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University Grant Commission (UGC)
In 1973, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh established the University Grant Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh by a Presidential Order and it came into being retrospectively with effect from 16th December 1972.
Function and Activities
The functions of UGC encompass the following, among others:
To determine the needs of the universities;
To receive funds from the government and allocate and disburse these funds to the universities for their maintenance and development;
To examine and critically appraise the developments plans of the universities;
To oversee the implementation of various development projects of the universities;
To formulate plants for new universities;
To collect, analyze, and interpret statistical data on university matters.
In addition
In addition to the above, the UGC runs an elaborate program of research, award, and scholarships for higher studies in Bangladesh leading to Ph.D. and grants research fellowships to colleges and universities for staff development in higher education, gives prizes for original research, organizes, seminars, workshops, and supports/sponsors other activities that stimulate research and enhance academic standards. The UGC has lately initiated a scheme for the establishment of an Academy for Staff Development, meant for the teachers of colleges and universities. The commission has published a few textbooks with financial support from the World Bank. At present it is actively collaborating with Bangla Academy for production of standard textbooks and monographs in our national language with a view to meeting the needs of the university students and teachers.

The Commission also fosters programs that promote international collaboration in the field of research, exchange of information, technology transfer, and staff development.

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