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Unaccredited colleges


New List of Degree Mills and Substandard Suppliers from the State of Maine
New List of Degree Mills and Substandard Suppliers Available from the State of Texas

Degrees from these unaccredited colleges are approved by ODA for use in Oregon.
Note this: ODA approval does not mean that the degrees will be accepted by licensing agencies or employers. Degrees from closed or merged schools that were accredited by a U.S. Dept. of Education-recognized accreditor at the time the degree was earned are legal for use as credentials in Oregon.

Institution Jurisdiction(s) Remarks
California Southern University - formerly
Southern California University for Professional Studies
California Psychology PhD only
Dispensational Theological Seminary Oregon  
Pacific Bible College Oregon  
Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry Oregon  
Process Work Center of Portland Oregon  
Professional School of Psychology California  
Salem Bible College Oregon  
Southern California University for Professional Studies California Psychology PhD only
Trinity College of Graduate Studies
(formerly California Christian Institute)
Universitas 21 Global Singapore International degrees acceptable in Oregon based on ODA evaluation.
University for Humanistic Studies* California  
University of Natural Medicine New Mexico PHD in Psychophysiology ONLY
Washington Institute for Graduate Studies and School of Law Utah Master's in Taxation degrees are valid for use in Oregon.
Doctoral degrees are not valid for use in Oregon.
Western Institute for Social Research California  
William Carey International University California  

*NOTE: The University for Humanistic Studies had two main campuses in California. Redding closed 3/31/1997, Solana Beach closed in May 1999. Degrees issued through those dates are valid in Oregon.

See also list of religious exempt colleges in Oregon.

If you do not live or work in Oregon, check with higher education licensing authorities in your state regarding the legality of degrees. States adjacent to Oregon appear below.

State or Country Website or Contact information
State of Texas
State of Hawaii For list of schools taken to court by State of Hawaii:
State of California:
State of Washington:
State of Idaho: Contact Marilyn Davis, 208-332-1563
State of Nevada: Contact David Perlman at:
State of Michigan:
State of Maine:
Australia: For a 24 hour, 7 day a week higher education credential verification system (degreeoftruth Australia),
click on the following link:
Great Britain:
Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Degree Use Law Map
States with Poor college approval  Laws States where the operation of poor quality unaccredited degree suppliers is easy because of state laws that are poor, poorly enforced, or obscure are shown in yellow. Those with improvements possible in 2006 are shown with a red hatch. Other states’ laws vary from excellent to so-so.

ODA provides this information as a general guideline for Oregon employers and potential students who may be considering or evaluating degrees issued in these states.
Potential problems with degree suppliers located in these states
State Potential problems with degree suppliers
Alabama * Split state authority over degree-granters allows some poor suppliers to operate.
California Reasonably good standards, poor agency structure, and limited staffing and enforcement.
Connecticut Limited enforcement.
Florida Limited enforcement.
Hawaii * Weak law, partly offset by excellent enforcement.
Idaho * Loophole allows degree mills to operate if they don't issue degrees to Idaho residents. Idaho legislature is considering a bill to fix this problem in 2006.
Louisiana Low standards. Some recent improvement.
Mississippi * The worst college oversight law in the U.S. State law apparently allows any private business to issue degrees with no state approval. See the State of Mississippi for a list of these entities.
Missouri Moderately weak law, especially for schools claiming religious affiliation. Also political interference with enforcement.
Montana Weak, obscure law on private degree-granters. Enforcement has not been tested.
New Mexico A loophole grandfathered some unaccredited suppliers that do not have to meet state standards.
Vermont Good law, occasional political interference with enforcement.
Wyoming * Weak law and poor enforcement allowed state to fill with unaccredited suppliers. Political interference exacerbated this problem. The 2006 Wyoming legislature passed a new law requiring eventual accreditation, which should solve the problem in a couple of years.
* NOTE: as Wyoming and Idaho laws change, many suppliers may relocate to Mississippi, Alabama, and Hawaii.

Use of unaccredited degrees in Oregon

In many jobs and professions, degrees from unaccredited suppliers are not acceptable, because a degree from an accredited school is required. Oregon law (ORS 348.609) defines accreditation to include only those accreditors recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Most public employment, professional licensure, teaching, admission into a graduate school and degree use in other areas requires a degree from an accredited school. Any employer may impose such a requirement on job applicants or employees if a degree is required for employment. The State of Oregon requires accredited degrees for state employment. A list of accredited schools is maintained by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

To determine whether a degree from an accredited school is required for employment or licensure, check directly with the responsible entity.

In addition, an individual using an unaccredited degree, even if the employer allows use of such degrees, must disclose on resumes, letterheads, business cards, announcements and advertisements that "(Name of school) does not have accreditation recognized by the United States Department of Education and has not been approved by the Office of Degree Authorization." ORS 348.609(2)(a). The only exception is for schools approved by ODA. See ORS 348.609(d) and OAR 583-050-0014.

