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First Transit has been a leader and innovator in transportation for over 50 years, including our predecessor companies American Transportation Enterprises, ATE Management & Service Co. and Ryder/ATE.

American Transportation Enterprises is founded.

American Transportation Enterprises continues operations under the newly formed ATE Management & Service Company. Former American Transportation Enterprise managers form ATE Management & Services Company to provide management services.

Ryder acquires ATE Management & Services Co. to form Ryder/ATE. Ryder/ATE acquires Managed Logistic Systems (MLS) to create Ryder/MLS.

Ryder Student Transportation Services and Ryder/ATE combine to form Ryder Public Transportation Services.

FirstGroup, plc acquires Ryder Public Transportation Services, creating First Transit.

First Transit manages and operates over 115 contracts with public transit organizations in 26 states.

First Transit acquires Cognisa, a transportation company specializing in shuttle services. First Transit manages and operates 153 systems in 42 states, Canada and Puerto Rico for transit authorities, state departments of transportation, federal agencies, municipal organizations, and private companies.

FirstGroup plc acquires Laidlaw International, Inc, subsequently joining Laidlaw Transit with First Transit.  First Transit now operates 235 locations in 45 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.  First Transit's now 13,000 employees operate 6,700 buses that cover over 260 million annual fleet miles.