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New Reflections Unveiled
December 09, 2000

[ Stinger ]As recently announced, Decipher Inc. will steadily unveil new cards for their Reflections II set, part of the popular Star Wars Customizable Card Game.

Many of these cards find their origins in the expanded universe of novels, comics and computer games. As such, their presentation as photo cards represents the first real look at some of these elements of the Star Wars saga.

Watch this space and Decipher's website for new cards.

The Stinger is the personal vessel of Guri, Prince Xizor's human replica droid enforcer. Like Guri herself, the Stinger is a bold, graceful, and deadly beauty.

[ Obi-Wan's Journal ]The hourglass-shaped assault ship began as a Surronian Conquerer, already a formidable craft. Prince Xizor's skilled and dedicated outlaw techs modified the Stinger to exceptional performance and destructive potential.

The Stinger was featured in both the Shadows of the Empire novel and comic series.

After suffering the loss of his hand and his lightsaber at Bespin, Luke Skywalker eventually returned to Tatooine. Although Alliance medics were able to replace his hand, he found himself without a weapon of his own.

The construction of his own blade was, in many ways, the final steps to Jedi Knighthood. Luke used a journal found in Kenobi's hut, keyed to open upon his touch. Inside were instructions on how to build a lightsaber, and Kenobi's hut had all the necessary supplies.

[ No Questions Asked ] The construction of Luke's lightsaber was originally intended to be seen in Return of the Jedi, though was left out of the final film. This scene still exists in the Return of the Jedi novelization, the Shadows of the Empire novel, and the Return of the Jedi National Public Radio Dramatization.

No one ever said the life of a smuggler would be an easy one. Outrunning Imperial Customs patrols and bounty hunters are just a couple of the challenges that tramp freighter captains face.

Often, ships like the Wild Karrde, the Outrider and the Pulsar Skate have to haul cargo and passengers with the condition of "no questions asked." Since their pilots -- Talon Karrde, Dash Rendar and Mirax Terrik -- spend most of their lives on the shady side of the law, they can respect their customer's request. Besides, discretion often allows for the cargo hauler to charge a little extra.

The Wild Karrde first appeared in the Heir to the Empire novel, though its appearance was established as a Corellian bulk freighter in the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook. Dash Rendar and his Outrider originated in the Shadows of the Empire multimedia adventure, and the Outrider briefly appears in the Special Edition release of A New Hope. The look of Mirax's Pulsar Skate was established in the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron comic series.

The degenerate pit of Jabba the Hutt's palace is not where one would expect to find beauty. Nonetheless, stunning female dancers came and went with alarming frequency, in order to fit Jabba's fickle and depraved tastes.

[ Arica ]One of the most alluring dancers was named Arica. A lithe beauty, she had a remarkable grace to her. Whereas other slave girls had an innocence and fragility to them, Arica was possessed of a strength that was impossible to deny -- and for good reason.

Behind her veil and shimmersilk hid a dedicated killer. Arica was in fact the Emperor's Hand in disguise. Mara Jade had infiltrated Jabba's Palace with the mission to kill Luke Skywalker.

Mara Jade's Arica alias was alluded to in Heir to the Empire, and is seen in the Tales from Jabba's Palace anthology, the Return of the Jedi National Public Radio Dramatization, and the Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand comic series.

[ Jabba's Prize ] Jabba's favorite decoration graced a favorite alcove in the Hutt's throne room. It was more than art -- it was a symbol to show any smuggler the price of crossing the Hutt. From a solid carbonite slab, the pained face of Han Solo reached out. Jabba took delight in seeing his victim's torment forever frozen in time.

Han described carbonite as a "wide awake nothing",not quite a dreamless sleep. His constitution saved him upon carbonite thaw -- lesser minds had been known to go mad in the minutes following decarbonization. Han did not escape unscathed, however. He suffered from hibernation sickness which temporarily robbed him of his sight, and his character forever changed thereafter, as he realized what his life in the underworld had brought him.

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