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HALOMAN87 says:

" If you could play any unreleased 360 game what would it be? "

Posted on: Nov 09, 2007

Call of Duty 4

WORDS BY: Ryan McCaffrey

It certainly couldn’t have been easy for the check-signers at Activision to endorse the abandonment of Call of Duty’s World War II setting: the first-person-shooter series was synonymous with the Second Great War, and it’d been a multi-million seller since its PC debut in 2003. But ditch it they did, as developer Infinity Ward — who now tread on the same Elite Xbox Developer ground as Bungie and BioWare — has pressed the fast-forward button and brought gaming’s most popular Axis-versus-Allies experience into the present day, trading binoculars for laser sights and Hitler for a fictional Middle East president.

In fact, what’s most surprising about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is just how much better it is than the studio’s previous effort, Call of Duty 2. (Fellow Activision developer Treyarch handled Call of Duty 3.) The fact that Numero Dos was good enough to snap up an OXM Editors’ Choice award at the 360’s launch makes Modern Warfare’s evolution all the more amazing.

We liken the series’ switch to a hard-throwing baseball pitcher who learns to mix up his pitches. If you keep trying to throw as hard as you can, you can be successful for a while (CoD2), but eventually the hitters (gamers) will get wise and start to expect the same thing on the next pitch (CoD3). It’s when you learn to change speeds and upset the hitter’s timing that you transform from a one-year wunderkind into a superstar on your way to the Hall of Fame (CoD4).

That stunning fastball variable at the pitcher’s mound is Infinity Ward’s crowning achievement: a “we-were-sick-of-WWII-too” breakthrough that delivers on every level and offers as much moment-to-moment, hour-to-hour, and week-to-week fun as anything the Xbox 360 has seen yet. 



Call of Duty 4’s opening salvo can’t even be called a salvo — it’s simply not that loud — but it’s no less hard-hitting. Following a short training mission (which contains a timed obstacle course that should keep Achievement-mongers and leaderboard whores busy for some time), you’ll take up arms as British SAS recruit “Soap” MacTavish. You drop from a helicopter and onto the deck of a cargo ship listing at sea in the middle of a colossal rainstorm, ready for action.

It’s on this see-sawing, seafaring vessel that Call of Duty 4 first serves notice of its graphical wow-factor. To say Modern Warfare’s visual fidelity is immediately apparent would be a criminal understatement. Torrid rainfall, rolling thunder, crackling lightning, and marvelously detailed textures and character models all combine to make you say “Whoa,” a word you’ll constantly repeat over the campaign’s 10-hour-or-so duration. But the impact of the amazing visuals is made all the more shocking by the constant 60-frames-per-second smoothness of the action, an irresistible combination previously claimed only by Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden.

You and a small team roll with your commanding officer, Captain Price, as you seek to disarm a stolen nuclear device that serves as the catalyst for the game’s plot. With Price constantly providing status updates and orders, you’ll move from room to room and hallway to hallway, stacking up at doors and clearing areas as if you’d accidentally slipped the Rainbow Six Vegas disc into your 360.

This inaugural mission is pulled off with a quiet intensity that belies the series’ “Loud, louder, loudest” mantra. You might even wonder if you’re really playing Call of Duty — a question that’s answered when the ship is struck by enemy MiG fighter planes and begins to severely list on its way to the bottom of the ocean. This event sets off a hurried escape where you’re almost literally running sideways, only to toss you into — and nearly out of — your extraction helicopter.

As if it wasn’t all cinematic enough, credits scroll across the screen while you witness (from a first-person perspective, of course) a fictional President Al-Asad as he’s captured by radicals, shoved into a car, and taken through the civil war–torn streets of Azbereijan. Sure, having you control the opening cinematic is straight from the Half-Life and Riddick playbook, but it helps lend weight to the game’s story. It also foreshadows the variety you’ll experience, and sets up your actions for the rest of the game.


These first two segments alone trump any previous Call of Duty, but unlike some games that start strong but peter out, Modern Warfare manages to cram something awesome into each and every single-player mission. And somehow, each level seems to be more gorgeous than the last.

