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Put urban planning first
We must base city planning on the principles of smart growth, which encourage pedestrian-friendly streets, better access to transit, more services...more

Rein in urban sprawl
Each new house on the edge of town means more cars on roads we already can’t maintain, more pressure on drainage, and more strain on...more

Lead regional cooperation
With the growth the province is experiencing, it is essential for municipal regions to work together. The breakdown in cooperation among...more

Realistic, fair revenue & taxation
For better or worse, taxes are the lifeblood of our city’s operations. However, the city’s expenditures of tax dollars must be strictly scrutinized...more

Reinforce arts and culture
Edmonton’s arts community is passionate yet underfunded – less than 0.3% of the city budget supports the Edmonton Arts Council...more

Enhance recreation and parks
Edmonton is abound with recreational opportunities. Our lush, expansive river valley is one Ward 5’s most defining aspects...more

City Planning

Public Transit

Revitalize public transit
To move people quickly through the city’s arteries, we must transform our meandering bus routes into a main-line metropolitan network....more

Manage roads wisely
Edmonton has more than enough roads, but they can only work for Edmontonians if we keep them snow-free in the winter and in good repair year-round...more

Stimulate innovation and learning
Edmonton is home to diverse and robust post-secondary learning opportunities as well as pioneering research activity, twin strengths...more

Confront the housing crunch
Both rental and purchase costs continue to rise, which makes it harder to attract the people we need to cope with this extraordinary economy...more

Build a safer Ward 5
According to the deputy chief of police, fewer than 200 repeat offenders are tying up 30% of police resources...more

Schedule consultation on fair timelines
Too often, when neighbourhood change is on the horizon, homeowners don’t hear about plans until they’re about to be enacted...more

Affordable Housing

Community Consultation

If you're interested in helping out during the campaign, Don’s always looking for volunteers. As a campaign volunteer you would help deploy lawn signs, answer phone calls, canvas neighbourhoods and assist with campaign events. To join the campaign team:
(780) 633-4550

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