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The overall results of the Basic Crater Classification activity look good, according to Dr. Barlow, our crater expert. As shown in this poster , we spot-checked the votes on craters that had a lot of agreement (everyone was right), some that had a vote split between fresh/degraded or degraded/ghost (and they really were borderline), and some fresh/ghost splits (they really were oddballs). More on this later.

What would be really nice is to have a result that can be systematically compared to Dr. Barlow's catalog, which uses a more complex classification system. We think that many clickworkers are ready to do that more complex classification.

The Advanced Crater Classification activity will probably be installed soon. Meanwhile, you can get familiar with the classification system.

For this activity, you'll be asked to classify three things about the crater:

  1. Stratigraphic Type (i.e., the rough shape of the ejecta blanket, and what happened to it later)

  2. Ejecta Morphology (i.e., the details of the shape of the ejecta blanket surrounding the crater)

  3. Interior Morphology (i.e., the appearance of the floor inside the crater)

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