In just the second mission, you’re introduced to night vision — another series first — as you move silently through a swamp before reaching a small village. There you’re given the go-ahead by Price to quietly execute bad guys using either your silenced weapon or a melee knife attack as you comb a pitchblack house in search of your captured informant — the same guy who tipped off your crew about the nuke on the cargo ship. Observant players will notice laptops scattered around each level; like Gears of War’s hidden Cogs, 30 of them are distributed throughout the game, and you’ll earn Achievements for collecting half of and then all of them. Furthermore, the more pieces of enemy intelligence you find, the more goofy cheats you unlock (see boxout).

Throughout CoD4, you’ll split time playing as Soap and as U.S. soldier Sergeant Jackson. As Jackson, the capital city of Azad’s fictitious country in the bright afternoon sunshine is yours to travel and explore. Debris blows in the wind, smoke billows from burning buildings, low-flying jets scream directly overhead, rebels execute drive-by shootings from the flatbeds of beaten-up pickup trucks, and friendly helicopters circle in the sky.

Then it comes to you amid all the noise and chaos — this is still a Call of Duty game, after all, giving you the signal that balls-to-the-wall action is not so much promised as 100-percent guaranteed. Again, though, the intensity doesn’t necessarily stem from a glut of trigger-happy enemies or the vehicles screaming by in Dolby surround sound. Instead, the Rainbow Six déjà vu rings loudly as you storm a television station thought to contain President Al-Asad. The shootout that takes place in the cubicle-cluttered newsroom has you dodging bullets and shards of glass, while hurling grenades straight back in enemies’ faces using the RB button. (Why you can only pick them up and throw them back instead of just kicking them, we’re not sure.) It’s all an absolute thrill.


It is hard to believe that COD4 did not win game of the year. This is one of the best shooters of all time.

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Gamertag: TheBlackFin

Dude...come on. Pay attention to the story. You DON'T kill Inram...you blow his arm off. That was the whole point of the flashback mission, man.
Don't use the spoon. Seriously.

Wow, this game is one of the greatest this decade. except for a few minor story problems(you just killed Inram 15 years ago and now he's selling nuclear weapons to terrorists,Whaaaa?). Gameplay is spectacular and so is the multiplayer. my review for this game, 97 out of 100

cod 4 leaves the rest of the series in the dust. the only complaint i have is not being able to mute other players in multiplayer. most of the time it's just a bunch of shit talk or annoying noises. why wouldn't there be an option to mute other teams like in halo? I've heard about the "patch" and you can individually mute players you find annoying, but while you do that you're a sitting duck once the game starts. This is also quite tedious. An upgrade should be made for this aspect, otherwise this game completely rules first person shooting.

i hate the way you cant play 2 player xbox live on the same console why would they do that

COD4 Rules Halo 3 even if Campaign isn't with a friend or not.If you played the game and saw the nice graphics?Wow it blows away every game i know.I have played COD4 when i got the game so far i have been playing the game about 25 days and 6 hours or so.What i notice about the game is once halo 3 came out for about few weeks most of the guys i know jump from Halo 3 to COD 4 now the amount of people playing COD4 is now about 2 million for both systems PS3 and xbox 360 which is very extreme.One thing i like about COD4 at first is that you will be ranking up faster.I believe that COD4 should always be game of the year.This game i will be playing everyday.i'll give it a 125% ratings.I would like to see CoD5 have Co op multiplayer for at least 6 players and maybe 50 player multiplayer maps.Now that would be awesome.And Huge Worlds!!!

This game is grate and smart your team actually does some thing.

At first I rented this game and I got pretty far in the campaign so I decided to buy it, then I beat the game, and I played online and it was amazing, I have played it for a very long time, and plus with prestige it is like starting over and you keep on going and going, and it is amazing!10 stars since that is what it got! amazing!!!

