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Trying to advance your career without breaking the bank? These pointers may help.
Your spouse's cell number? The capital of Vermont? Multiplication tables? Don't even ask. See why we're at risk of technology's brain feed!
Which are the fastest, loudest, strongest critters in the animal kingdom? Catch them if you can in this quiz!
Encarta Election Guide 2008
Encarta Election Guide 2008
Other Election Guide features include a presidential IQ quiz, famous debate smackdowns and more. Be an informed voter!
Quiz of the Day
What Do You Remember From School? (© Corbis)What do you remember from school?
Raise your hand here.
On This Day
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (© Art Resource, NY/National Portrait Gallery)On this day in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt held his first fireside chat by radio, to encourage support for the New Deal.
What else happened?
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Recharge your brain with a heady brew of Encarta's best...
Mystery Picture
Guess the mystery imageWhat is this?
Find out.
Did You Know?
Saddam Hussein (© Liaison Agency/Kurz-Contrast)Saddam Hussein studied law in Cairo.
Keep learning on MSN Encarta.
This Week: Cats and Dogs

Speak, Rover!
10 things our pets would tell us if they could.

The eternal debate
Are dogs smarter than cats?

Kitty kwiz
Have you tested your feline smarts lately?

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