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Talal Abu Rahma
WINNER: Sony International Impact Award

"Death of Mohammed El Durah"
Shot September 2000
France 2

"Whilst the second Intifada occurred at the end of September 2000, I was filming near the colony of Netzarim when shooting started.
I was alone and filming in one of the most dangerous moments of my life when I caught this little boy, Mohammed El Durah and his father being caught under fire too. Filming his death was the saddest moment of my life."

Talal Abu Rahma has been a journalist for 14 years. He studied Business Administration in the USA, is a board member of the Palestinian Journalists' Association and a member of the Arab journalists' Association. Talal is a distinguished journalist and owns his own press office, the News National Center in Gaza. This footage was filmed in his capacity as Correspondent for the French television station, France 2, for whom he has worked on a freelance basis since 1988. He also works for CNN through the Al-Wataneya Press Office.

2000: Festival Scoop Prize, Angers, France Qurtaj Cenima Festival, Tunisia; Palestine Prize for Arts, Literature and Human Sciences; Qatar Honoring Prize, Doha, Qatar; Alexandria Honoring Prize, Alexandria, Egypt; Research Fund for the Study of Future of North-South Cultural Communication in Rabat, Morocco; Iran Prize for the Palestinian Intifada; Medal of Bravery, Palestinian Journalists' Association, Jerusalem
2001: Arab Journalism Prize (Best News Scoop), Dubai; Journalist of the Year, ADC, Washington DC; Jordanian Syndicates' Complex Prize, Amman; Radio & TV Festival Prize, Cairo.

Judges' Comments:

"He managed an equality of compassion. Filming on both sides on the same day is quite extraordinary."

"The footage made people angry. This child is one of the few victims that we know the name of. In terms of impact, this is very strong."

"This brought in a whole different audience."


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