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"Lost:" Juliet (and her Romeo)

Wherefore art thou...?

Not much time to break down last night's "Lost" - sorry, friends, but I'd only add to the confusion if I had any more time to puzzle this out.

Nevertheless, we point out one (maybe two) intriguing developments: First and foremost, of course, we learn that Charles Widmore is in fact the boss of the Freighter People and that he does want the island for his own evil purposes, possibly even more evil than Ben's purposes. (And Ben, grossly lovelorn in his flashbacks with Juliet, becomes more demonic with each passing week...)

Next, "The Tempest:" That's the name of the other hitherto-unknown DHARMA station in the jungle, that one with toxic gas. And yes, those rascals at "Lost" have gone ahead and layered in another literary reference that only wants to make us scramble to Wikipedia or dig up some well-thumbed, ink-stained, rumpled "Cliff Notes" edition on the play. Is Ben Caliban? Is Juliet Miranda? (And who the hell then is Prospero.) Curse you, "Lost" writers. CURSE YOU!

And OK, here's another thing: The man/woman on the boat? I'm open for suggestions. Locke has to "sit down?" What or who could be so dramatic and shocking that Locke will be gobsmacked when he hears the name? (I'm still wondering whether Juliet's long-lost sister, Rachel Carlson, is on board...Naomi's bracelet with the initials, "RC," remember? Could she be tied to Ben in some way? But Locke wouldn't even know who she is, so...)

Curse you, "Lost" writers. CURSE YOU!

Bottom Line on "The Other Woman:" Yet another brilliant outing by TV's best drama. "Lost" keeps getting better and better and better and...

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