It is a Class B Misdemeanor under the Oregon Criminal Code to use a degree in violation of ORS 348.609.

U. S. Degree Suppliers

The use of unaccredited degrees issued by suppliers in the United States is governed by ORS 348.609(1) and (2)(a). Some degrees cannot be used at all and some can be used only with a disclaimer. U.S. suppliers, and suppliers who operate in multiple countries but appear to be based in the U.S., have no letter code in the "Type" column in the following list.

Foreign Degree Suppliers

The use of degrees issued outside the United States is governed by ORS 348.609(1)(a), which requires that such degrees come from schools with the foreign equivalent of U.S. accreditation. Suppliers that appear to be based outside the U.S., though possibly also operating in the U.S., have a code of "F" in the "Type" column below.

List of Suppliers

The following list of unaccredited degree suppliers is maintained by ODA for the protection of the citizens of Oregon and their post-secondary schools by identifying those degree suppliers that do not meet the requirements of ORS 348.609(1). This is not a comprehensive list and new suppliers emerge every day, many of which remain unknown to ODA. The list contains degree suppliers that may not now exist, may never have existed, exist only as unregulated businesses, operate under exemptions in state laws or operate with state approval outside Oregon.

Users of degrees from these suppliers may contact ODA with any questions about the legal status of such degrees for use as credentials in Oregon. ODA cannot give legal advice but can provide information about how a degree is treated, why it is treated that way and steps that a user can take to obtain a formal evaluation from ODA or another evaluator.

Employers, potential students, potential clients and others doing business with users of these degrees should take appropriate steps to determine the true nature of the credentials listed here in order to ensure that degrees are genuine and are being used legally.

For general information about the operations of unaccredited schools investigated by the U.S. Senate and other entities, see the following links:

