About to Blow: Kesh And Zezi
Artist: Kesshia

They’re two of the brightest talents the UK has to offer right now; between them they cover journalism, presenting, fashion design, styling, A&R, consultancy, DJing and much more. Emmanuel J. Ezugwu meets the infamous, and soon to be famous, Zezi, 22, and Kesshia, 21, to find out just why they’re About To Blow. Images By Abi Benedict

Firstly - what exactly do you do?

Kesshia: I do whatever I want to do. Like, someday I want to be a tightrope worker and work in a circus. But at the moment I own a clothing label called Kesh, named after myself. I do menswear, some womanswear, one-off dresses and I DJ with Zezi as the Coconut Twins. I also do illustrations, I’ve modelled for Katherine Hamnett and Nike but I wouldn’t consider that proper modelling (laughs).
Zezi: I present E4 music and sometimes Freshly Squeezed, which is on T4. I am an A&R consultant for Universal Publishing. I write articles and I edited SuperSuper magazine. I started off in marketing and brand consultancy and I still do a bit of that for certain brands. And fashion - I started off styling.
K: Some people might think we’re rich kids and trust fund babies, but we’re not.

How long have you two known each other?
K: 700 years, we were born together.
Z: Actually it’s like 3,000 because we knew each other in past lives (laughs).
K: Well, about three years.
Z: Since the beginning of grime (both laugh).
K: When grime was the one.

So is grime dead?
K: No, it’s just that we don’t run them roads no more.
Z: Well we run them roads, but we just run other ones as well.

How did you meet?
Z: On the set of an Ears videoshoot. Shout out to Ears MC and Flamin, Knuckles and all of Jammer’s crew.
K: Yeah the Neckle camp, blup blup! Ears was a friend of mine from college and he told me to come down to the videoshoot. I went with my friend Precious the Nigerian princess and...
Z: Me and my friends were doing a documentary on grime at the time and we saw each other from across the room and liked each other’s big hair.

Why did you decide to work together?
Z: We became friends over work. Like, I wanted to use her in a shoot I was styling for Live Magazine. Then I used her again in the first series of Dubplate Drama.

How would you describe the Coconut Twins?
K: An empire.
Z: Like 2 girls, 1 cup but, 2 girls, 1 empire (laughs).

How would you describe your unique style?
Z: Whatever’s clean and, more often then not. whatever’s not clean. My clothes are from the floor, so it’s just whatever.
K: It’s just get up and go style.

What would you say has been your big break so far?
K: I don’t think my big break has come yet.
Z: Shout out to E4 music and T4 Freshly Squeezed.
K: I’m doing the MAN London Fashion Week show for TopMan on Feb 15.
Hopefully that will be my big break.

Tell us about your LFW collection?
K: So my theme is gonna be fruit machines and I’m gonna be using mid-tonals and splash lots of bright colours in there. People say you should do one look throughout the whole show and use the same type of boy, but I’m actually trying to do four different genre’s of boys. Skaters, emo’s, nerd and rude boys, because I want to show the variation of my brand.

Zezi what type of music do you look for as an A&R?
Z: I’m more of a tastemaker, so it’s things that I’m around and that I like. I just listen to lots and lots of music and go to lots of gigs. I’ve been DJing for two years, so I’m always around music.

Can you tell us about Florence and the Machine?
Z: She’s this singer with a really soulful voice and a great band. She went to my school; I remember she used to sing in the talent shows in her bluesy voice. Jack Penate also went there as well as Jude Law, Lawrence Lewellyn
Bowen and Felix who is in the Maccabees.

Take us through some of the places you have written for?
Z: i-D, Dazed & Confused and I was fashion editor for Live magazine when I was 18. I was editor of SuperSuper when I was 21. The Metro, Guardian, Electronic Beats and lots of foreign magazines that I can’t remember the names of.

Where do you want to be in 10 years time?
K: I don’t care as long as I’m happy. You never know what the future holds. Like tomorrow I could decide I want to be a vet and in 10 years time I’ll have my hand up a cow’s arse. 10 years ago I wanted to be a ninja!
Z: I would want to be happy in whatever I’m doing. I’m driven and have got goals in my to-do list in my brain, but I have no idea. The goal posts are always shifting.

Final Thoughts?
[both shout] I love my best friend!

MySpace.com/that_girl_kesshia and MySpace.com/zezitron and MySpace.com/coconuttwins

Coconut Twin’s Guide To Cool
Designers? Z: Ones that give me clothes (laughs). Danielle Scutt, Louise Golding, Kate Moross...
Music? K: I’ve been listening to old music on repeat; I’ve been listening to the Platter’s Only You like 100 times recently.
Z: I really like The Metro’s, Toddla T, Martelo, Sinden....
Clubs? K: yOyO. I heard it changed, but I’m still gonna represent.
Z: yOyO always and forever. It’s just true love.

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