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The Katie Johnson Home Page

Katie cooking Katie Johnson was a bright, beautiful, and wonderful little girl. She visited this world beginning May 13th, 1998 and left it to go home on August 9th, 2005. In that time she touched more lives than most people do in a regular lifetime. This page is my humble memorial of her.

I don't have much here yet. Below you see pictures of her you can click on and enlarge. But there will be more here soon about her life and her legacy.

Katie was my second child. Her sister, Allie, was two years older. Katie loved ladybus, kittens, and all things pink. Katie was silly, precocious, and had a flair for drama. While Allie was the studious, obedient personality, Katie was very independent.

I remember so many things about Katie. They will all hopefully make their way here. I have no doubt God has her in Heaven and is taking good care of her. But I miss her terribly, as do many many people all over the world.

This site is for them. This site is for all friends of Katie...

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Multimedia files

Katie singin' in the rain (well, sort of...)
Katie does the 20-dollar dance!
Get Well from George Lucas was arranged by Katie's friends in Japan. Thank you so much.
Katie: a musical tribute was created by my friend Steve Petrucelli from Virginia. It was set to the tune of Greenday's "September" and includes several pics you see here. Thank you, Steve.

Photo Album

There are many pictures of Katie's life stored here. It's a beautiful trip through her special days. Please click on the icon below to view photos from that year.

for katie banner Our daughter, Katie, suffered from brain cancer. Please visit another site dedicated to her and learn about her story.

In July 2006 Jerry Jones and the entire R2 Builders club presented the family with a fully-functional and custom-painted pink R2-D2 robot named after Katie: R2-KT. It was the realization of a dream we had to commemorate Katie and give her a companion through her illness. Andy Schwarts of the club loaned us his R2 (repainted pink) for Katie to have in her room while she was with us - she loved it very much and slept with it in her room. God bless the R2 Builders Group. Click on the icon to the left to see the R2-KT page.

Bridget Eakins is a Star Wars fan who heard of Katie's story. She was so moved by Katie's fight that she decided to name her daughter after her. Here is an ADORABLE picture from Halloween 2006 showing just how beautiful baby Katie is and how she's following in the same Star Wars footsteps as her namesake. God bless you, Katie, you'll always have a special place in my heart!

Matt Hoffman and Justin Monk and a slew of helpers from the Rebel Legion made an official Rebel Legion card for Katie. Very touching and very much appreciated. One of them will always be inside R2-KT, wherever she goes!

Barry Benecke II and Brad Wilson of the Midwest Garrison of the 501st Legion recently participated in a Relay for Life event. They commemorated Katie with this beautiful luminary. Click on the image to see it up close.

Another member of the 501st Legion named "Hammer" wrote me Mar 9 2006: "I saw the thread you posted about Katie's website. Even though I never got to meet her, it felt like I'd lost a little sister when I heard she'd passed...After DragonCon last year I was building a custom Mando... When it came time to paint the armor I left the center diamond blank and painted "Katie" in Aurebesh there. Only a few folks in the Outpost know about it and I wanted to share it with you. Not that you really need reminding, but Katie is in our hearts whenever we put on our outfits."

The members of the 501st Legion Formosa Outpost sent Katie a lovely message from the other side of the world!

From Kristen and Will Sirota: "Early in the Morning Will and I trekked out to the CBS Early Show to get the word out about Katie Johnson. It was very cold, but it was fun talking to the other people in the crowd and talking to Dave the anchor man. We held a sign for Katie and even got the MObi-Wan Kenobi (the M&M;) to take a picture with it. I wanted to get it signed by Dave and Anthony Daniels, but AD was rushed out and so was Dave. At least we got about 5-6 seconds of coverage, plus the information was said on air."

Immediately following word of Katie's diagnosis, the 501st Legion community sprang into action to raise awareness of Katie's situation and even enlisted the help and good wishes of Star Wars celebrities. Here are pictures of some of the many people who sent Katie their love and support. Katie really enjoyed watching the video they put together for her. Her favorite was seeing Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane from the television series Smallville.

Comedian Mike Bobbit held a benefit Comedy show in Detroit. His account was very touching: "My two greatest passions are Star Wars and comedy. On August 23rd, 2005 I had a chance to bring those two worlds together. Like many Star Wars fans I was touched by the story of Katie Johnson, daughter of 501st founder Albin Johnson. In establishing the 501st, Albin has brought so much joy to kids both young and old. I can't even being to describe the hurt and unfairness that I felt when I learned that he was going to lose someone close to him.
"The website was raising money to help pay for Katie's hospital bills, so I had the idea of putting on a benefit show at a local Detroit comedy club. I managed to get in touch with Rome Ohnui from the local 501st Garrison. Unfortunately a week prior to the show we lost Katie, but we decided the show must go on and all the proceeds would go towards building a park bench in her memorial.
"I've performed for over 500 audiences in front of thousands of people and no other show has touched me like Katie's benefit."

Friend and fellow 501st Legion member Jack Richmond designed a set of Republic Commando armor. He sent these pictures to me and told me the following story:
" Hey Albin,
I don't know if you have seen the pics of our newest Republic Commandos that we debuted at DragonCon. When we were dirtying my armor on Sunday night at DC, I discovered this interesting scratch that I apparently accidentally made when distressing the helmet. Look at the edge of my visor next to the com-pod. I thought you might get a kick out of it... It WILL stay on my helmet.
Talk to you soon,
Carolina Garrison
501st Legion"