This is the best game I have ever played. I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I opened the shiny limited-edition package and played my first deathmatch game, I knew that I had found a truly awesome FPS. In my opinion, it beats halo 3, gears of war, COD2, COD3, Bioshock, all of them! I just love the modern warfare theme, and it has an overall feeling of uber-coolness.

this is the best game i have ever played. the campain is amazing you go from shooting taliban ass going in some kick ass aroeplane using a gernade launcher from a heli and so much more. the online multiplayer is so awsome!!! you can send in helicopter, air strikes customise all your weapons and prestige mode(restart your progress). thers only two kinda bad things about multiplayer one is like halo 3 i like how you could play with 2 people on your xbox online or at least play with two people online in a private match. Amazing game activision and infinity ward

Besides Grand Theft Auto, this has to be the BEST!!!!!! game i have ever played and owend I own it on XBOX 360 And i also have it for my PLAYSTATION 3. Its just got to be the best game yet and for a long time to come

ive played cod4 the campaian is AMAZING but the xbox live multiplayer is laking the nonstop playability that games like Halo 3 and Rock band have. But it is an amazing game and you should definetly try it if you can.

If you haven't bought this game yet then you need to get off your computer now and go get it. The game is by far one of the best games for 07' maybe even 08'. Not only is the campaign mode kick ass, but the online is fun too. You rank up and get better guns along the way. And if you want to go through the ranking system again to show how kick ass you really are YOU CAN!!!! It's call prestige mode and the symbols for the ranks are diffrent from the fist go around. So everyone knows that you are a bad ass. At times the levels can be very hard and if you are not patient like me you might have some broken controllers, but the game is fun and worth the price.

never was a big COD fan til this one. the world war II thing was played out with wolfenstein. but COD4 was great. one of the best first persons i've played on my 360. the whole sniper level was great... tanks rolling by... troops walking right next to you. now that heart pounding excitment. a 10 definitly.

Being an older gamer, I've played them ALL...pong, berzerk, digdug, kaboom, Donkey Kong, Mr & Mrs. Pacman, Mortal Kombat ala Sega Genesis, all of the Madden Fests, Halo 1,1.5, and 3, (oh, and about 200 various pre A.I. Commodore 64 games) and COD4 is by far the richest, most challenging (online), and amazing game yet - (sorry Bungie and Tom Clancy Crew). Graphics, Online Play, Levels and Promotions, Campaign Design....all phenominal! The best game ever...so far. Definitely a-must-steal-$$-from-mommy Game! Online Play is more addictive than...well, i'll just keep it clean...Buy This Game - will not dissapoint...(And no Brooke, I do not still live in my Mom's basement. So call me...please!...if you want)

i beat call of duty 4 yesterday and it is the best game ive ever played 4 any system

good jop microsoft

Beautiful game, by far one of the top 3 ive played in decades. Regular gameplay was great but the online gaming is where its at.

Only problem is that in the last few weeks....the servers have been down not working properly or after 20 minutes of trying to log on, they let you enter the game then boot you.

If your on the fence about this one...take the jump over to cod4 side, you wont ever be disappointed.

is it just me or does the cod4 live server never work properly...a great game nevertheless

CoD4 is a great game with fun multiplayer, it really is a game of moments. The one I will remember the best would be when the bomb goes off in the city and the helicopter your in spins around and crashes, then having to crawl out.

Some of the best multiplayer on 360 that will last as long as halo.

COD 4, an incredible game that is far more immersible than its counterpart COD 2 and by a long shot better than the overrated Halo 3. The campaign in COD 4 is engaging as it is challenging in the veteran difficulty. The levels are well crafted in every sense and as a result it delivers the eye candy for gamers as it does with the impressive, smooth gampelay and infinitive immersion. I have not yet experienced COD 4's multiplayer concept, but will still recommend such an impressive video game to any one; no matter what their preffered genre is. This message will self-destruct in three, two, one....Beeeeeeeeep!!!

I have got both Halo 3 and COD 4 and i can hionestley say that COD 4 is a better choice. I like both games, but if you have not played either of then, then i would pick COD to start. The only part that sucks about COD is that when you put it on veteran, on the campaign mode, you will want to start breaking any control you put your hands on.

