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'All Of Kosovo' Under UN Mandate

11 March 2008 Pristina _ The United Nations is resolute to administer Kosovo in its entirety, the chief of the mission to the territory, Joachim Ruecker said during Monday's visit to the Serb-dominated town of Zubin Potok.
EU Freezes Bulgarian Funds

07 March 2008 Sofia _ The EU has frozen another fund earmarked for Bulgaria in response to alleged irregularities in the allocating of money from Brussels, Bulgarian media reported Friday.
Tanaskovic: Appellate Chamber session postponed

12 March 2008 As Nenad Tanaskovic's Defence attorney failed to appear the Appellate Chamber session has been postponed.

Justice Report

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Kosovo Searches New National Anthem

Presidency of Kosovo Assembly
Presidency of Kosovo Assembly
12 March 2008 Pristina _ Kosovo authorities launched a competition Wednesday to find a national anthem.

As of Wednesday, the contest for the best anthem will be open to any individual to submit a proposal.

The Presidency of the Kosovo Assembly met on Tuesday to decide what criteria will be crucial in determining the national anthem.

According to the Assembly Speaker, Jakup Krasniqi, “the duration of the anthem should not be shorter than 30 seconds and not longer than 60” adding that "the proposal may contain lyrics," so judges can understand what the meaning of the anthem is. However the final selected piece will not feature any lyrics.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 31, and the composer of the winning entry will win  €10,000.

"The anthem shall be unique, original and distinct,” according to the criteria. 

The move comes just under a month since Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leaders declared independence from Serbia.

In absence of an anthem, Kosovo used the national anthem of Albania in most of ceremonies so far.

Kosovo has already revealed its Coat of Arms and a national flag, on the day it declared independence.

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