Acad�mie Europ�ene d'InformatisationBelgiumSee World Information Distributed UniversityF
Academy for Contemporary ResearchUnknown
Academy of Healing ArtsUnknown
Academy of Natural TherapiesHawaii, CA, WY, MTClosed by court order in Hawaii. Relocated to CA, then to either WY or MT.
Academy of Religious & Spiritual StudiesUnknown
Adam Smith UniversityLiberia, Saipan F
Adams and Washington University, King College of Professional StudiesEngland F
Addison State UniversityOttawa, CanadaThis is not a state entity and has no Ontario authorization to issue degrees.F
Advanced Education TrustUnknown
Advanced Learning NetworkVermontDoes not have Vermont authority to grant degrees. Appears to be a conduit for converting nonacademic work to academic credits.
African Distributed University (AIDP)possibly NigeriaUnrecognized. Connected to the World Information Distributed University.
Akamai UniversityHawaii
Al Qasim UniversityPakistan F
Alberdeen UniversityNew Mexico"Not a licensed school in New Mexico" - New Mexico Department of Higher Education. Degrees therefore invalid in Oregon. Sometimes uses spelling "Aberdeen."
Albert UniversityDelaware
Alexandria UniversityUS online (Nevada), not Egyptian
All Saints American UniversityLiberia F
Almeda College (University)Florida, IdahoClosed by legal action in Florida but may still be operating there.
Ambai UniversityMassachusettsHas no degree-granting authority in Massachusetts.
Ambassador University CorporationUnknown
American Capital UniversityLiberia F
American Central UniversityWyoming
American City UniversityWyoming
American Coastline UniversityHawaii, California, New York, Russia
American Columbus UniversityCalifornia
American Global UniversityWyoming
American Independent International UniversityUnknown
American International UniversityBelize
American International University of Management and TechnologyHawaiiClosed by court order.
American Liberty UniversityAlabama, CaliforniaAlso operates in England, Greece, S. Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates, according to the entity's web site.
American Pacific UniversityHawaii
American PacWest International UniversityHawaiiState of Hawaii has filed suit to close this entity.
American State UniversityHawaiiRelocated to Wyoming as Hamilton University. Relocated to the Caribbean as Richardson University.
American University for HumanitiesMississippiNew name for American University of Hawaii. Operates from California. For State of Mississippi information:
American University of AsturiasSpainClosed by Spanish government.F
American University of HawaiiMississippi. Formerly Hawaii. Also India, Lebanon, Republic of Georgia and elsewhereFor State of Mississippi information: Operates from California and Delaware. Changed its name spring 2006 to American University for Humanities.
American University of LondonSt. Kitts/Nevis, UK, Sri Lanka F
American World UniversityMississippi, CaliforniaFor State of Mississippi information:
Americana UniversityLiberia F
Americus UniversityWashington DC
Ameritech UniversityMonrovia F
Amstead UniversityUS
Anacrusis InstituteGreece, UKGreece does not recognize private degree suppliers. Related to American U of London.F
Anaheim UniversityCaliforniaFormerly (pre-1993) Newport Asia Pacific University.
Anderson UniversityCalifornia
Anglo American UniversityHawaiiClosed by court order.
Aristotle UniversityCaliforniaCollege of Law
Ashbourne UniversityGreat BritainUnrecognized by British education authorities
Ashford UniversityGreat BritainThe British entity has no degree-granting authority. NOTE: The Franciscan University of Iowa recently changed its name to Ashford University. This U.S. college is accredited by the North Central Association and is not a diploma mill.F
Ashington UniversityBritish Virgin Islands; Louisiana
Ashwood UniversityUnknownNo evidence that it exists.
Athenaeum UPanama and UK. F
Atlantic International UniversityHawaii, Florida
Atlantic National UniversityCalifornia
Auberdeen UniversityIdahoHas no authority to issue degrees.
Azaliahformerly New MexicoLost its US accreditation in 2002. Also operates in S. Africa and Asia.F
Bangalore Inst of Science, Tech. and MgtIndia F
Barrington UniversityAlabamaSee furtherinformation.html furtherinformation.html
Belford UniversityTexas, previously Nevada or Arizona
Beloved Community SeminaryOregon, HawaiiNot an Oregon degree-granting entity. Degrees issued in Oregon are not valid. Degrees issued in Hawaii are legal for use in Oregon with disclaimer.
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global EducationUnknown
Bennington UniversityUnited States, possibly elsewhereNot the same as accredited Bennington College in Vermont. The unaccredited supplier sometimes uses a Vermont address, too.
Berne UniversityPennsylvania, St. Kitts, VirginiaApproval revoked by St. Kitts, February 2006. Closed as Berne, now operating as Bernelli University in Virginia. Further information: Further information:
NACES Response to Question
Bernelli UniversityVirginia
Bienville UniversityLouisiana, MississippiClosed by state action in Louisiana. For State of Mississippi information:
Bircham International UniversityUK, Spain, Bahamas, etc. F
Blackstone University
Brantridge UniversityHawaiiHas ceased operations.
Breyer State UniversityAlabama, IdahoNot a state school.
Bridgewater UniversityUK, Seychelles F
Brighton UniversityMissouri, HawaiiClosed by court order.