I think this game steped up halo, but there both great games, only thing Halo realy beats COD 4 in is the ability to go in vehicals and COD 4 is a little to linear

Well fro mthe reviews, Cod4 look better than halo3. halo3 dissapointed me =[ i went out and bought the legendary pack or w/e its called ( the one with his helmet and a disk full of special features) and called a m8 over, finished it in 8 hours on co-op legendary difficulty.. halo3 was good, just had 2 much hype... CoD4 looks a lot better imo, maybe just cus i love war fps.. rather than 1 guy and a bunch of aliens fps

But... CoD4 has no warthog....



10 all the way! There is no doubt about this one , the game just plain rocks! I still play that first mission just for kicks, I cant believe how real it looks when you are on the deck with all the waves making the ship pitch and dive. WOW thats all I can say wow...


BEST GAME THIS YEAR BY FAR -- blows the already boring Halo outta da water with an airstrike to the dome, the only game competeing is the visualy peeerty Mass Effect which is just so much fun - ha fun the base of videogames that so many games are laking these days *sob*

this game is probley one of the best games for the 360 yet! im going to have to say this game and halo 3 are eather equal or pretty dame close. you get so in to this game with wep. customs and unlocking arcivs. and doing things to just plan make you kick some ass lol.

I love this game, my ONLY complaint is not being able to play the campaign with a friend. I understand why, but it still does'nt change the fact I want to.

Halo Who?
Seriously this game is the best shooter I have played on the 360 to date besides maybe Bioshock. The Multiplayer mode is deeper than anything I have seen before on Consoles and the Single player is breathtaking. I wholeheartedly agree with the 10 it was given.

(my only complaint was campaign length, but given the game's high replayability it is a miniscule blemish on what could be a perfect game)

multiplayer rocks my socks on this game

I have not played it yet, but judging by everyone's reviews and COD2, COD3 and COD4. It seems like just the change in developer makes ALL the difference, even though I would expect the new developer of COD3 would have stuck to what was already working, I guess not since COD3 has been the weakest COD ever according to the Game Reviews.
I cant wait to play COD4, all gaming websites are saying its Game Of Year, even over Bioshock, Mass Effect, And Halo 3 and the other stellar titles, I was shocked to hear that!
Continue to game on!

Take care,

Alright, Cod4 is an awesome game, amazing warfare is what got me. Shooting through a wall to take put a gunman on a turrent to help your buddies on the ground, priceless. But I've heard people say Halo 3 is better than Cod4. I call BS. Halo & Halo 2 where great games I agree and Halo 3 is better than them, but it just got to much hype. No way I think it's better than Cod4. It is my opion on that though.The AI in Cod4 is sweet too, and my fav. character is Paul Jackson (thats my last name, and when they say, "Jackson, cover the stairs", I'm like hella awesome). So in the end, I give Cod4 "FS" for Freakin' Sweet

andorhal you are retarted to sy that the game that innovated online play and perfected matchmaking doesnt have as good multiplayer gameplay as call of duty four maybe you just dont know hot to play halo or skipped over their multiplayer altogether

Are you serious? i've played Mass Effect and Call Of Duty Four, both were great games in my opinion but neither were deserve a ten or game of the year because neither are as good as halo 3, maybe there should be an eleven on your ratining system because there is no way i can believe from a gamers viewpoint that halo 3 isnt the best game out for x box 360

Gamertag: R3VO1V3R 08
dont hate me but i truly hate this game....I've read other reviews saying it sbetter than Halo 3 and Bioshock?!?!? I dont think soooo.........

I think the campaign is the best that I've seen since the Halo series. It was so intense, and there were so many awesome moments packed into that short 8 hour span! And the multiplayer! Awesome. I'd say 98/100

i heard the campaign was short as hell... but multiplayer is good

anyway HALO 3 > Cod4 anyday..
* im a halo fan ...you know what we are like*

Campaign is definately fun, but not nearly as fun as its multiplayer which has the bext ranking system that I have seen yet, with Halo 3 coming in a far, far second.

This game made me so happy. From beginning to end, from Rank 1 to Rank 50. Oh my. I'm still going to be playing this for years to come.

I agree! The game is awesome!

Definitely deserves a 10

This game absolutely positively deserves a 10. Class-A game.

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