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ROAD RACING - Hayes Disqualified From Daytona 200
By Henny Ray Abrams
Photo By Henny Ray Abrams (Photo � Cycle News, Inc. 2007)

Daytona 200 winner Josh Hayes was disqualified after his Erion Honda CBR600RR was found to be in violation of AMA technical rules.

In the post-race teardown, the crankshaft on the race-winning Honda was found to be �polished, surface treated and metal was removed from it,� AMA Pro Racing said in a press release announcing the infraction. �This is in violation of the 2008 AMA rulebook section 5.4.�

The release cites a section of the rulebook which states that for multi-cylinder liquid-cooled machines, the homologated crankshaft �may not be altered from the originally homologated model except that the �Bearing surfaces may be polished or surface treated."

Team owner Kevin Erion was told by a team member of the infraction just before flying home to California. Rick Hobbs, Hayes� crew chief, said the team would appeal.

�We�ve appealed their decision and basically that�s our side of it,� he said in a Saturday evening phone call. He said he was notified just before the team left the track. �We�ve appealed the technical inspection and also the penalty, disqualification.�

Hobbs didn�t dispute the wording of the AMA's charges, saying, �That�s their terminology, the interpretation of what�s the reason for the infraction. At this point we�re not going to make any statement on what our version is until we file the appropriate paperwork with them.�

The appeal process begins with the filing, which �must be received at AMA Racing headquarters by 5:00 p.m. on the third business day after notification to the participant via fax, telephone, or mail of the ruling or incident in question,� according to the AMA Road Race rulebook. The appeal board, which is chosen by the Senior Director of Racing, consists of three people �with no material interest in the matter at hand,� the rulebook states. The appeal will take place within 45 days of the incident.

With Hayes� disqualification, Attack Kawasaki becomes the winner for the second year in a row. And for the second year in a row, Pirelli tires sweeps the podium.

Attack Kawasaki's Chaz Davies becomes the winner, teammate and 2007 Daytona 200 winner Steve Rapp is second, and Leo Vince Foremost Insurance Ducati Racing�s Larry Pegram is third.

Reached late Saturday night, Davies said he was �absolutely shocked. I�ll believe it a bit more when I see it (the AMA release). I�m shocked, but also gutted for Josh (Hayes)," with whom he's friends. "If Josh isn�t the eventual winner, obviously this stuff is out of his control. He deserved to win the 200. He was on a mission. I feel bad for him. I like Josh and feel bad for him. Just shocked and see what happens.�

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