Have you heard? You can buy a piece of the Wicker Man
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The Motion Group is working with members of the original film’s creative team to bring the 1973 cult film, The Wicker Man, to the stage.

We are selling “pieces” of the Wicker Man to you! Each “piece” (like a share) costs £100 and could earn you a return on your investment based on later ticket sales.

There are 400 “pieces” available. If you move your cursor over the image to the left you can see who already has a piece of the action.

The question is…do you believe in The Wicker Man?


Auditions begin in March this year for what promises to be the most thrilling film-to-stage adaptation of recent years.

The Motion Group has the exclusive stage rights to The Wicker Man in the UK.

We are funding the development of the production through workshops and will co-produce the show in the regions and in the West End. Even though we won’t necessarily fund the regional or West End production we are the “original producer.”

The Motion Group will negotiate with the regional and then the West End producer to be paid “an original producer’s royalty”. This will be between 1% and 2% of all the ticket sales (minus the VAT and ticket commissions) or a higher percentage of a royalty pool which is based on the show's profits. monkeyThis doesn’t sound like much but remember… “Slowly slowly catchy monkey!”

The Motion Group will give you all of that original producer's royalty until you each have back the amount you invested.

Then once you have done that (we call it recouping) we will begin to divide the original producer's royalty up: 60% to you guys and girls and 40% to The Motion Group (to develop new shows).

It is possible that the production will not make it to the stage or, once there, not succeed in which case we will all lose our investment. But we think we’ve got a good chance of success. We think that Mr Shaffer’s script and Mr Giovanni’s music is brilliant and we plan to use them – with some adaptations for the stage.

We’re working on the final script with Robin Hardy who made the film in the first place and with Gary Carpenter who was the original music director (and who is the handsome man playing the lyre on the hill-side at the end of the film). We’ve a great creative team and we’re coming from a place of sincere belief in the theatrical brilliance of the original movie. Oh, and we also think we can make it even better than the original. I know: bold!

Do you want to get involved? Do you want to be a theatre investor? It’s easy and you can do it over the internet. Just pick the pieces from the image to the left….

Buy 1 piece and get a pair of tickets to the West End previews and monthly updates on the production, your name in the programme and on this website as an investor and first option to invest in further productions and tours beyond the UK.
Buy 5 pieces and get a pair of tickets to the West End press night and party (pending the transfer of the production) and all the benefits listed to the left.
Buy 10 pieces and you will receive an invitation to a special, pre production party with cast members of the original film, and all the benefits listed to the left.