Daft Punk: Homework Daft Punk 
Rating: 7.6
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What's up with the French? Man, it seems like every up and coming electronica band these days is from France. Personally, I don't know anyone from France. Why all the good music? France? Are they sure? What's in France, anyway? They have a big, famous tower. Did they give us the Statue of Liberty? I'm having a lot of trouble with this.

Oh, Daft Punk. They're French. And you probably didn't know it, but these guys have more rhythm than Max Weinberg on fast-forward. You could go into a record store and say, "Christ! For $14.99, this disc should be able to sing and dance!" Unfortunately, that's gonna be left up to you. However, Homework manages to throb, bleep, scratch, trip, hop, freak and boogie. It sounds like an Atari 2600 on a killing spree.

Homework provides sixteen whole tracks of modern-day boom box bass n' drum and unlike your science project, it doesn't require a lot of intricate calculations to figure out how it works. It just does.

-Ryan Schreiber