Where do you get your news?

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Anyone have any news sites they can recommend me? I have BBC world news set as my homepage and I check Daily Paul and LewRockwell.com every day.


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Also note that the digital

Also note that the digital TV switchover is less that a year away. Don't believe what they tell you about their reasons for mandating the switch. The true reason is that everything we watch will now be trackable. Rather than relying on Nielsen ratings, they'll be able to do comprehensive correlation studies. They'll know which commercials we've seen, for example, and that information can be compared to purchasing habits. Eventually, each household could be uniquely targeted based on its profile.

That might sound benign and even desirable, and the majority of Americans will indeed see it that way, but anyone with an imagination and a healthy distrust of government can see where it will ultimately lead. There's never been a better time to wean yourself from the telescreen. I rarely watch mine anymore, and intend to extricate myself entirely when the switchover happens.

Liberty for Dummies

alternet.org is my homepage.

alternet.org is my homepage. great alternative media source, lots of great writers who discuss real issues *one*


Economic News

Rawstory.com Talk radio.


Talk radio. Bill Press, Bill Bennett, Alex Bennett, Mike Church, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Hannity. I only listen to Hannity for a few minutes on my way home from work to hear what propaganda he is spreading. All can be heard on Sirius.

the bbc is rubbish. im from

the bbc is rubbish.
im from england and they're a joke. better than your stuff but still very little objective truth.

therealnews.com is good. they also have a youtube channel with interesting daily news videos.

commondreams.org democracynow


for economic stuff anything by Casey Research, or get the Whiskey and Gunpowder newsletter

'give the opportunity for a politician to live beyond his means and you'll have him dancing"

Great news site.


Also I go to Lew Rockwell and antiwar.com

Drudge for fun, but it is like getting news at the checkout stand at the grocery store. :)


I make the news....wink,wink


Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report!

Even Madeline Albright (guest last week) when Jon Stewart thanked her for coming on the show remarked, "Jon, I KNOW where people get their news..." And Brian Williams, NBC Anchor, echoed the same sentiment the week before. I've seen Ted Koppel, Dan Rather and others on the show make the same basic remarks,

Which says that America trusts comedians and political satirists more than they trust the MSM to give them the "honest," unbiased news! Now what kind of statement (or indictment) is THAT?!

Good Variety


Go Ron Paul | Go Grassroots

Not a "news" site but..

Not a "news" site but it has plenty of good info.


I get my news from several

I get my news from several sources

and financial news and commentary from

BBC News

I have to agree with tstorey that BBC News is rubbish. They regularly ignore Ron Paul, and months ago reported that McCain was the "former prisoner to be president". Once venerable, the BBC was brought to its knees by tony blair, and is now only a shadow of its former self.

Believe none of what the BBC news reports.

I use the daily paul! My

I use the daily paul! My friends here have shook me awake!...somewhat too hard all at once...but effectivly.

Please support local music.

Alex Jones...

For infotainment...

Some of the stuff he says, you think is whack - i.e like I did:
Fox news supporting Hillary - you've got to be kidding me... Oh wait, wtf - Bush, Beck, Coulter, RUSH - ALL say vote for Hillary over McCain - WHO would have thought...

Drugs in the water..no way - Oh wait, hell its world MSM coverage..

Conventional Wisedom - is pretty much never wise at all.

Economic = www.321gold.com !!!!!!!!!!!!

Rule is, research for yourself - take noones word as absolute. Come to your own conclusions.

and where to get economic

and where to get economic news?

Re: News Sources

I like to use the following:





I would also recommend that you try streaming audio and buy a shortwave radio. You'll get substantially more points of view than the pablum from LameStream Media.


I go to Drudge a few times a day, and Google News. At Google I customized the page to show me the top 8 Ron Paul stories - that's been terrific! Lew Rockwell articles and blog are daily stops. From those places, I research the stories deeper.

new source***

find new here ... http://www.roguegovernmen... another source of news. on the internet .... It is not from america so you get another view. http://search.bbc.co.uk/c...

Bill Moyers on PBS...

...is the only real, consistent, non-wavering, patriot left in TV.

His show is usually aired on Fridays at 9pm.

BBC is no better than NBC.

bill moyers on pbs...

don't fool yourself tracy....mr. moyers is cfr and that is important to know...bbc and pbs are not really any different from each other. cfr is all over them. they are both controlled media.


bill moyers on pbs...

don't fool yourself tracy....mr. moyers is cfr and that is important to know...bbc and pbs are not really any different from each other. they are both controlled media.


I must agree that Moyers has

I must agree that Moyers has done some excellent programs in the recent past. Although I'd hesitate to pile as much adoration on him as you do; he is quite far left, after all. But his last show, the part about McCain, was quite scathing, and definitely worth watching.

