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This includes some of the major misconceptions but does not represent all of them.

Misconception-  The serial killer is gaining entry by using a tape recording of a crying baby. When the victims opened the door to investigate the crying, he was able to force his way into the home.

Fact-  Although the method of entry has not  been determined, we have never had any indication that a tape recording was used.

Misconception-  An LSU professor was arrested last week.

Fact-  No one has been arrested in these cases.  The Task Force will notify the public through the media immediately when an arrest is made.

Misconception-  An e-mail, allegedly by a former Baton Rouge City Police employee is in circulation at this time showing a  drawing of a Tigerland area resident next to the composite of the person of interest.

Fact-  This person is not a suspect.

Misconception-  The Task Force has refused all outside help with the investigation.

Fact-  The Task Force is using every law enforcement   resource available to us. Unfortunately, we cannot elaborate on the specifics of what has been done and what is planned for the future, but everything that can be done is being done at this time.

Misconception-  The FBI just recently got on board with this investigation.

Fact-  The FBI joined this Task Force when it was formed in the beginning of August, 2002. It has served as an  active member of this investigation and has pledged its support until an arrest is made.


Misconception-  All victims had their purses stolen, and that is how the serial killer gained entry. 

Fact-  Murray Pace is the only victim who reported her purse stolen prior to her attack. 


Misconception All of the victims drove BMW’s.

Fact-  Gina Green and Murray Pace were the only victims who drove BMW’s.


Misconception-  The serial killer is a police officer.

Fact-  We do not have any information which leads us to believe the  serial killer is a police officer. We are  investigating  all possibilities. Everyone brought to the attention of the Task Force will be investigated no matter what profession. If the Task Force finds evidence that the serial killer is using a uniform or badge to gain trust, the public will be notified immediately.


Misconception-  All of the victims jogged around the LSU Lakes.

Fact-  Some of the victims had done some type of physical activity such as jogging, riding bikes, or walking around the LSU lakes. 


Misconception-  All of the victims shopped at the same clothing store, had hair cut at the same salon, or patronized the same restaurant.

Fact-   The Task Force has not been able to locate a common connection between all of the victims.


Misconception- The serial killer is using a stun gun to gain control over the victims.

Fact-   We do not have any evidence that a stun gun has been used in any of the attacks.              


Misconception- The Task Force knows the race of the suspect.

Fact-  The Task Force has not yet determined the race of the suspect but is considering individuals from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.


Misconception- All of the homicides have occurred on holidays.

Fact-  There is no conclusive evidence linking these homicides to holidays.  Gina Green was killed approximately three weeks after Labor Day and Pam Kinamore was taken from her home on July 12th- over a week past the 4th of July.  Everyone is urged to exercise safety precautions at all times of the year.

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