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Javascript badges powered by JSONP and microformats

By Gareth Rushgrove · 8 Mar, 2008

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Getting tired of maintaining all your social data on several different sites? Can't we have more data portability? This stuff is in the works, but for now, we need intermediary solutions. In this article, Gareth Rushgrove shows how to build a simple script that shares Microformatted data across domains using JSONP, JavaScript, and Glenn Jones' ufXtract tool.

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Replacing <noscript> with accessible, unobtrusive DOM/JavaScript

By Frank M. Palinkas · 29 Feb, 2008

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In this article, Frank Palinkas presents an accessible, unobtrusive replacement for <noscript>, built using HTML and DOM/JavaScript, which solves the problem of some older browsers not supporting <noscript> properly.

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How to do photoshop-like effects in SVG

By Erik Dahlström · 29 Feb, 2008

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Wanna add some polish to your site, the standards way? In this article Erik shows how you can save time and money on creating graphics and effects programmatically using SVG instead of doing them all manually using Photoshop.

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XFN encoding, extraction, and visualizations

By Brian Suda · 21 Feb, 2008

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The XFN microformat is a great way to mark up HTML to describe the relationships you have with people you know, but what can you actually do with that data once you and your friends have put it up on the web? Brian Suda explores this in depth in this article.

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CSS text shadows and background sizing

By Christopher Schmitt · 21 Feb, 2008

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In this article Christopher Schmitt explores a couple of great new CSS design properties available in CSS3 - text-shadow for creating drop shadows, and background-size for automatically resizing background images as the browser window changes size. Exciting stuff indeed!

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Progressive Enhancement and the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)

By Christian Heilmann · 27 Sep, 2007

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As a web developer, you'll know exactly how annoying it can be getting your sites to work consi...

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Opera Widgets Specification 1.0

By Opera Software · 30 Apr, 2007

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The Widget specification Opera's implementation uses. ...

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Using animateMotion in SVG

By DesertDawg · 19 Jan, 2007

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SVG takes to the sky. This overview shows an example with variations on how to move heavenly ob...

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XHTML+Voice By Example

By Jonny Axelsson · 4 Jan, 2007

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How to create simple voice-enabled web pages using XHTML+Voice. The first part of an introducti...

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Opera Widgets Resources

By Opera Software · 4 Dec, 2006

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Ready to use graphics and templates for Widget production....

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Efficient JavaScript

By Mark 'Tarquin' Wilton-Jones · 2 Nov, 2006

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As Web pages become more like applications, the performance of scripts is having a bigger effec...

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