Welcome. Make yourselves at home. We have a no shoes policy so please try and adhere to that. If you’ve been with us for awhile, then you’re familiar with our work, and you can expect nothing to change (which may or may not be a good thing). Same as it ever was - two regular guys with questionable taste in movies, no true sports allegiances (except Dave, he’s a Redskins ticket holder) and a penchant for turning this hobby into the occasional media column.

There’s no need to add anything to the SI piece, but I just want to extrapolate on the ESPN connections. A few years ago I contributed a couple items to the front of the Magazine. Eventually, that landed me some freelance work at Page 3. A few months later, Deadspin was starting out, and I met with Will about potentially contributing because I had done a sports blog tryout for Gawker the year prior under a different managing editor. I could tell Will’s idea had great vision, but I thought I had a good thing going over at ESPN (the pay was great!). Naturally, my editor left about six weeks later, the page folded, and after a couple e-mails to an editor at Page 2 went unanswered, I was looking for freelance work once again. I gathered my belongings and began writing for CBS Sports (nee Sportsline). Shortly thereafter, the blog hatched as an after-hours hobby. It became more fun to do the blog in my spare time than a column. And this photo was taken on the River Kwai in Thailand. That’s way more than anyone cares about all of this, so let’s get back to our regularly-scheduled programming, already in progress.

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Speaking of the media, can you believe what happened to that female TV reporter in South Carolina? Scary stuff.