Bathroom talk with pint-sized porn star Gen Padova

By Troy Michael

©2005 IWAdult


On screen Gen Padova exhibits all the talents expected of a native of “Porn Valley girl.” However, the 4’ 11” bombshell, true to her Italian heritage, is a Mama’s and Daddy’s girl at heart.

Self-proclaiming herself a “big dork,” Padova says she was ardently studious in her formative years. She may have spent her evenings with her virginity in tact and nose stuck in her textbooks, but that did not mean she was not full of carnal desires.

Once in college Padova met a guy who became a friend and eventually her first crush, short-term boyfriend. They dated for some time and fooled around, but she never let the boy in the cookie jar. Toward the end of their relationship things changed and Gen let him finally tap her sweet virgin pussy and a budding porn star was in waiting.

Sadly, the catalyst for Padova’s foray into the world of XXX films came at the end of her collegiate years when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Being told she had around five years to live, she decided to pursue her non-academic urges.

Since that point the beautiful star has made nearly 300 films, has been nominated for an AVN Award in 2004 for best girl/girl scene, and has been nominated “Unsung Siren” two years in a row at XRCO.

IWAdult: Gen, you have battled leukemia, how are you doing?
Gen Padova: I have been cancer-free for about a year now. So I am doing really well, thank you.

IWA: How did having a major illness change your life?
GP: It has made me a better person. It is sad someone has to go through something so traumatic to learn who they are. When the doctors tell you there's a possibility that your life span is limited, it totally chances your aspect towards life. Just say ‘I don’t give a fuck about everything’ and do what you want to do because you don’t know how much time is left. No one will stop me now. I wouldn’t have ever been as outgoing as I am now, especially without porn. It has definitely opened me up as a person, allowed me to evolve more open minded towards a lot of things. It's obviously for the better.

People seem to know who I am because I am active on the internet and they read about the cancer. Then after that they go out and watch my films and become fans that way. So it is a bit weird or backwards how I get discovered but it works and its great because everyone can learn more about who I am other than just the fact that I'm some other chick fucking on film.

IWA: What was easier, telling you parents you had cancer or telling them you were going to fuck on film for a living?
GP: My mom knows everything about me, we are best friends. I tell her about my scenes and everything, so I have no trouble telling her anything. My dad on the other hand…Well, it was easier telling my dad I was going into porn then it was telling him I had cancer. My father is a jokester. He's the kind of person you go to when you need some cheering up. So it was difficult to even mention anything to him. Still I hardly talk about it to him, its better that way. He makes me smile and keeps my chin up. That's all that matters to me.

IWA: I heard you have a big fascination with shit, how did this happen?
GP: Oh God, how did you know about that? It not like I am to making scat films or anything. So I hope the fans don’t get that idea. It has nothing to do with sex. I don’t want someone to shit on me while I’m getting fucked.
To me, poop is amazing you can tell so much about someone from their shit. You can tell how healthy they are, what they have been eating and all sorts of stuff. It is amazing what a human body can excrete

IWA: So….Do you study your own poop?
GP: I am 4’11 and I can produce some major poop. If I am this short what does a six foot guy’s poop look like? I do look at my poop, I don’t touch it or taste it or anything, but I look at it to se if it looks normal, you know when it is in the toilet and I am done. I know it is disgusting but it amazes me.

IWA: You’re a tiny girl. You could fit in my back pocket. How could you excrete so much?
GP: I am a human garbage disposal. I like all food and I am adventurous with trying new foods. The only thing I can’t stand is spiced curry. I am not big on peas, either. But other than that I am all about eating and I guess it shows in my poop.

If you aren’t into scat sex, what about golden showers?
I have been very curious about golden showers for a long time. I just want to know what it smells like to taste like. I would even taste my own piss when I would go to the bathroom. When I got into porn I met Rod Fontana and he like’s piss, too, so he made me feel more comfortable with it.

IWA: So you drink piss too?
GP: Yeah I do drink it, maybe more then I should, ha ha! I can’t complain. It is not the greatest thing I’ve tasted but I don’t mind it. But if the person pissing on me or in my mouth doesn’t eat or drink the right things it is nasty. So be sure to drink lots of water if you are going to play with pee.
I don’t do it all the time though, but I do like girls and guys pissing all over me. What can I say, I just drawn to sick and twisted things.

IWA: So you will do just about anything?
GP: Well within reason, like I said I am not doing shit sex or anything that drastic. But my theory is ill trying everything once you know? Don’t knock it until you try it.

IWA: What are some more of the wilder things you have done since you have been in porn?
GP: When I was working with Rod Fontana, every one knows he loves it up the ass, and once I was fucking him in the ass with a toy and he wanted more so I put my foot up his ass. I know I have small feet, but still that was a lot to take. I have to admit it is the best foot massage I have ever gotten.

IWA: What else would you like to try in adult films?
GP: I've thought about doing a scene with a tranny. Although lately you just hear more bad news about trannies than good news regarding STDs and such so I doubt we'll see me doing that anytime soon. I'm better off playing safe for now.

IWA: Yeah, but you have done a bi film. Do you like bi men?
GP: I got called by Anglea DiAngelo and asked it if would do a bi film. (“Bi Bi American Pie 4” from Macho Man/Legend.) It was very interesting. I had sex with one of the guys and he hadn’t had sex with a girl in ten years. In the scene the guys sucked and fucked each other which really took me some time to adjust to because well not everyday do we see two guys getting it on like that, IN PERSON!!! I got to do one of them with a strap on and had sex with one too. Condom and test was provided!!! Dontcha worry

IWA: You have done the entire series of “Toss My Salad” movies, too. Do you fancy yourself as a good male ass eater?
GP: I did every single one of those films in that series. I should be the “Toss My Salad” contract girl or something. Its not that eating a guy’s ass out is my favorite sex acts at all. In fact, I don’t really care for it unless the guy really likes it. But it is so totally weird and funny, I thought it was fun to do. I went with my vulgar self and went out with the scenes. Sometimes you can see a pinch of humor in it too which is always fun. It's just funny to see these big macho type men getting their asses eaten out.

Gen Padova is not your typical “fallen from grace” porn star. She graduated high school early and got a B.S. in Biochemistry, and B.A. in Visual Arts with a Minor in Philosophy.

Now she is taking her education further in her adult film career as she has completed her first directorial debut with the film “Revenge of The Butt'er Face” (Skintight Pictures). “It has my sick and twisted sense of humor in it, it should be easy to point out” Padova confirmed.

So what’s next for this versatile Italian babe? “I wouldn’t mind being a contract girl. I have worked for four years now and I feel I have made my mark in this business I think I would be open to the idea of a contract.”