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A16 Anarchist and Anti-Capitalist Activities

Massive Rally and Non-Violent Protest at the IMF & World Bank in Washington DC Sun-Mon April 16-17, 2000

Updated: April 22, 2000

Thousands of anarchists are coming to Washington, DC for the April 16 weekend of anti-IMF/World Bank actions. Listed below are some of the anarchist activities that we know about. If you are from outside D.C. and like to get involved, or if you have questions, please send an email to dc@lists.tao.ca. We recommend that you check out the official A16 Mobilization website <http://www.a16.org/>

If you or your anarchist group/organization supports the April 16 Mobilization, please sign on to the official A16 endorsement and/or the anarchist call to action.

JUST ADDED! Increased unity is one of the signs of the change in tide - endorsing the RA-CB call



Black Bloc March

There will be at least two anarchist/anti-capitalist black bloc marches. One on each morning of April 16 and 17, 2000.

Sunday, April 16th, 2000
Washington, DC
6 AM @ Rock Creek Park
26th street between M st. and Penn. Ave.

We will be marching in our own bloc, but we will be part of the larger direct action march. The marching band will be part of this too.

Maps will be provided next week for out of town folks.

Please bring puppets, banners, flags, drums, kazoos and supplies.

Masking up is recommended. We don't want to help the police out who will be videotaping and photographing the actions for future use.

We will probably repeat this on Monday morning, but plans may change.


Please keep in mind that there are other official A16 events and meetings taking place during this time, mostly at the Convergence Center. Most of these things are anarchisitic, so you all are encouraged to attend them. I believe there will be nightly Convergence meetings, which affinity groups can send delegates too. THESE ARE THE MEETINGS WHERE THE DIRECT ACTION ON A16 AND A17 WILL BE PLANNED! If the specifics on A16 have seemed rather vague, it's because the planning of the direct action has been put off until the week before the event, so out of towners can be involved.

Also, there will be puppetmaking at the Convergence space that week.

Anarchist Marching Band / Chaos Marching Band

Anarchist March Band in Seattle

Sunday, April 16 and Monday, April 17 / Location and time TBA

Yes, there will be an anarchist marching band at A16! We plan to have a marching band just like the one they had in Seattle, only much bigger. The band will probably march with the Black Bloc. If you want to participate, bring musical instruments (not valuable ones) such as horns, drums, plastic buckets, and kazoos. There will be an anarchist flag corps and people with banners. For more information, or to let us know you want to be involved, please contact Dave at duffy@dojo.tao.ca

Anarchist Soccer League Match

asl_but.gif - 2675 Bytes

The Anarchist Soccer League - DC will be hosting a huge soccer match on Saturday, April 15th, at Fort Reno Park (near the TENLEYTOWN Metro station). Time will be announced. The ASL welcomes all anti-authoritarian soccer players to join us for an afternoon of fun. There will also be some spontaneous ASL matches on the streets of D.C. during the IMF/WB actions. Just keep an eye out for the bouncing soccer balls!

There will be a massive street soccer game throughout the actions around the World Bank/IMF buildings.

A16 Guerilla Gardening

On the week of April 8-16 people will be flooding D.C. to shut down the meetings of the IMF and World Bank. The meetings will be shut down. And just as important, in the energy of the streets a new vision will be formulated. Alternatives will be explored...

Revolutionary gardeners from around the world will liberate greenspaces in central D.C. by transforming them into organic free community gardens. Eliminating our dependance on international agribusiness and the global financial institutions which control our food supply us the first step towards freedom. Bring your gardening tools, saplings, sprouted vegetables and all your friends as we free the greenspace and build the new society within the shell of the old.

for more info or to be an affinity group contact person write to: a16gg@mailcity.com

A note of explanation to fellow anarchists on the strategic value of guerilla gardening in D.C. If Anarchism in the United States is to make the transition from a Revolutionary embryo to a mass movement, it must move beyond rhetoric and purely destructive action and present viable empowering alternatives to corporate Amerika that can appeal to working people with families. We must be creative enough that they cannot credibly label us as terrorists, and militant enough that they cannot ignore us. Guerilla gardening does both these things. Reclaim the Streets, the radical anti-road movement in England is organizing guerilla gardening all over London for the May 1 Action. We have to shatter the spectrum of choice defined by the corporate media--Coke/Pepsi, Republican/Democrat, police state/chaos--and show that empowered communities and localized organic food production are real and achievable options, but it's going to take a tremondous act of will to get there. See you in the streets-

Concerts and Other Events

Here are 4 events we have planned for the week of April 8-A17: directions to the events at bottom. all events either at WILSON CENTER or LA CASA, both are in the Mt Pleasant neighborhood of DC.

