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   01/30/2008 12:26 PM


 Data Analysis and Visualization
with Excel Tools, Charts and Google Maps
Analysis, Chart and  Map Tools to Better Understand  Our Data

Trend Analysis with Excel Data Visualization  - Making Effective Charts Visualizing Global Environmental Trends with Excel

Excel provides useful analysis and charting tools that can help to analyze and understand time series data. These pages present tutorials and workbooks on how to use Excel to analyze and chart time series/ trend data.

  1. Regression Analysis with Excel

  2. Trend/ Control Charts

  3. Temperature Trends

Combine data visualization principles (Cleveland, Few, Robbins, Tufte, Wilkinson) and advanced Excel charting techniques to make more effective Excel charts.

  1. Data Visualization Principles

  2. Excel Chart Gallery

  3. Advanced Excel Chart Techniques & Tips

  4. Enhanced Statistical Charts

  5. Trend/ Control Charts

  6. Chart Doctor


As an environmental engineer, I have been concerned about the environment since I started working as a water engineer. These pages, combining my data analysis and environmental  interests,  present Excel charts that show global environmental trends.

  1. Global Warming

  2. Temperature Trends

  3. Energy Use

  4. Population Trends


Mapping Excel Data with Goggle Earth & Google Maps

Interactive Community Maps
with MIT's Exhibit 2.0

Statistical Chart Examples (Click Page Link for tutorial, thumbnail for full size chart)

Google Earth and Google Maps are free, powerful mapping tools. This page explores how to transfer Excel data to these tools to explore the spatial, geographical aspects of your data.

  1. Convert addresses to latitude & longitude

  2. KML Files

  3. Making KML Files with VBA

  4. Excel -  Google Earth Example

  5. Excel - Google Map Example

  6. Interactive Community Crime Map

MIT's Exhibit 2.0 allows users to "..create interactive data-rich web pages ... without ever touching a database or a web server, or doing any programming."

While building a Google Maps based community crime map application, I first used KML files, I developed a series of tools to export my Excel based data to a KML file with VBA. As I tried to add interactive features to my Google Map, I found that I needed to add database query capabilities.

Exhibit 2.0 solved my interactive mapping problems quickly and easily with essentially no programming.

Panel Chart

Trend Chart w/ Events