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Three-term Edmonton city councillor, Ward 5
"Don Iveson is an effective team player and a proven leader. He has a passion for our city and all who live here. Not only is he aware of the concerns of residents, he has the knowledge and insight to present solutions. Don would be a valuable addition to City Council."
Two-term Edmonton city councillor, Ward 3
"Don brings all of the best qualities and forward thinking that we need now on Edmonton City Council."
2006 Alberta PC leadership candidate
"I first met Don Iveson over five years ago through my work at the University of Alberta. Since then, I have been most impressed with Don's ideas, philosophy, creativity and energy -- he is exactly the kind of politician that we need to tackle today's issues in the city of Edmonton."
One-term Edmonton city councillor / Architect for City Hall
"Don's clear, analytical approach to problem-solving and his fresh ideas would benefit City Council."
Five-term Edmonton city councillor, Ward 4
"Bright, energetic, progressive -- that's Don Iveson! He is a passionate Edmontonian who helped improve public transportation for University students with the U-Pass."

Former MLA (Liberal), Edmonton Mill Woods / Former chair, Edmonton Public School Board
"Don Iveson is exactly the kind of councillor we need in Ward 5. His vision for the future of our city and our ward is refreshingly energetic, practical, and forward-looking. His education, experience, and enthusiasm will go a long way to ensure that, working with others, this vision will become a reality."

MLA, Edmonton Strathcona / Former leader, Alberta NDP
"I am extremely pleased that Don Iveson has chosen to run for Edmonton City Council in Ward 5.

"Over the past years, Don has done wonderful work for this community, both in his capacity as Advocacy Director with the University of Alberta Students' Union, and as vice-president of the Malmo Plains Community League. His tireless effort to bring the Universal Bus Pass to the University of Alberta clearly shows his dedication to public transit and environmental sustainability, while Malmo Plains residents can attest to his staunch defense and support of mature communities.

"The three principles of efficiency, environmental responsibility and vibrant communities, which Don has highlighted as the cornerstones of his campaign, are of particular importance at this point in the development of Edmonton. We are in need of progressive politicians like Don in order to properly and effectively face the challenges the current boom has brought forward.

"Undoubtedly Don's intelligence, dedication and community focus will make a terrific contribution to our city council. I am pleased to endorse Don for city council and urge voters in Ward 5 to strongly consider support for his campaign."

Author of I was there, an alumni history of the University of Alberta
"I've watched Don's work in the university community for eight years, and seen how his effective leadership has built trust among many different groups."

Former president, University of Alberta Students' Union
"Don Iveson is a passionate advocate for Edmontonians. Working with Don, I witnessed first-hand his desire to see University of Alberta students treated fairly. He is able to navigate the complexities of policy work while keeping the interests of the people always at the forefront."

Professor of Political Science, University of Alberta
"I'm delighted that Don is running for council. He is exactly the kind of person we need on council: he has the knowledge -- and commitment and care -- required to make this a better and safer city."

President, Malmo Plains community league
"Don started contributing immediately upon joining our community league board. He possesses the energy, wisdom and abilities to make an excellent city councillor."

If you're interested in helping out during the campaign, Don’s always looking for volunteers. As a campaign volunteer you would help deploy lawn signs, answer phone calls, canvas neighbourhoods and assist with campaign events. To join the campaign team:
(780) 633-4550

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