April 8
Punk Show
at the Wilson Center- 15 and Irving Streets NW, DC
$5 all ages 6PM
Discount (FL, 3rd to last show ever)
River City High (VA)
No Lie Relaxer (DC)
The Insurgent (political punk from NY)

Tuesday, April 11th, 8pm
A talk by Northern California Earth First Activist Alicia Littletree
$3-$5 donation to benefit the speaking tour
Presented by Positive Force DC 703-276-9768
@ La Casa
3166 Mount Pleasant Street
NW Washington DC

Alicia Littletree is a Northern California Earth First! organizer who worked closely with Judi Bari in the front-line sstuggle to defend the ancient redwoods. The two were political comrades and close friends, and Alicia learned the ins and outs of the bombing case accompanying Judi to court dates and speaking events, and working with Judi on the case itself. Since Judi Bari's death from breast cancer in 1997, Alicia Littletree, Darryl Cherney, and others from the Redwood Summer Justice Project have continued to pursue the civil rights lawsuit against the FBI, and the only real investigation of the still unsolved bombing. Littletree will talk about the link between corporate timber and the FBI in framing Judi Bari and Darrl Cherney for the bombing, as well as the recent escalation in the use of force against enviromental activists across the country. please forward to all apllicable lists. Metro directions to the event: take the greenline to Columbia Heights stop. walk up Irving Street and cross 16th Street, walk down to Mount Pleasant Street (make right) La Casa is on the left about a block down.

April 15
A16 Party/Concert @ The Wilson Center 7pm
$5 all ages
with political/topical folk singers:David Rovics (Boston) and Jim Page (Seattle)
plus a punk band or 2

April 17
at La Casa 7pm
food not bombs canned food benefit
$5 or $4 w/ 2 cans of food ALL AGES
Operation Cliff Clavin (reunion tour, last chance too see. awesome political poppy punk band from Indiana)
Crispus Attucks (DC)
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb (FL, acoustic punk)
plus punk folk/acoustic singer David Durrando

All events end around 11pm so you can ride subway home
All events are DIY and volunteer run.
**no one turned away for lack of funds**

Metro directions:
The Wilson Center
take green line to Columbia Heights stop
the stop is at 14 and Irving
walk UP one block to 15 and Irving
The center will be on your left

La Casa (about 2 blocks from Wilson Center)
take the greenline to Columbia Heights stop.
walk up Irivng Street and cross 16th Street, walk down to Mount Pleasant
Street (make right) La Casa is on the left about a block down.

write for directions by car or walking--- SWEAZL@AOL.COM



We are asking that activists bring cameras and recording equipment to the actions, not just to document them for the alternative media, but to help us monitor police conduct. If you decided to do Cop Watch during the actions, be advised that in certain circumstances it is useful to take pictures of the cops before they try and do something. If you can get close up pictures of uniformed or undercover cops, please take them, because we'll post them online at a public cop database website.



The housing situation for the weekend of A16 will be really tight. If you have friends or family in the Washington, DC area, we encourage you to contact them first. If you need crash space, please use the housing form at the main A16 website. There are campgrounds located nearby. If you are a Wobbly coming to A16, the D.C. Wobs are arranging housing for fellow Wobs. You can contact them at <groundzero@iww.org>


More details later. Please bring your own supply of liquids for the days of action.


We strongly encourage out of town anarchists to pitch in and help out with shitwork that needs to be done during the weekend of the action. These tasks range from cooking to child care to media work to poster making. If you come to Washington, we expect you to help out. This is not a weekend for standing around and comparing patches.


Week before:
* Convergence every day.
* Possible IWW meeting for all visiting Wobs
* Day of workshops or discussion sessions OR mass consensus meeting
Friday, April 14

Anarchist meeting (contact chuck@tao.ca for details.)

Saturday, April 15
Anarchist soccer / 2 PM / Fort Reno
Party and Concert in the evening (Wilson Center)
Sunday, April 16
* Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc March / 7 AM / This will include the Chaos Marching Band.
* Guerilla Gardeners. Contact a16gg@mailcity.com
Monday, April 17
* Repeat of Sunday morning?
* Guerilla Gardeners. Contact a16gg@mailcity.com

last updated: July 5, 2003