Britain College of Management and ScienceUKSee: furtherinformation.htmlF
British American Business InstituteUnknown
Bronte International UniversityUnknown, probably CaribbeanNew name for the entity formerly known as Trinity College and University. Also operated in Louisiana and maybe elsewhere.F
Burnell CollegeGreat Britain
Business and Computer University CollegeLebanonMay be branch of unaccredited American University of Hawaii.F
Buxton UniversityUKNot a legal British institution, therefore degrees invalid in Oregon.F
Cal Southern UniversityTexasNot a California school. Registered in the South Pacific Island of Niue.
Calamus International UniversityBritish West Indies F
California Miramar UniversityCaliforniaFormerly used the name Pacific Western University.
California Pacific UniversityCalifornia
Calvary UniversityVirginia based; also Oregon, UK, Netherlands, other foreign sitesHas no legal authority to issue degrees.
Cambridge International UniversityCape Town, South AfricaDoes not have appropriate authorization from South Africa.F
Cambridge State UniversityHawaii, MississippiNot a state school. For State of Mississippi information:
Campile UniversityUK and Belize
Canadian School of ManagementCanada
Canbourne UniversityUKNot an authorized British university, therefore degrees invalid in Oregon.F
Canterbury University UKNot associated with the legitimate New Zealand University of Canterbury nor the UK Canterbury Christ Church University or University of Kent at Canterbury.F
Canyon CollegeIdahoHas no authority to issue degrees under Idaho law. Use of a Canyon College degree in Oregon is illegal.
Capital American UniversityLiberia F
Caribbean Medical UniversityCuracao
Carrington UniversityUnknown
Center College of Executive & Professional DevelopmentIndia F
Center State University of Executive & Professional DevelopmentMonrovia F
Central Pacific UniversityHawaii, Delaware, DubaiHas ceased operations in Hawaii but may still be active as a Delaware corporation owned from Dubai.
Central State UniversityCalifornia, CanadaNot a state school. Canadian and other foreign "affiliates" do not have appropriate legal status as degree-granters.
Century UniversityNew Mexico
Chadwick UniversityAlabama
Charis School of DivinityFlorida
Chase UniversityUnknown
Chelsea UniversityUnited KingdomLacks authority to issue degrees in UK.F
Christian Leadership UniversityNew York
City University of L.A.California
Clayton College of Natural HealthAlabamaDegree holders are ineligible for Oregon professional practice or licensure.
Clayton UniversityHong Kong F
Clermont College of BusinessMontanaAppears to be offshoot of Prescott College, closed by Hawaii.
College of Medical & Health SciencesSt. Lucia F
Colony UniversityLiberia F
Colorado University of Naturopathic MedicineSpain, British VI F
Columbia Commonwealth UniversityWyoming
Columbia Pacific U.CaliforniaClosed by court order.
Columbia State UniversityLouisianaClosed by court order. See also: Senate Hearing Day 1 ; Senate Hearing Day 2
Columbus UniversityLouisiana, MississippiClosed by state action in Louisiana. For State of Mississippi information:
Commonwealth Open UniversityVirgin Islands F
Communion of Saints SeminaryOregonOperating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.
ConcordiaVirgin Islands, Spain, Dominica, Liberia, IndonesiaThis name is in common use around the world. Some schools are accredited, some are unaccredited but operating legally and some do not really exist. Concordia College and University of Liberia does not meet Oregon standards for degree use, contrary to statements made in its promotional materials. It should be viewed as a degree mill.F
Continental UniversityLiberia, Phillipines
Cornerstone UniversityLouisianaNOTE: Cornerstone University in Michigan is not the same entity, and is accredited.
Cosmopolitan Univlocation uncertainFormerly in Missouri.
Cranston Universityonline, Singapore, Nevada?
Cromwell College of IT and ManagementGreat Britain
Crossworld Institute of Professional StudiesKenyaRelated to the Bircham U. degree mill
Crown Church College & UniversityUnknown
Denmark College of Management and ITCopenhagen, Denmark
DiUlus Institute and UniversitySeborga (Italy), New Mexico
Donsbach UniversityCalifornia
Dublin Metropolitan UniversityIrelandDoes not have authority to issue Irish degrees.F
Earlscroft UniversityGreat Britain, Commonwealth, Seychelles F
Earthnet InstituteHawaiiClosed in Hawaii in 2005 by court order.
East Point UniversityUnknown
Edenvale UniversityTexas, Great Britain, New YorkHas no legal authority to issue degrees valid in Oregon.
Edison UniversityUnknownNote: not the same as the accredited Thomas Edison of New Jersey. See also LaSalle University.
Ellington UniversityUnknown
Esoteric Theological SeminaryMultiple
Euclid UniversityCentral African Republic, ChadNot a degree-granting institution. Contact parent institutions U. of Bangui (CAR) or University of N'Djamena (Chad) for information.F
European Carolus Magnus UniversityBelgium, possibly elsewhere in Europe
European College of MedicineUKDivision of unaccredited St Luke College of Medicine.F
European Graduate SchoolNew York, SwitzerlandThis supplier appears to be approved by Swiss cantons, but its degrees are not recognized for use at other Swiss universities.F
European University of IrelandIrelandDoes not have authority to issue Irish degrees.F
Fairfax UniversityLouisiana, Montana, S. Dakota, U.K.
Farington UniversityRefuses to disclose