As to the BBC, I have to agree with you again. They enjoy an air of respectability here in the states, at least partly due to Brits on the Internet who like to toot the BBC's horn for being better at covering foreign affairs (meaning they cover us but we don't reciprocate, which no doubt stings their pride), while teasing Americans for how our horrible media keeps the average American ignorant of global geography. What they fail to mention, however (or what they are too far socialized to even recognize as horrifying), is that the BBC is an official state-run media organ -- the fox is guarding the hen house, as it were.

Liberty for Dummies


Reddit.com can be good, but there's a lot of filtering of crap.

These are the only 2 sites

That I give any credit too...

and the news you will never see on CNN...



Just a few

Just a few more


Not news - but REALLY good brain food


The link takes you to information about Collectivism and its economics. When I read The Law by Frederic Bastiat - I understood socalism.

Honest news seems to be

Honest news seems to be fairly difficult to get these days.

What you need to do is to begin understanding various facts, then compare your facts to what is reported. I think you'll find that there is a lot of propaganda out there, which included the recent propaganda among the media trying to get us all to believe that Ron Paul dropped out. Fortunately we know better than to believe that nonsense.

I used to really like the Main Stream Media

Now I get my info from Prisonplanet.com, rense.com, whatreallyhappened.com, drudgereport.com, waynemadsenreport.com, citizens for legitiment government.com or org, and ldstoday.com.

Rense, and especialy what really happened, offer a lot of very hostle comments about the one country in the middle east; I personally support Israel, but the problem is, those two site contain info that is hard to pick up at other places. I wish there waas a pro Israel site, that had what rense and what really happened have on there.

Some stuff on all of those site I do not agree with, but that is true whereever you go. One thing for sure, at least they say the truth that 9-11 was an inside job. They also discuss how Bush/Cheney may do another 9-11 flase flag, but much worse -- to disolve the Constitution and therefore stay in power. We will see.

I used to really like the Main Stream Media, until 9-11 happened, -- after a season of somewhat believing the Gov story, I started to hear and see former Intel people questioning the official government line. -- When they were called "Nuts" and worse, I knew something was up. Calling people who question the Official Government Line by harsh demeaning names, is a sure fire test that something is up.

So, the more I watched, then I learned - usually through prayer, and reading from all good sources -- and from different points of view. The truth is clear if one but will spend a couple of nights and days reading through the stuff on the internet -- while some is disinformation, there is enough truth out there for people to figure out what is going on -- if they want to know.

As I figured out what was going on, I really lost faith and respect for Sean, Bill, Chris, Tim, Tom, etc. I guess they figure it does no good for one of them to speak out, because look what happened to Imus; read the Moscow paper Pravda account -- totally different than what the media said.

The other point is-- they make so much money -- hard for them to speak up and give it all up. Just like Congress, and other members of the media.
Very few willing to give up their life for the Constitution; just like us.

God save our Constitution; may He help raise and bring forth good people to save her.

Not to be mean

but do you realize that there is a connection between fervently supporting Israel and pretty much everything else wrong that is going on in this country? All of the "bad guys" who hate us also happen to *love* that terroristic little police state in the middle east. That made me re-evaluate my formerly enthusiastic support of Israel. And I am part Jewish and have many Jewish friends, many of whom are equally anti-Israel and anti-Zionist.

Check out the campaign flyer

Check out the campaign flyer that Americans United for Israel put out about Ron Paul:
visit www.AmericansForIsrael.co...

The way to "support" Israel is to allow them self-determination

The best way to "support" Israel is to let them do their own thing without any interference, so long as they don't harm others. But this Zionist bullying business of stomping on others and demanding billions from America is what I oppose.

Ask many Jews, there is a HUGE difference between being Jewish and being Zionist. Many Jews are anti-Zionist.

I advocate the same rights of self-determination for Israel that any country deserves, and the same requirement that they not be aggressive toward their neighbors. And if said neighbors need to defend themselves against Israeli aggression, then that is only right.

As long as we confused being anti-Jewish with being anti-Zionist, this conversation is a non-starter. But freeing our minds from the concept of thinking being anti-Zionist is the same as racism or anti-Semitism makes it much clearer exactly what we should oppose and support.

I like people as individuals, not as members of a collective. I like self-determination for all countries. I agree 100% with Ron Paul on Israel.

leave off the http

The same thing has happened to me.

just start links with www.
Sometimes you will be thought of as spam if you make a list...especially if it is in the body of the forum section...but not usually the comments section.

