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LeeCountyArkansas | February 25, 2008
Hey, thanks for rating my video amituerish, but who the hell asked you sissy? You like voting for a pack of murdering bastards, forgetting Vince Foster, as if her TV speeches make it all ok? That makes you an asshole. It's not my problem.

When you figure out who Barry Seal is, you may be able to talk to me.

And the slient night video is maudline and creepy, Roger Ebert.
SamuellTV | January 14, 2008

Thought you might enjoy my latest video. Please let me know what you think.

If you like please subscribe. My original release will be coming out in a few weeks.

Thanks for taking the time.

All the best,
MarissaFame | January 03, 2008
Hi honey I subscribed to you!
Darkmech81 | December 23, 2007
It's the 23rd of December and I know it's a little too soon, but:
I wish you a Happy Nationalhalloweenlaboreastervalentinesmothersthanksgivingbir thday
What??? Expecting something different?

Thx for all the videos that you have been sharing this year, don't stop the rock! :)
ralphwiggum14 | October 19, 2007
You know the irate gamer is just a total rip off the angry video game nerd, lol
irate gamers is a fucking cunt and should burn
foonismac | September 12, 2007
hi how r u? have u heard whittneyD sing yet? If not check her out I think u will really like her. If u do please subscribe she needs all the support she can get! thanks & take care :)
RyanJoshNewsNetwork | September 11, 2007
Hello we are known as RyanJoshNewsNetwork [AKA] RJNN.
We were wondering if you would like to stop by our channel sometime and check out our videos! We have a Series and we make a lot of Random Funny videos!. We like to create videos that are Unique in some sort of way! So please stop by our channel sometime! Subscribe if you like our videos!
Thanks again!

[Team RJNN]
unidenica | August 27, 2007
What is a COCO bidet? Why is it the toilet of the future?
bushprez2008 | August 22, 2007
God bless Bush and God Bless America!
alexbirdmonster | July 29, 2007
hahaha nice vids!

check mine out sometime!