Felton UniversityUnknown
Firelake UniversityFinlandNot a Finnish college. Lacks authority to issue degrees.
Fort Young UniversityLiberia F
Foundation UniversityThe NetherlandsDoes not have valid approval from the Govt of The Netherlands to issue degrees.F
Frederick Taylor International UniversityHawaii, CaliforniaClosed by court order.
Glencullen UniversityUK F
Glenford UniversityLouisianaClosed by state action.
Glenndale UniversityUKWebsite same as Oaklands University
Golden State UniversityHawaiiName changed to Honolulu University of the Arts Sciences & Humanities.
Grandview International UniversityMissouriDoes not have degree-granting authority - State of Missouri
Grandview International UniversityMissouri
Greenleaf UniversityMissouriDegrees banned for use in Sweden.
Greenwich UniversityFormerly Hawaii, Norfolk Island, California.Closed by Australian govt.. See also
Information on Legality of Australian Colleges
Halifax UniversityWyoming
Hamilton UniversityWyomingSee American State University above. Officially relocated to Bahamas as Richardson University. However, it still operated in some form in Wyoming as of early April, 2005. See also: Government Computer News; Chronicle of Higher Education
Hampton Bay UniversityLiberia F
Hampton CollegeNevada (not Hampton U. of Virginia)
Harrington UniversityGreat BritainClosed by the British government; furtherinformation.html See also: Diploma MillsF
Hartford UniversityVanatu; false claim in MNClaims of Minnesota location are false. Apparently licensed on island of Vanatu in South Pacific.F
Hartland UniversityLiberia F
Hartley UniversityGreat Britain F
Hawaii American UniversityHawaiiClosed by court order.
Heed UniversityWisconsin, Florida, Caribbean
Hegel International UniversityCalifornia, Hawaii, Japan
Holos UniversityMissouri, Norfolk Island and South Dakota
Honolulu UniversityHawaiiSee also University of Honolulu.
Honolulu University of the Arts Sciences & HumanitiesHawaiiSee Golden State University above.
Honolulu USAThailand, Pakistan F
Illawarra CollegeNew Hampshire, Virginia, Australia
Information University of AmericaHawaii
Institute for Creative ProcessUnknown
Institute for Human DynamicsUnknown
Institute for Science in MindUnknown
Institute for the Management of Information SystemsGreat Britain
Institute of Executive & Professional DevelopmentLiberia F
Institute of Global EducationOregonHas no legal authority to issue degrees or academic credit.
Institute of New Media & TechnologyUnknown
InTech UniversityLiberia F
InterAmerican UniversityNY, CaliforniaNot associated with the accredited InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
Intermountain Institute of Natural HealthIdaho
International Academy of Education UniversityNew York, JapanLacks legal authority to issue degrees.
International Earth Environment UniversityJapan, Delaware
International Graduate CenterVermont, St. Croix USVI
International MBSLiberia F
International Medical School of AmericaTexas
International Mid Pac CollegeHawaii
International Theological UniversityCalifornia
International UniversityMissouriDoes not have authority to issue some of the degrees that it issues. Contact Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education for validity of specific degrees.
International UniversityVienna, Austria"Not recognized as a university in Austria" - Bundesministerium fur Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur [Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture], 7 March 2006.F
International University for Graduate StudiesSt. Kitts F
International University of NursingSt. Kitts F
IOND UniversityHawaii, Japan, PhilippinesUnaccredited. No evidence of legal authority to issue degrees valid in Japan. Considered a diploma mill by Japanese experts. No evidence of legal authority to issue degrees valid in Philippines. Claim of affiliation with University of Lodz in Poland is denied by U. of Lodz.
Irish International UniversityMalaysia, SwitzerlandThe Irish government has requested that Malaysia close this entity on grounds that it is neither Irish nor a university. It has obtained a business license in a Swiss canton, but is not a Swiss university.F
Irish University Business SchoolIreland F
Ivory Carlson UniversityMinnesotaDegree mill operating without approval in Minnesota, apparently based in India.
James Cook Medical SchoolCook IslandsNo longer operating.F
James Monroe UniversityLiberia, operated from Washington, Idaho and Arizona.
John ThomasMissouri
Johnson Daves UniversityLiberiaAlso known as Johnson Davids University. Also claims to operate in the British Virgin Islands, United States and elsewhere.
Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara Medical SchoolTexas
Kalinga UniversityIndiaDoes not have degree authority from India. Not the same as the legitimate Kalinga of the PhillippinesF
Kennedy-Western UniversityWyoming, also CaliforniaChanged name to Warren National University, 2006
Kensington UniversityHawaii, CaliforniaClosed by court order.
Kent Collegeprobably Louisiana
Keystone UniversityFlorida
Kingdom College of Natural HealthLouisiana, Russia
Kingsfield UniversityGreat Britain F
Knightsbridge UniversityDenmarkDoes not have appropriate legal authority to issue degrees in Denmark.F
LaCrosse UniversityMississippiClosed by state action in Louisiana, relocated to Mississippi. For State of Mississippi information:
Lamberhurst UniversityUnited Kingdom F
