The Israeli Army Warplanes launched on October the 12th  , 2000 successive raids on the Transmission Station of the Voice of Palestine Radio , which used to trasmit on the Medium Wave 475KHz . Destroying the technical equipment of the Transmission , the transmission was off air .currently the Radio Broadcasts  on the short wave ( FM) until the reparation of the mrdiun wave transmission


The savaguos aggression is part of a premeditated systematic Israeli army’s escalation against the Palestinian people , its media , and civil institutions .


The Voice of Palestine and since the beginning of the Aqsa Intifada , has been in live coverage of confrontations in all the Palestinian territories .giving the latest news update in four languages ‘ Arabic , French , English , and Hebrew . each hour via our reporters in the region , and reflecting in direct both Population and formal political point of view , VOP was accused several times by the Israeli Occupying Authorities of being a precious source of Information for both local and international mass media , in addition, the Vop radio is the official Palestinian radio adopting the political discourse of the Palestinian National Authority.

This aggression, which is a flagrant violation of all international law and the universal declaration of human rights (article 19, the right for individual to obtain information), and the freedom of expression, is also a desperate attempt to stop the Vop transmission.


The Vop hereby appeals to all Arab and international mass media and urges all international organization defending the right to free expression to condemn this crime committed by Israeli occupying authorities, which is committed in parallel with all brutal massacres against Palestinian children and civilians, as they protest against the Israeli occupation and demand their freedom, as will as the establishment of their independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.


The Vop, being the voice of truth, justice and peace and the voice of its people and political spectrum, even transmitting on the short wave (F.M), well remain the clearest and the strongest.   

Voice of Palestine