When N.A.S.A wanted to help over 30 staff members at the Kennedy Space Center / Johnson Control Visitors Complex to quit smoking they chose Laser Concept!
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Well after 20 years I can say that I do not smoke! Thank you very much Laser Concept. I put a cigarette out at the door thinking this is not going to work but I was satisfying my wife so I did it and this really worked! Thank you very much! I got away from that ugly smell.

- Frank Brady, FL Oct. 2004

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Laser Concept has been tremendously successful in helping clients free themselves from nicotine addiction and unhealthy eating habits. We also help clients with chronic pain from such ailments as carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches and more, through the use of laser therapy.

We have helped thousands of people make a profound difference in the quality of their lives. This site is for you to explore and learn more about how laser therapy works and how it can help you, too. The use of lasers truly is "Tomorrow's Therapy Today"!

Check out some of our success stories in our referral/testimonial section. We will be happy to answer any questions you have, so please call or email any of our offices.

Laser Concept's head office is located in Fort Erie, Ontario Canada, just 5 minutes across the Peace Bridge from downtown Buffalo, N.Y. With new offices now open in Port St. Lucie, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida, Laser Concept will be able to help even more people.
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