That's all, folks!

As has been reported elsewhere, the February 2008 issue of Newtype USA will indeed be our last. We're sure a lot of you are still wondering just what happened and would like some answers regarding the magazine and your subscriptions, so read on:

That's right. Newtype USA is done. Kaput. It's been a lot of fun and taken a lot of hard work to make it all happen, and to everyone who's picked up an issue and found something new or interesting, we thank you for your support. You're the reason why we tried to make NTUSA the best magazine we could every month.

We're ending a nearly five and half year run of publishing Newtype USA with our current February 2008 issue. For those that were just discovering the magazine or renewing a subscription, we can't apologize enough for how crummy this must be. You're welcome to write to us and express your sorrow, your anger or even your congrats (should you find reason to celebrate).

Frankly, as far as the NTUSA staff is concerned, there were circumstances that were beyond our control that led to all of this. It's probably not best to go into the details, but we can say that it had nothing to do with the magazine we produced, its pricing or its performance. Considering the number of hoops that were set before us each month, we made our way through each one and generated the best magazine we could.

The good news in all of this is that the team behind Newtype USA is now starting up a new magazine called PiQ. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way people were led to believe that this new magazine is simply a renamed Newtype USA clone or what have you. That's not the case. PiQ is an entirely new magazine, with a new voice and covering a wider range of entertainment, while still revolving around anime and fan culture. And let's be clear, PiQ is its own entity, operating outside the bounds of both Newtype publisher Kadokawa Shoten and Newtype USA parent company ADV.

After all of this, you're probably totally disheartened over the demise of Newtype USA. We feel your pain, really. But keep your chin up because you'll be able to get your first glimpse of PiQ when the first issue hits newsstands in March. You can also find the PiQ web site at It's still in development, but things are gonna be happening soon over there. If you have questions about your NTUSA subscription and how that'll switch over to PiQ, please contact us directly at


We hope that answers some of your questions about Newtype USA and what it means for you as a reader and/or subscriber. Take heart in knowing that we're still here and still excited to have your attention, and more importantly, things are looking up. All we ask is that you stick with us and see what the future brings. See you on the other side!

To our subscribers

If you would like more information about the status of your subscription, please e-mail us directly at