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HP dv9000 notebook hinge crack

Zion, IL
By A.B. Dada

UPDATE: Please read this update regarding a class action lawsuit against HP.

UPDATE Feb 27, 2008: Over 10,000 people have visited this site since September 2007. Over 1500 people have emailed me with their problems! If you get ANY positive advice from this blog, please consider donating to keep it running.

I purchased an HP dv9000 notebook from Best Buy (actual model number is dv9035nr) in March 2007. The process and fan are located on the left rear of the notebook, and when the processor is under higher stress (rendering 3D graphics, ripping large postscript files to print, etc), the notebook gets HOT in the left rear corner.

Overall, the notebook is excellent and I am very happy with it. Just this past week, though, the left hinge where the security hole is located cracked off completely. I cant open or close the laptop without going very slowly, but the notebook is working at this point.

I purchased a Best Buy PSP (service plan) for 3 years. I took the notebook to Best Buy today and they told me the turn around time is generally 2.5 to 4 weeks. I decided to start this website in hopes of finding others who have the same problem, so we can let people know the issue exists. A simple google search found me two to four people (at least) who had this same problem with the HP dv9000 notebook: cracked hinges.

If you have the same problem, please post a comment and let me know the model number, how old it is, and how extreme the crack is. Ill add more posts as I find more people with the same problem. Feel free to link to this site if you blog about your own issues.

If you look to the left sidebar at the top, there are a bunch of different posts regarding the growing situation. Ive also received literally hundreds of emails about the same problem. Please post your experience in any of the comment sections of the various posts. If you get resolution on any issue, please post a follow up!