Lambert UniversityHawaiiFormerly Newport Asia Pacific University. Merged with Anaheim University in 2006.
Landsfield UniversitySeychelles F
Lansbridge UniversityBritish ColumbiaClosed by court order.
LaSalle UniversityLouisianaClosed by court action. No connection to legitimate LaSalle of Pennsylvania.
Laureate UniversityProbably UK or CanadaNo evidence of authority to issue degrees. Not related to Laureate Education, Inc., which operates the regionally accredited Walden University.F
Lee Community CollegeSingapore
LeibnizNew Mexico, Italy
Leugenia UniversitySouth Carolina
Lexington Universityonline, Nevada?
Lincoln International University, Inc.HawaiiClosed by court order.
Lincoln UniversityNew Mexico, ItalyNo connection to the legitimate Lincoln University in New Zealand or accredited institutions by that name elsewhere in the U.S.
London College of TechnologyUKSee also: furtherinformation.htmlF
Madison UniversityMississippiFor State of Mississippi information:
Management Institute of CanadaOntario/QuebecNot a Canadian degree-granter. (Note that membership in an association is not the same as being accredited by it.)
Manhattan UniversityHawaii, British ColumbiaClosed by court order.
Marlborough UniversityHawaii
Medical College of LondonUK, MontserratMontserrat approval is invalid without UK approval. See also: Further InformationF
Medical University of the AmericasBelizeNote: Not the same entity as Medical University of the Americas-Nevis, which has been approved by the State of New York.F
Midwest Missouri UniversityMissouri
Midwestern UniversitySpringfield, MissouriNOTE: not the same as Midwestern U of Arizona or Illinois or Midwestern Baptist Seminary in Missouri
Miranda International UniversityTennessee, Washington, Seborga (Italy)
Monterrey Institute for Graduate StudiesTexasThis entity claimed to be a branch of a Mexican institution with authority to operate in the U.S., but in fact did not have that authority and had no free-standing degree authority from Mexico. Appears to be closed.
Monticello University/Thomas Jefferson UniversityKansas, HawaiiClosed by court order. See also furtherinformation.html
Nation State UniversityUnknown
Nation UniversityHawaiiClosed by court order.
National Consortium Staff CollegeMissouri
New Manhattan UniversityUnknown
Newburgh Theological SeminaryIndiana
Newport Asia Pacific UniversityCaliforniaRenamed Anaheim University 2003. Merged with Lambert University of Hawaii according to State of California.
Newport UniversityHawaii, Lebanon
Newton UniversityVancouver BC, HawaiiClosed by court order.
Nobel UniversitySouth Korea F
North United UniversityUnknown
Northwestern International University, Ltd.Cyprus/DenmarkHas no recognized degree authority from Cyprus or Denmark.F
Novus UniversityMississippiFor State of Mississippi information:
Oaklands UniversityUnknown, contact is in UKAppears to be a new version of the University Degree Program supposedly closed by the Federal Trade Commission. Website same as GlenndaleF
Oceania University of MedicineSamoa
Open Institute of LawRussiaMultiple entities in Russia use names similar to this; at least one may be legitimate. At least one lacks appropriate authority to issue degrees and is not recognized by Russian education officials. Contact Russian national officials or an appropriate international evaluation agency for more information.
Open University of AmericaPuerto Rico
Open University of LincolnNebraska
Oxford International UniversityGreat BritainNo connection to legitimate Oxford University in Great Britain.F
Oxford Trent UniversityTexas
Pacific Basin UniversityTexas, Mexico, Micronesia
Pacific Buddhist UniversityHawaii, Japan
Pacific Coast UniversityCalifornia
Pacific Southern UniversityHawaiiClosed by court order.
Pacific Western UniversityCaliforniaDegrees issued by the former Pacific Western University in Hawaii are not from the same entity as the current PWU of California. Employers should verify which entity issued any PWU degree.
Panama Canal University
PanAmerican UniversityLiberia F
Paramount University of TechnologyWyoming
Parkwood UniversityU.S.; Great Britain
Pebble Hills UniversityItaly (Seborga), Australia (Hutt River Province)Claims authority to issue degrees from subnational entities in both Italy and Australia. Neither approval is recognized internationally and the entity should be viewed as not a degree-granting institution.F
Personal Therapy InstituteUnknown
Pickering UniversityHawaiiClosed by court order.
Port Rhode UniversityUnknown
Prescott College of Business and Leadership StudiesHawaiiClosed by court order.
Preston UniversityWyoming; Pakistan, DubaiRecently added an operation in the Netherlands called Universiteit Preston Russel Hobbes; this connection apparently disappeared in fall, 2005 but may still exist..
Promis University of LondonUK and Belize
Queens University of BrightonCalifornia, Missouri, others
Queenston UniversityUtah, Vanuatu, Australia
Randford UniversityFloridaNot on Florida's list of degree-granters
Randford UniversityVirginia
Redding UniversityU.S., location unknown
Regent International UniversityAustralia, Switzerland F
Richardson UniversityBahamas; WyomingAppears to be the new version of Hamilton University.F
Robert Kennedy UniversitySwitzerlandThis supplier no longer issues degrees under its own name. It is approved by a Swiss canton, but its degrees are not recognized for use at other Swiss universities. Degrees issued by the University of Wales based on work done at Robert Kennedy are acceptable.F
