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Australian Electronic music is on the edge and a huge number of our acts are making it big on the international stage. The scene has elements of 70's funk, 80's euro synth, UK house and dance, Indian and Middle eastern rythms, fresh dub and hard techno. The multicultural meltin'pot of Melbourne and the chill vibes of Brisbane and Byron have made them the hubs of ethno electronia. The bands below represent a selection of the best our country has to offer and many will be performing in your town soon.

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DECOY combines the soul of acoustic instruments with hard electronic beats. This group of renowned Melbourne musicians provide a climactic symphony of both new technologies & traditional concepts. These guys are different to anything else out there today. The band consists of the following members: Philip Rex, Ian Chaplin, Murray Jamieson, Javier Fredes & Lance Ferguson.


For the past decade Steve Robbins and Davide Carbone have been at the forefront of underground electronic music in Australia. DJ's and live performers at hundreds of raves, parties, festivals, clubs and events around Australia the duo have also been responsible for hosting some of the countries longest running electronic radio shows on stations including KISS 90FM and 3RRRFM.
Producers in their own right, Steve and Davide also formed FSOM. The act has played and toured alongside artists including Carl Cox, Bjork, The Prodigy, Tricky, Luke Slater and Jeff Mills. In 1996 they were presented with Australia's highest accolade, an Aria - Australian Recording Industry Award for best Australian Dance Release. FSOM recently played on the Techno stage at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and their new CD Prologue is available now through AIAN
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Ganga Giri

Pumping percussive didjeridu cooks hot creating a mixtured - textured blend of indegenous technorganica

High Pass Filter

Taking their name at random from the front panel of a vintage synthesiser, High Pass Filter have built their music on a love for Jamaican dub rhythms. An amalgm of dub bass, beats "n" brass, hip-hop turntables, krautrock synths, loops and guitar, High Pass Filter have evolved continuosly through two c.d. releases and gigs in venues all over the southern hemisphere. They have just released a new EP " TALKIN' 'BOUT YEAH" which is available exclusively through AIAN

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Their music covers a broad spectrum of styles from trancey house; through electro beat; to improvised, bleepy ambience. Their fully equipped studio based in the centre of Melbourne is the origin of some classic tunes and many fine recordings. Their classic release "Radiant" is available through AIAN and it contains Empty Sky a track of timeless ambient quality.


"the name says it all really... PARADOX play music you can dance to but they're not a dance band. Listen to it, dream to it, bonk to it, turn it up loud while you're doing the washing up. Paradox provides the soundtrack to whatever takes your fancy" db magazine

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Cultural diversity is an important feature of PING's musical ethos. Their music draws on a wide and ever-expanding range of sounds and styles from musical traditions all around the world. From the outset a major objective of the band has been to explore the relatively unchartered territory of "quasi-techno" - a term which describes the performance of 'techno" inspired music without using pre--programmable devices such as sequencers, loops or drum machines. Put simply - techno music performed absolutely 100% live. Ping brilliant debut self titled EP is available now through AIAN

The Bird

An outfit consisting of only keyboards and drums, The Bird's sound is not only remarkably BIG, but also expansive in effect as it soars over territories traditionally controlled by electronic despots. Unarmed, these local sonic freedom fighters bare no mechanical loops or sequences as they launch passionate raids on the realms of drums 'n' bass, techno, industrial, trance and more.

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The Green Ant label was established in 1997 in Melbourne, Australia. Three committed individuals bring their vision of giving high quality & innovative dance techno to the world. The idea being, to be able to independently release our own music plus give this chance to other underground "cottage industry" studios.

The main focus is primarily based on the outdoor sounds of the "bush doof", that work in the tribal trance parties so well and totally rock the dance floor. Musical interests also encompass atmospheric grooves & beats for the chilled out environment.

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