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“I want to get it right. I don’t want to just get it done.”

Saturday, March 8th, 2008


Councilwoman-elect Sheryl Ade, as quoted by Aaron Claverie, Californian reporter, during the first City meeting on March 5, 2008.  

She’s already got it right.

Wildomar Magazine applauds Ms. Ade for her leadership and her earnest intent to put in the long, hard hours necessary to make Wildomar a good city. 

There are some things so important they can’t be outsourced or delegated to a consultant. 


In other Wildomar City news, Councilpersons-elect Marsha Swanson and Scott Farnam were placed on the Facilities Committee to find office space for Wildomar.

Is that because, despite their earlier “failure to disclose” on their candidate’s statements, they are, in fact, real estate agents?

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008






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Historic Downtown Wildomar’s Future Now On Display

Saturday, March 1st, 2008


With the swearing in of the five new city councilmembers in July, Wildomar will soon turn to the task that will enable the historic downtown community to thrive……approving commercial development.  The Council will be careful to assure us that it will likely not have a significant impact on Central and Baxter Roads.  An attempt to retain the rural taste of Wildomar will always be their goal. Look closely, if you would.  There is a hitching post in front of that spiral building in the middle, there on the new Palomar/Baxter Loop, right where the riding trail ends.

Unlike residential development, where the “one-time” developer fees truly can only be spent one time (watch Murrieta’s budget woes as they approach “build-out” and the developer fees stop coming.  Can you say “layoffs?”), commercial development is the gift that keeps on giving.  Private homes cost cities more money than they provide in property taxes to supply public safety and city infrastructure. But the business of business adds to the coffers.

And if it is retail commercial development, the sales “tax increment” is the very best source of money for cities.  But long gone will be the days when a Wildomar Municipal Advisory Committee “planning” member tried to insist that the ”new” Jack-in-the-Box on Bundy Canyon provide for customers to ride their horses up to the drive-through window to buy a hamburger.  He was serious but that was funny then, in a charmingly rural Wildomar sort of way. 

Nope, we’re gonna see the fast track for retail commercial in the near future.   Driven by the need to succeed and survive, the city council will soon all be aglow with each new commercial project getting their approval, talking about the ”tax increment.”  Group hugs and fanny-patting all around, please.

Wildomar Magazine wonders what a “tax excrement” would be?  Perhaps it relates to how generously the city council will spend our money on a city manager.  Those things ain’t cheap.

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Added For Context

Thursday, February 28th, 2008


Downloaded from on February 27, 2008 so Wildomarians can see how other towns handle their sleaze factor.

ARLINGTON, Ore.  —  The mayor of an Oregon town who once stripped to her underwear and posed on a fire truck has been stripped of her office.

Voters in Arlington, population about 500, voted narrowly on Monday night to recall Carmen Kontur-Gronquist.

The tally was 142-139. City officials said the recall is effective Tuesday.

Kontur-Gronquist said the pictures of her in black bra and panties were taken for use in a contest about fitness, but a relative posted them on MySpace in hopes it would improve the social life of the single mother.

They predated her election, but she said she saw no reason to take them off the popular Web site once elected three years ago. Later, she closed access to them.

Opponents said it wasn’t fitting for the mayor to be so depicted. They said they also disagreed with her on issues about water and the local golf course.

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How Can You Have Local Control….

Sunday, February 24th, 2008


 …..when your biggest political donors are from out-of-town?

According to Aaron Claverie’s excellent piece in Saturday’s The Californian, four of the top five vote-getters took in sh*tloads of out-of-town money to fund their campaigns for “local control.”  We were promised, after all, that they would stop money from going to Riverside and bring it directly to Wildomar. Who knew they would be this good at it?

Real Estate Broker/Office Manager Marsha Swanson out-hustled all individuals with a current total of $17,251.  That works out to approximately $8.02 per vote.

Real Estate Broker  Scott Farnam raised $8,535 and a big chunk of that came from a swell-sounding outfit named “Taxpayers for Responsible Government.”  Apparently they liked Farnam so much after a personal interview that they gave him $3,500, all by themselves.  Farnam owes the Taxpayers for Responsible Government and ”Greg Morrison, a Temecula resident” big time for their generosity.  It must have been one hell of an interview. Perhaps there’s a video……

The mysterious and mystical ”Slate Committee” of the ironically-named Bob Cashman, Bridgette Moore and Tim Underdown raised a plush slush fund of $18,455 to spread their locally-controlled manure around Wildomar’s hills and bottomlands.

