Welcome to Gentoo PS2


This project aims to develop the GentooLinux distribution for the Sony PlayStation 2 platform. While the Linux kit that Sony officially released back in 2002 allowed users to run Linux on the platform with relative ease, running newer distributions is seen as something of a challenge. GentooLinux helps to meet this challenge by compiling all its packages from source code. This is generally necessary when trying to run software on an obscure platform such as this. This project is neither affiliated with Sony or GentooLinux.


Chewi's original motivation was to build a machine that his girlfriend could use aMSN on without taking up anymore precious space in the living room. Things took longer than expected and they ended up buying an old iMac instead. Despite this, Chewi felt that it would be a shame to let his efforts go to waste and many other people had since taken interest so he decided to keep the project going.


Experienced Linux users, particular those familiar with GentooLinux, are invited to give this project a try and report any problems they find back here. What we really need though is developers! Knowledge of at least one of the following is recommended but it's worth mentioning that Chewi had practically no knowledge of any of these things before he started this project. He's still learning!

If you've never used Linux before or you've only just started using it then please don't waste our time. We don't mean to sound harsh but there have been countless posts made on the Linux for PS2 Community Forums by users who simply don't have a clue. Even a good knowledge of Visual Basic or PHP isn't going to get you very far.


  • Programs, Tools, Utilities
    • apascan: A Linux program for accessing APA partitions as block devices.

The above logo is the awful handiwork of Chewi. It was created using the GIMP. Pictured right is Larry The Cow, the official mascot of Gentoo Linux. Pictured left is the PS2 Cow Print Skin, available from DecalGirl.com. This project has no affiliation with DecalGirl.com. I just thought the image was appropriate. (-: