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SNRA Management Plan Section Links
You can access sections of the Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan
directly through the links listed below:

Cover Page 

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Management Approach

3. Setting

4. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

5. General Recommendations

6. Site-Specific Conditions And Recommendations

6.0   Introduction
6.1   Lake Merced
6.2   Mount Davidson
6.3   Glen Canyon Park and O'Shaugnessy Hollow
6.4   Sharp Park
6.5   Grandview Park, Rock Outcrop, Golden Gate Heights and Hawk Hill
6.6   Brooks Park and Lakeview/Ashton Mini Park
6.7   Pine Lake
6.8   Twin Peaks
6.9   Billy Goat Hill
6.10 Buena Vista Park
6.11 Corona Heights
6.12 Duncan-Castro
6.13 Kite Hill
6.14 Tank Hill
6.15 Golden Gate Park (Oak Woodlands, Whiskey Hill, and Strawberry Hill)
6.16 15th Avenue Steps
6.17 Bayview Park
6.18 India Basin Shoreline Park
6.19 McLaren Park
6.20 Palou/Phelps
6.21 Bernal Hill
6.22 Balboa Natural Area
6.23 Interior Greenbelt
6.24 Dorothy Erskine Park
6.25 Edgehill Mountain
6.26 Fairmount Park

7. Monitoring Plan

8. References


A. Acknowledgements and List of Involved Parties
B. Reference Site Data
C. Significant Natural Area Species Lists and Habitat Associations
D. Soils, Land Features, and Trails: Key to Map Codes
E. Historic Distribution of Plants at Significant Natural Areas
F. Forestry Statements
G. Glossary
H. Typical Trail Cross-sections
I. Monitoring Protocols
J. Sample Natural Area Work Plan