Robert de SorbonFrance, Maine, Switzerland, Florida and the Comoro IslandsUses several similar names including "U Francophone" and "Ecole Superior" with the Sorbon name. AACRAO has concluded that the entity has no authority to issue degrees. Claims of AACRAO approval made by an organization called AUAP are inaccurate and AACRAO has filed suit against the entity. Degrees are banned for use in Sweden. Not the same as 'Sorbonne', which refers to three government-recognized universities in Paris.F
Robertstown UniversityLiberia, operated from Washington state, Idaho and Arizona. F
Rochelle UniversityUnknownProbably related to Rochville University. Not the same as the legitimate College of New Rochelle in New York or University de la Rochelle in France.
Rochville University See also: furtherinformation.html
Rocklands UniversityProbably UK but operator may be in US
Romano ByzantineMinnesota, VirginiaAppears to be reincarnation of former Colorado entityl Notre Dame de Lafayette.
Royal Canadian Institute of TechnologyBritish ColumbiaHas no legal authority to issue degrees.
Rushmore UniversityCayman Is., Georgia USA
Rutherford UniversityWyoming, British Columbia, SwazilandNever had authority to issue valid degrees in British Columbia. May be relocating to Alabama. Formerly labeled Stratford International University.
Sacramento International University
Sacramento Regent UniversityCaliforniaHas no legal authority to issue degrees in California.
Saint Augustin UniversityFlorida
San Diego Pacific University
San Francisco International UniversityCaliforniaHas no legal authority to issue degrees in California.
Scarsdale UniversityCalifornia, UKDoes not have authority to issue degrees in California or the UK.
Shaftsbury University
Shelbourne UniversityPennsylvania
Shepperton UniversityUnknown
Solsbury UniversityOntario, CanadaAccording to the Ontario government, "Solsbury University does not have the authority to offer degrees, programs leading to a degree or to call itself a university in Ontario."F
South Atlantic UniversityUnknown
South Pacific School of MedicineTexasOriginated on Cook Islands
Southern Graduate InstituteKentucky
Southern Pacific UniversityMalaysia, HawaiiClosed by court order in Hawaii. Apparently now operating in Malaysia.F
Southwest International UniversityBayside, NY
St Mary's School of MedicineCook Islands F
St. Augustine School of Medical AssistantsState of Georgia, online supplier.
St. Augustine Universitylocation unknown
St. Christopher's College of MedicineSenegal, UK, BelizeGreat Britain ceased accepting its degrees, March, 2006. No Senegalese school issuing degrees under this name exists as of March, 2006. Price, Waterhouse has taken over the entity's records (UK/Senegal) and students who want to get information must contact PWC. The phone number is +44-771113725.F
St. Clements UniversityGreat Britain, Niue, Turks and Caicos Islands, various African sitesNew Zealand government treats Niue operation as substandard and asks that its degrees not be included in international listings.F
St. George University InternationalSt. Kitts, Grenada F
St. John's University College of MedicineMontserratClosed by court order.F
St. Lourdes UniversityUnknown
St. Lucia College of MedicineSt. LuciaSee also:
St. Luke School of MedicineCalifornia, Ghana, LiberiaDisowned by Liberian government in 2005. Great Britain banned use of its degrees, March, 2006.
St. Mary's College of MedicineHawaiiClosed by court order.
St. Regis UniversityDominica; Liberia; Washington D.C., State of WashingtonClosed by court order, June 2005. Falsely asserted Liberian government approval. Falsely asserted Indian government approval. Note: not the same as Regis of Massachusetts or Colorado.
St. Renoir UniversityUnknown
St. Theresa Medical SchoolSt. Kitts F
St. Thomas InstituteIndia F
Standford UniversityFlorida, Texas, possibly offshoreNo relation to Stanford University in California.
Stanley State UniversityUnknown
Stanton UniversityHawaiiClosed by court order.
Stefan International University, Inc.California
Stensan International UnivCalifornia
Strassford UniversityGreat Britain F
Success SeminaryOregonOperating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid
Suffield UniversityConnecticutOperating illegally in Connecticut.
Summerset UniversityUKAppears to be a new version of the "University Degree Program" cluster supposedly closed by UK and US action. It has no legal authority to issue degrees.F
Summit UniversityLouisianaMay also operate in Japan.
Sutherland University
Swiss European UniversitySwitzerlandNot recognized by Swiss government.
SynergysticsRochester, NY
Taiken Wilmington UniversityUS, possibly Japan
Tecana International UniversitaSouth America F
Templeton Universityonline, Singapore, Nevada?
The Dream InstituteUnknown
The Gemini CollegeGreat Britain
The Thornwood University (probably UK, Netherlands) F
Thornewood UniversityGreat Britain F
Thornhill UniversityUK F
Trident University of TechnologySingaporeDenied approval by Wisconsin. Was never legal in New Jersey as claimed.F
Trinity College and Universityformerly South DakotaMay have moved to Canada or Caribbean. Many institutions, some legitimate, use the name Trinity.
Trinity International University CollegeWyoming, Delaware, FranceNot the Trinity International University in Illinois
United Pacific Universityformerly Hawaii
