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A16 Anarchist and Anti-Capitalist Activities

Massive Rally and Non-Violent Protest at the IMF & World Bank in Washington DC Sun-Mon April 16-17, 2000

Updated: April 22, 2000

Thousands of anarchists are coming to Washington, DC for the April 16 weekend of anti-IMF/World Bank actions. Listed below are some of the anarchist activities that we know about. If you are from outside D.C. and like to get involved, or if you have questions, please send an email to dc@lists.tao.ca. We recommend that you check out the official A16 Mobilization website <http://www.a16.org/>

If you or your anarchist group/organization supports the April 16 Mobilization, please sign on to the official A16 endorsement and/or the anarchist call to action.

JUST ADDED! Increased unity is one of the signs of the change in tide - endorsing the RA-CB call