Tubb, Edwin Charles (U.K., 10/15/1919- )
(GoH World SF Con 1970)

E.C. Tubb is a widely published British author perhaps best known for his science fiction works. He is currently published by the small press publisher Gryphon Publications in the United States, who have recently released the conclusion to the Dumarest saga, The Return (number 32 in the series).

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Chuck Adams, Stuart Allen, Anthony Armstrong, Ted Bain, Alice Beecham, Anthony Blake, L. T. Bronson, Raymond L. Burton, Julian Carey, Morley Carpenter, Judy Cary, Julian Cary, J. F. Clarkson, Norman Dale, Robert D. Ennis, James Evans, James Farrow, James R. Fenner, R. H. Godfrey, Charles S. Graham, Charles Grey, Volsted Gridban, Alan Guthrie, D. W. R. Hill, George Holt, Gill Hunt, Alan Innes, E. F. Jackson, Gordon Kent, Gregory Kern, King Lang, Mike Lantry, P. Lawrence, Chet Lawson, Nigel Lloyd, Robert Lloyd, Frank T. Lomas, Ron Lowman, Arthur Maclean, Carl Maddox, Philip Martyn, John Mason, Carl Moulton, L. C. Powers, M. L. Powers, Edward Richards, Paul Schofield, John Seabright, Brian Shaw, Roy Sheldon, John Stevens, Eric Storm, Andrew Sutton, Edward Thomson, Ken Wainwright, Frank Weight, Douglas West, Eric Wilding, Frank Winnard



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Dumarest of Terra Series

Follows the adventures of Earl Dumarest in his never-ending quest to find his homeworld, Earth. See The Dumarest Companion.

  1. The Winds of Gath (1967)
  2. Derai (1968)
  3. Toyman (1969)
  4. Kalin (1969)
  5. The Jester at Scar (1970)
  6. Lallia (1971)
  7. Technos (1972)
  8. Veruchia (1973)
  9. Mayenne (1973)
  10. Jondelle (1973) (also available as Mayenne and Jondelle (1981).
  11. Zenya (1974)
  12. Eloise (1975)
  13. Eye of the Zodiac (1975)
  14. Jack of Swords (1976)
  15. Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun (1976)
  16. Haven of Darkness (1977)
  17. Prison of Night (1977)
  18. Incident on Ath (1978)
  19. Quillian Sector (1978)
  20. Web of Sand (1979)
  21. Iduna's Universe (1979)
  22. The Terra Data (1980)
  23. World of Promise (1980)
  24. Nectar of Heaven (1981)
  25. The Terridae (1981)
  26. The Coming Event (1982)
  27. Earth is Heaven (1982)
  28. Melome (1983)
  29. Angado (1984) [O/2N= (1988)]
  30. Symbol of Terra (1984)
  31. The Temple of Truth (1985) [O/2N= (1989)]
  32. The Return (1997)

Other SF titles

SF Titles by Pseudonym

Pseudonym Title
Charles Grey Dynasty of Doom (1953)
Enterprise 2115 (1954) [= The Mechanical Monarch]
The Extra Man (1954)
The Hand of Havoc (1954)
I Fight for Mars (1953)
Space Hunger (1953)
The Tormented City (1953)
The Wall (1953)
Volsted Gridban Alien Universe (1952)
De Bracy's Drug (1953)
Fugitive of Time (1953)
Planetoid Disposals, Ltd. (1953)
Reverse Universe (1952)
Gill Hunt Planetfall (1951)
Gregory Kern (Cap Kennedy series) Galaxy of the Lost (1973)
Slave Ship from Sergan (1973)
Monster of Metelaze (1973)
Enemy Within the Skull (1974)
Jewel of Jarhen (1974)
Seetee Alert! (1974)
The Gholan Gate (1974)
The Eater of Worlds (1974)
Earth Enslaved (1974)
Planet of Dread (1974)
Spawn of Laban (1974)
The Genetic Buccaneer (1974)
A World Aflame (1974)
The Ghosts of Epidoris (1975)
Mimics of Dephene (1975)
Beyond the Galactic Lens (1975)
Galactiad (1983)
King Lang Saturn Patrol (1951)
Carl Maddox The Living World (1954) [CB]
Menace from the Past (1954) [CB]
Brian Shaw Argentis (1952)
Roy Sheldon The Metal Eater (1954)
Edward Thomson (Atilus series) Atilus the Slave (1975)
Atilus the Gladiator (1975)
Gladiator (1978)

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Non-SF Fiction

Non-SF Titles by Pseudonym

Pseudonym Title
Chuck Adams Trail Blazers (1956)
Judy Cary Sands of Destiny (1955)
J. F. Clarkson Men of the Long Rifles (1955)
James Farrow Vengeance Trail (1956)
James R. Fenner Colt Vengeance (1957)
Charles S. Graham Wagon Trail (1957)
E. F. Jackson Comanche Capture (1955)
Mike Lantry Assignment New York (1955)
P. Lawrence Drums of the Prairie (1956)
Chet Lawson Men of the West (1956)
Arthur Maclean Touch of Evil (1959)
M. L. Powers Scourge of the Sun (1956)
Paul Schofield The Fighting Fury (1955)
John Stevens Quest for Quantrell (1956)

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