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Date with Rob


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Yes. I admit it; it's our fault. Working on it, though. One day I and others like me will get over our inexplicable inhibition and ask you gals out.

This is so sad and true. I'm a SAF and once went out to dinner with a Caucasian man. I thought he was American but he turned out to be Czech, and when he found out I was "originally" from Taiwan, he started to tell me about how he's traveled in China and had a Chinese girlfriend there, and also spent a year in Korea and can speak Korean. What am I supposed to say to that?

What the hell was she doing going out with a guy like that for three weeks?

This is so great! This is a really nice caricature of a typical ABC college female. I love how she chastises a guy in a previous comic for asking about her heritage and then in this one she gets annoyed because the guy assumes she can speak the common language. He can't ask, he can't assume, and she likes to imagine that her heritage isn't date-worthy conversation.

to the comment: You want to know what to say to a man who tells you what languages he speaks and where he's traveled to.

A year in Korea sounds like a big trip. A trip to China where he was there long enough to have a girlfriend. These are big events in this guys life. What do you say in response? Maybe you could just listen and ask what he was doing there, what interested him to go, what he thought of living there, has he been to other places... The guy opened a door into his life through which you could have walked and found out all about the person you were on a date with.

Jennie must be the most anal-retentive, uptight, obsessively politically correct girl ever. Like the previous comment said, one moment she gets mad at a guy for asking where she's from and the next she's mad because a guy doesn't know? What?! And she seems to turn everything into a racial issue- so what if a guy's girlfriend is white? What if they ACTUALLY like each other based on something BEYOND race? So what if a guy asks her what country she's originally from? ALL races are asked questions like that- Caucasians included. It's really kind of egocentric to think that all innocuous questions like that are caused by stereotypes of asians.

Speaking of stereotypes- aren't you stereotyping Caucasian males? You've portrayed them all as Asian-obsessed lechers, which is completely untrue.

It's attitudes like Jennie's that prevent racial stereotypes and attitudes from dissolving- because they just won't LET IT GO and see PAST someone's ethnicity.

-A single asian female who can, thankfully, look beyond race.

Well this is fresh change from the asian girls here in Indiana, they are all sell outs, sort of the opposite of the "sell out" strip

And then she ends up dating him for 3 weeks.

Wow. You knuckle down on racists, but you and your mother make some pretty un-PC comments yourself.

you know. you draw comics about how white people are dorky, or ass's because they ask you what your ethnicity was? i think your pushing your racism towards white people and making it out like your the victim. i hope you die you fucking cunt.

Really silly. It is so easy to go through life being overly annoyed at every slight. This girl reminds me of the loser attitude decried in the Nirvana song "Smells like Teen Spirit": "Here we are now...Entertain us!". Sit back and wait for people to behave the way you like and you will be waiting a long time. If the world has to change for your character to be happy, she is screwed.

your supposed to say that's nice and steer the conversation into more comfortable waters. Lots of people love talking about where they come from. Goddamn what crawled up your ass and died?

Why does she go out with the guy again when they are clearly a bad match?

Urg. What really sucks is that Asian girls seem to fetishize white men as much as white men fetishize them. That is, it sucks if you actually care whether your people like you for yourself.

I love how he at least tries to make conversation about the only topic that clearly interests the main female character, and she's still a complete jerk to him.

Every date she seems to be annoyed big time. Five dates and three weeks later they are still dating. This makes this Asian women look pathetic. Is she there because she loves the white man so much ;-) LOL

You're horrifacally racist.

And who's this Jay chou guy you keep talking about. Jeez.


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