Universitas 21Channel Islands, UKNot a degree-granting entity. Confusion arises because some degree-granters work through this entity to issue legitimate degrees.F
Universite de WallisWallis and Fortuna Islands, South PacificOperates from London.
Universiteit Russell Hobbesprobably NetherlandsFormerly claimed association with Preston U of Wyoming.F
University of HonoluluHawaiiClosed by court order.
University College for Advanced StudiesIndia F
University de la RomandeUK F
University for Integrative LearningCalifornia
University of Advanced ResearchCaliforniaAlso operated in Hawaii, where its local operation has been closed by court order, see:
University of BerkleyPennsylvania
University of DevonshireUK F
University of DoncasterEnglandSee also: furtherinformation.htmlF
University of DorchesterUnknown
University of DublinCalifornia
University of DunhamUnknown
University of Ecoforum for PeaceSwitzerland F
University of Esotericamultiple
University of Health ScienceHawaii
University of HoniaraSolomon IslandsMay be operated from New Zealand
University of Honolulu USAUtah, Thailand & PakistanNotes: Office in Utah. No link to Hawaii.
University of Metaphysical StudiesNew MexicoOperating illegally and unlicensed in New Mexico. - New Mexico Department of Higher Education.
University of MetaphysicsCalifornia, possibly Nevada
University of New CastleOregon, Ireland, UK, Washington DC, south Pacific islandsAKA University of Newcastle. Operating illegally in Oregon.
University of NewlandsNew ZealandLacks authority to issue degrees.
University of Northern WashingtonVancouver B.C. F
University of NorthWestWyoming, Louisiana, Pakistan, India, New Jersey
University of Palmers GreenUKClosed by the British government.F
University of RavenhurstGreat Britain F
University of San MoritzGreat Britain, Cyprus F
University of Santa BarbaraCaliforniaNo connection to UC Santa Barbara.
University of Santa MonicaCalifornia
University of Science at BerkeleyJapan
University of Science, Arts and Technology (USAT)MontserratAccreditation denied by Caricom
University of Sint EustatiusCaribbeanDenied licensure by Florida. Note spelling, used in the official documents instead of "Saint."
University of the Holy LandIsrael, may be operated from State of OregonNot recognized as a university by Israeli higher education office. Not an Oregon degree-granter.
University of WexfordGreat BritainClosed by the British government.F
Valde UniversityIllinois
Van Ives UniversityUnknown
Vancouver University WorldwideBritish ColumbiaClosed by court order. Never was authorized to issue degrees by appropriate BC authority.F
Vernell UniversityUnknown
Virginia International UniversityVirginia
Wakefield International UniversitySt. Kitts/Nevis F
Warnborough UniversityRepublic of Ireland, also Great BritainAlso Warnborough College. "Warnborough University is not a recognized institution in Ireland" - National Qualifications Authority of Ireland "Not a UK degree-granter. Appearance on UK registry of training providers does not confer or represent authorization to issue degrees" - British Higher Education Governance office.F
Warren National UniversityWyomingNew name for Kennedy-Western University.
Washington International UniversityPennsylvania, Brit. Virgin Isl.Operating illegally in Pennsylvania according to PA Department of Education. WIU is forbidden to advertise or offer its programs in Australia.
Washington School of TheologyOregonOperating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.
West Coast UniversityPanama, Western Australia, UKNot the accredited Health Sciences school in CaliforniaF
Westbourne UniversityGreat Britain F
Westbrook UniversityNew Mexico, New York, CaliforniaNo longer licensed to issue degrees by New Mexico. Not known to be licensed in any state.
Western States University for Professional StudiesMissouri
Westgate UniversityDelaware corporationTrue locations unknown; holds no meaningful accreditation.
Westhampton UniversityGreat Britain F
Westmore UniversitySingaporeAlso called Westmore College.F
Weston Reserve UniversitySeychelles, Kuwait, Canada, other non-U.S. locationsNo recognized provincial or national approval.
Willamsburg UniversityNew York, Saudi Arabia
William Tucker UniversitySeborga (Italy), District of ColumbiaNot on the District of Columbia's list of licensed schools.
Wilson State University, Inc.Hawaii, New JerseyClosed.
Wisconsin International UniversityGhana, Ukraine and others
Wittfield UniversityHawaiiClosed.
World Information Distributed UniversityRussia, Belgium, SwitzerlandNot a Belgian university. WIDU - Response from Belgian French Community MOE
WIDU Link 2 World Information Distributed University in the news:
World Pacific UniversityGuam address, Ascension Island domain registrationDoes not have DETC accreditation as claimed on web site.
Yorker International UniversitySouth Dakota, New York
YUIN/American UniversityHawaiiOperated from California.
Zenith UniversityHawaiiSee also Pickering and Brighton.S

This is by no means an exhaustive list of institutions whose degrees cannot be used in Oregon or must be used with restrictions. It is a list of those most recently reported.

Interested in starting a college in Oregon or obtaining ODA authorization? Regulations governing the authorization of colleges in Oregon can be found at OAR 583-030, available via the sidebar on this page. Contact ODA with any questions.

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