I'll add http://therealnews.com/

http://therealnews.com/ accepts no government or corporate funding or advertising

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

news sauce

Yeah, I'm not sure about the BBC anymore,- not since the former director general was forced out over the downing street memo and the murder of Dr David kelly (Iraq invasion WMD, etc, etc). I use the same list as Dog2012 below plus marketoracle.co.uk and leap2020.eu

'I always think of all you canvassors and precinct leaders at the front line.
Good luck out there &Thank you. It's appreciated'.-fip -U.K



At ROn Paul Radio of course

Why was my list flagged?

Why was my list flagged?

At the very least, may I please have these up?


Too many links in one post?

Try listing your other links, as well, but just 4 at a time, since that worked?

I think the *software* flags too many links in a single post as a "spammer", just like our ISPs are doing (whether or not they are whitelisted senders!)

The truth is always flagged

The truth is always shut down on this site after a while, and also on the internet.

I went, one evening to a very thorough anti Bush site -- really went into his family's corruption; NWO, One World Government -- etc. After a little while -- it shut down my commputer

Years earlier, same thing happened when I visited a site about how a fellow who said Dan Quayle did drugs -- was put in prison for saying such -- shut down.

The Federal World Government only allows so much truth out there.

Try writing about how the Oil companies already have super formulas for 150 MPH but hold it back to control us -- look who controls the oil companies -- that will be shut down too.

God bless you for your efforts. Please run for Congress.


Iranian Bourse
Delegate System
Tucker Carlson Getting Fired
Royal Rife

What more do you need?


www.politicallore.com BABY!!!!

Please donate if you can :)

Subscribe too!!!!!

Link TV - No Corporate Sponsorship!

I watch Link TV (Direct TV, channel 375 or DISH network, channel 9410) every night. Here is reception info: http://www.linktv.org/rec...

Here is the daily schedule: http://www.linktv.org/sch....
Make sure you select the time zone you live in for the correct schedule.

This channel shows many documentaries dealing with world and national news events that are blacked out in America by the Corporate Press Propaganda Machine (MSM), like what we experience with Dr. Paul's presidential campaign.

This TV channel is an excellent way to show your kids and others what quality unbiased journalism is all about.

For example, I watched a special yesterday on how corporations control the media (which we all know). Here is a link to watch it on the web:

Here is a link to other specials: http://www.linktv.org/spe...

It is completely non-profit and funded by grants from philanthropic organizations and contributions from individuals.

wow...I just added to my

wow...I just added to my list from the bookmarks I have on opera and a box came up that said my comment has been flagged as spam....Now wuuuut??
I put at least an hour into pulling that list together....why was it flagged?

Pleas email me the list

Please email me the list kkopitke@hotmail.com Please run for Congress asa Green, Lib or Constitution party candidate -- try truth about 9-11

Links on my blog

I link to these and refer to these sites often:

I would also tend to trust a non-biased news source for US news over our outlets. You could try http://www.cbc.ca/
I like http://democracynow.org for anti-war coverage, but it's pretty liberal and there's been no coverage of anything Ron Paul, which is upsetting. (They also seem to think the euphemism "anti-choice" is equivalent to "anti-abortion". Annoying.)

Live - Global - No Commentary - Just Facts - Scarry Too


Sorry - Live audio is $125/mo BUT the web page updates 7/24 every few minutes.

BBC is a controlled news source. They will lie to you

on a regular basis. If you research you will find that the UK is a police state. They have lost most of their civil rights.

Lew Rockwell is part OK and part lies. He has a number of contributors whom are part of the "false opposition." Learn to spot the shills.

Read lots of different views on any news item and learn to assess "patterns of disinformation..."

Basically, you will get 5% lies wrapped in 95% truth.

It's really cool you get to be your own super duper secret agent and figure out the real truth.

Just remember this, they control all the major media. Do you think they are stupid enough not to control the internet alternative media too?

FEAR MESSAGES are everywhere on the alternative news. It is just like Fox. This is how they control you. They make you frightened and angry and desperate. Then...they will protect you!

It is rather simple once you learn to spot it.

Jones just hammers everyone with TERROR, HORROR and MISERY. Think about it. Go to his site. Read that crap for 10 minutes and you want to kill yourself. Rense is the same. "All the starving chickens are going to kill you!"

Focus on freedom.

In my reality there are no irradiated zionist chinese chickens assisting blackwater with finding me and putting me in an eurasian torture camp and making me watch Fox news until my implants explode. There really aren't, sorry, Mr.Jones, but, keep on what you all doin' you are really good at it.

Now what do I do? Heavens! We are surrounded! Lies Lies Lies!

There is tons of truth too you know. The Lord's hand is in all things.

Just gotta learn how to spot it.