Documents of the Communist Party of Peru

Communist Party of Peru

The Communist Party of Peru bases itself on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and, specifically, on Gonzalo Thought as the creative application of this universal truth to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian revolution by Chairman Gonzalo, leader of our Party.

The Communist Party of Peru, the organized vanguard of the proletariat in Peru, which is part of the international proletariat, assumes the following very important basic principles:

The Communist Party of Peru has communism as the final goal. Thus, given that Peruvian society today is oppressed and exploited by imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and semifeudalism, the revolution has a democratic first stage, a socialist second stage in order to, subsequently, unfold successive cultural revolutions. At this time, with the People's War, the Party is developing the democratic revolution, having as its immediate goal the conquest of country-wide power. To this end we proclaim the following objectives:

General Programme of the
Democratic Revolution

  1. Destruction of the Peruvian State -- a dictatorship of the exploiters headed by the big bourgeoisie -- of its repressive armed forces which sustain it and all of its bureaucratic apparatus.
  2. Sweep away imperialist oppression, primarily Yankee, Soviet social imperialism, and that of any other imperialist power or country; general confiscation of its monopolies, factories, banks and all forms of its property, including the external debt.
  3. Destroy bureaucratic capitalism, both private and state; confiscate all of its economic properties, possessions and rights, along with those of imperialism, for the benefit of the new state.
  4. Liquidation of semifeudal property and all of its subsistent modes, confiscating it to give the lands to the peasantry, primarily the poor peasantry, applying the principle of "Land to those who work it."
  5. Respect the property and rights of the national bourgeoisie, and the middle bourgeoisie, in the countryside as well as the cities.
  6. Fight to establish the People's Republic of Peru as a united front of classes based on the alliance of the working class and peasantry led by the proletariat headed by its Communist Party; this is the formation of the New Democracy which will carry forward a new economy, a new politics, and a new culture.
  7. Develop the people's war which, through a revolutionary army of a new type under the absolute leadership of the Party, destroys part by part the old power, principally its armed and repressive forces, and serves to construct the new power for the proletariat and people.
  8. Culminate the formation of the Peruvian nation, really unifying the country to defend it against all imperialist and reactionary aggression, safeguarding the rights of the minorities.
  9. Foster the development of the Peruvian proletariat as part of the international working class, the formation and strengthening of communist parties and their unification in a revived international communist movement guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; all of this so that the proletariat can fulfill its great and historic mission as the final class.
  10. Defend the liberties, rights, benefits and conquests that the working class and masses have achieved at the cost of their own blood, recognizing these and guaranteeing that they are really in force through a "Declaration of the Rights of the People." Respect particularly the right to religious conscience, but in its exact dimensions, to believe as well as not to believe. To combat as well all arrangements harmful to the popular interests, especially any form of free labor or personal duty or oppressive taxes which are imposed on the people.
  11. Real equality for women; a better future for the youth; protection for mothers and children; respect and support for the aged.
  12. A new culture as a fighting weapon to concretize the new nationality, that serves the popular masses and is guided by the scientific ideology of the proletariat. Give special importance to education.
  13. Support the struggles of the international proletariat, of the oppressed nations and peoples of the world; fighting against the superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, imperialism in general, international reaction and revisionism of every form; understanding the Peruvian revolution as part of the world proletarian revolution.
  14. Struggle tenaciously and heroically for the full and complete victory of the democratic revolution throughout the country, and, this stage completed, immediately and without any transition period, go over to the socialist revolution in order to, together with the international proletariat, the oppressed nations and the peoples of the world, through cultural revolutions, continue humanity's march to its final goal, communism.

But considering that the democratic revolution in the country is going through a period characterized by:

  1. deepening of the general crisis of Peruvian society, principally bureaucratic capitalism;
  2. growing reactionary character of the State, today with an APRA government that is fascist and corporatist, headed by the genocidal Garcia Pérez;
  3. sharpening of the class struggle, with the masses grasping more and more the necessity to combat and resist;
  4. the people's war that is growing; and,
  5. the people need a People's Republic built according to the principles of New Democracy.