Wildomar Magazine congratulates Councilperson-elect Sheryl Ade for winning a seat at the dais in the manner that most respectable Wildomarians anticipated, spending only $984 and a lot of shoe leather to earn the right to define local control. That works out to approximately $ .55 per vote. As she told the paper, “I could have done that, too, but I didn’t want to get on that merry-go-round.” 


Wildomar Magazine applauds Ms. Ade for displaying her personal and political integrity.

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Character In Our Public Officials Still Matters

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008




Wildomar Magazine is seriously amused but only mildly disturbed by a recent flurry of rumors and hints of scandal from our “unvetted” city council. WM is not disturbed by the fact that humans are flawed and make bad choices or do stupid things.  It is disturbed that anyone with anything in their private life that the citizens of Wildomar might find objectionable would choose to become a public figure and willfully step out of their own safe world of personal privacy and expose their proclivities as a public figure. 

A dark cloud now looms overhead, portending embarrassment and shame for our new city.

In mature cities, a candidate will announce his/her intention to run for public office and there is time and sufficient interest by the local press to “vet” the candidate through a screening process that digs around the whispers and dark corners of a candidate’s world.  Then they can honestly report on relevant information discovered so that voters are properly informed.   But that did not happen in Wildomar.

There are persistant and recurring whispers of one councilperson-elect’s  Internet website, reportedly replete with personal photos and videos.   WM has received that information from two separate sources, one of whom is a highly respected Wildomarian who offered the information during a simple weekend conversation, without prompting.  Apparently, lots of folks have heard the story.

WM doesn’t care to see the site, if it still exists. It will sufficiently satisfy the curiousity of WM to know the answer to this question of the seeker (they’re not sworn in yet) of public office: 

“What were you thinking?”

Surely each person contemplating a run for public office must know that any Internet posting, freely spoken of as this one is, would eventually find it’s way into the public discourse. 

If a variety of members of the community are already aware of questionable Internet postings, then it is merely a matter of time before the general public will also become aware as well.

WildomarMagazine Starts Now

Saturday, February 9th, 2008



There are going to be too many important things happening before the green flag drops on July 1, 2008 and Wildomar’s new citizens will learn to appreciate Zak Turango’s special commentary on those happenings for them to develop their own opinions.

WildomarMagazine clearly understands how our democratic system works. Simply, the majority rules. Sadly, the City of Wildomar will exist due only to the will of the majority of those who actually voted.  However, those who failed to vote must also be counted in the political calculation. 

Wildomar has approximately 20,000 persons within it’s new borders. Less than 5,000 of those persons voted. The vote tally for “Yes” on cityhood was just over 2,900; the vote tally for ”No” on cityhood was just under 1,900, a difference of about 1,000.  If half of those 1,000+ voters out of all of the 20,000 persons in the city had voted no instead of yes, Measure C would have failed and we would not be having this new conversation. Alas, if my aunt had a moustache, she’d be my uncle.

There was no overwhelming mandate for Wildomar cityhood. Yet there was no way to stop it. It is nearly an impossibility to raise sufficient political opposition to stop such a movement.  Wildomar is a city due to the hard work of a passionate minority group of cityhood activists. Congratulations to them for achieving what they desired. Nevertheless, their minority desires will now attempt to impose a significant reshaping of the currently comfortable surroundings on the nearly 17,000 citizens who never voted for cityhood.

Mistakes have already been made. For example, the Yes group could/should have included instructions to their minions to vote “at large” on Measure D. Instead, “vote by districts” passed, ironically, by an even smaller minority of voters than did Measure C. The impact of Measure D apparently did not occur to the inexperienced activists and, as a result, “their” city council will be set up in districts at it’s formation. 

WildomarMagazine must rise from it’s slumber then, serving up it’s unique brand of informational fodder for any who care. Forget about those calling for a honeymoon of sweetness and compassion on the novice leaders.  There is no honeymoon without a wedding.  I didn’t say “I do.”

In the meantime, if anyone has any complaints about the startup of WildomarMagazine, take your gripes to those ”Yes” voters who have stirred me from my comfort.

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