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Banksy must have an Oyster card. He's gone west!

News from west London (that doesn't involve property prices):

Our reporter Hannah Summers says "Banksy's art may sell for six figures sums but council bosses in west London have branded his latest work an “eyesore” and are hoping to have it scrapped."

Great. Finally, FINALLY a sliver of cool comes your way, and what do you do? Rather than make the most of it, you call for it to be removed.

It seems Banksy's left his mark on the Bush roundabout, and so naturally this means local councillors twist up their knickers and howl for the 'eyesore' to be removed.

Eyesore? You want eyesore? Have you ever walked across Bush Green at night, dodging the drug dealers and knife-waving nutters?? Caught the 207 bus to Ealing after midnight? Lived above a stinky friend chicken-shop?  You want eyesore?? That whole PLACE is an eyesore! on to find out exactly what Banksy's been up to...

The graffiti artist has left his mark at the back of the Shepherd’s Bush roundabout water tower, a building that houses equipment for Thames Water.

But the local authority was less than pleased to find Banksy had branded the site - which had recently been cleaned after being regularly sprayed by vandals.

The artist, famous for his satirical stencil work, struck this time with an image of a child painting the tag “Take this Society” in bright orange.

Councillor Greg Smith of Hammersmith and Fulham Council said: “This sort of graffiti vandalism is not art. The council takes a zero-tolerance approach to graffiti and we will seek to remove this eyesore as soon as possible.

“We will not hesitate to prosecute these vandals to stop this sort of nonsense spreading across the borough.”

Meanwhile other local business figures have called for the artwork to be removed and sold and used for art education in the local area.


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