About Beki
I direct the Work2Play lab.
Previously I worked at Bell Laboratories and Xerox PARC.
I teach undergraduate and graduate courses focused on developing students theoretical and empirical skills for understanding the relationships that exist between technology and humanity.
Notable Service
I was the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) Papers Co-Chair in 2006.
I have reviewed and been Associate Chair for a variety of conferences including: CHI, CSCW, ECSCW, HICCS, ICSE (Software Engineering) and Ubicomp.
I gave a talk at the 30th Anniversary of Ethernet event held at the Palo Alto Research Center.
Research I participated in has appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CNN, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Technique, and the Washington Post.
I was licensed to drive a forklift at PARC.
I am a citizen of the European Union, and am fluent in both British and American English.
I won an award from the Chicagoland Area Camera Clubs Association for my photography.
My ancestors are likely Norman and freemen, and lived/live in Dorsetshire, England.