural Mountain, so as to solve the supplying problem for the spare parts need in Far East area.

Hover TC Diesel

Hover TC Diesel is a brand-new model of Great Wall which hasn’t been launched in domestic market so far. It integrates the TC electronic fuel injection turbo common rail diesel engine for which it takes Great Wall Engineer one and a half years to research and develop incorporated with German BOSCH Co. who possesses the leading technology of diesel in the world and this engine is intelligent and economical in fuel consumption. It adopts the feature of sensible control by reacting fast and precise by ele-oil pedal instead of the oil drawing line, which enables it to acquire better acceleration ability. Low revolution speed turns out to be with great torque and wide extent. The max torque 225Nm can be driven out any time in the range of 1600-2600rpm to compel the vehicles for a long time. It is apparently better than the traditional turbo diesel engines, and solved the problem of max torque lasting inconstantly and power supplying unsteadily.

The other advantage of the technology of the turbo common rail direct injection is stable operation, low noise. During the idle time, the sound is energetic and powerful and when speeding up, brick with glee. The engine noise is 16% as low as a traditional one and much lower than the national standard. Precisely controlled by the ECU, the fuel can be injected with high compression into fine spray. This type of engine can be started easily at -35ºC, and the emission standard complies with Euro-III criteria. Energy conserving and environment protecting is another remarkable feature. TC engine is 8% higher than a traditional one in combustion rate per hundred kilometers (comparing with gasoline engine, it should be 30-40% lower), and 10% lower in CO2emission. Hover CUV equipped with TC diesel engine consumes oil 7.1L per hundred kilometers, and in the standard test method, it is be 6L per hundred kilometers at the ordinary speed of 70-90km.

The exterior appearance of Hover TC compared with the present Hover gasoline model has changed a lot, its grill looks much more grandeur, embedding uprightly.

Hover Automatic Gear

It’s no wonder for cars to equip automatic gear. However, Hover with automatic gear is extraordinary. It becomes the supreme submit as soon as is mounted. Adopted the fourth generation product of automatic transmission, M88 integrates high technology and stands for the most advanced level. It enables more power for Hover. In comparison with the same series of transmission, it is more superior in acceleration, low consumption and reliable quality. There is no need of oil changing and car maintaining in normal circumstances, which prolongs the service life of the power system of the whole vehicle. In the meantime of economizing fuel, it also provides four alternative electric control driven options: economical, power, snow field and manual modes. In order to speed up fast, it sets all the accelerating time for gear transmitting manually, and prevents failure operation efficiently, thus improves and ensures the security and service life of the transmission.

These two new Hover represent the achievement of Great Wall self determined innovation. And high expectations are given by expert from auto field.

Proteus Mini-bus

Brand-new model - Proteus mini-bus, is one of the great steps for Great Wall new product to be introduced. Proteus incorporates the leading performance for both passengers and cargo loading; the interior room is spacious, the lengths of the bodies are 4.8m and 5.1m, including dome and flat two kinds of roof. It is a multi-purpose vehicle with single cabin, 3 or 4 rows, 4-5 doors and 6-11 seats. The back seats can be either folded or uninstalled, so as to create diversified combination of the interior space, which is much spacious than that of the average multi-functional tour vehicles, and meets the need for either passenger and cargo transportation. When cargo transporting, the passengers can be separated from the cargo, and a roomy space of 7.8m3 could be applied.

It is mounted with Mitsubishi 4G64 or 491QE engine, which are powerful with low consumption and can reach the Euro-III emission standard. The front independent suspension with torsion bar spring and double arms ensures the comfort performance of the vehicle. The rear suspension adapts the leaf spring, ensuring that the body sustains enough intensity and good drivability on off-road. Proteus mini-bus covers express delivery car, express passenger car and official vehicle series. Because of its nice performance and price ratio, it’ll aim at marching to oversea markets.

2.4L Safe

Safe, which is called the “cradle” of SUV in China by expert from auto field, through its characters of personality, fashion, solidity and high performance and price ratio, has been prevailing in China 2.4L Safe is the new generation product in place of Safe, it is mounted with Mitsubishi engine, Delphi multi-point electronic fuel injection(EFI) system with vigorous power and big torque and low consumption, and the emission reaches the Euro-? criteria. There are 11 improvement on base of the original Safe, which realize the up-grade in interior space, comfort, power, operation: adopting the brand-new design of the chassis, widening the wheel base, makes the turning side slope angle less than ever, thus, improving driving stability; descending 40mm lower than the original drive cabin floor, enlarges the space for foot and driving; rack and gear steering system is put into use; 4 wheel disc brake leads to safer drive; up-grading the rear axle major differential ratio, the EFI system of the engine and expanding the compression ratio, results in a fairly low consumption.

2.4L Safe exterior is designed with big wheel brow, equipped with 235 tires and 16 inches alum-alloy hubs, showing greatness and nobleness, and attracts larger group of consumers. This type of car not only satisfies the group of people who like to drive in and out of town for fun, but also can be fashionable and practical, for either carrying passengers or loading goods.

Sailor Pick-up

Sailor pick-up is the leading model among Great Wall three major series of pick-ups. It has been on market for over 5 years since it was launched in China in 2001. With the advanced technology, it features the unique exterior and spacious interior room and represents the most frontier developing direction of pick-ups nowadays. The Sailor in this show is the latest improved version, and it’s refreshed inside and out. Many sedan technologies are employed on Sailor. The front independent suspension with torsion springs or coil springs and the rear semi-ellipse leaf springs ensure its loading ability and comfort and safety and its outstanding performance. No wonder why it is called the exquisite product of pick-ups. With the over-all equipment, such as A/C, SABS, electronic central lock, 4 bands radio, CD player, power steering, it may abreast with sedan sets.

In the field of pick-up, Great Wall has been leading the industry for many years. An annual production capacity of 400 thousand units obtains Great Wall the top sale and No.1 market share for consecutive 8 years. At present, Great Wall provides diversity of pick-ups with different exterior, specification, and function, forming 4 series of Deer, Sailor, Socool, Wingle with variant options of diesel engine, gasoline engine, 4*2 and 4*4, and becomes one of the international pick-up manufacturers who have the most extending series of pick-ups.