The Hardcore Championship was one of the most unique championships to ever be defended in WWE. It was originally given to Mick Foley, then known as Mankind, by the Chairman, Mr. McMahon. The rules of how to defend the championship even evolved with time, and it was eventually defended under 24/7 rules. That meant that the Hardcore Champion could be pinned at any time of day, any day of the week as long as a referee was around to make the three-count. The Hardcore Championship found its way around the waists of a very eclectic group of Superstars ranging from the likes of Mankind, Crash Holly, Big Show, Hardcore Holly, Big Boss Man and Kane, among numerous others.


Mankind n/a Houston, TX 11-02-98
Big Boss Man Mankind Baltimore, MD 11-30-98
Road Dogg Big Boss Man Spokane, WA 12-15-98
Hardcore Holly Al Snow Memphis, TN 02-14-99
Billy Gunn Hardcore Holly San Jose, CA 03-15-99
Hardcore Holly Billy Gunn Philadelphia, PA 03-28-99
Al Snow Hardcore Holly Providence, RI 04-25-99
Big Boss Man Al Snow Buffalo, NY 07-25-99
Al Snow Big Boss Man Minneapolis, MN 08-22-99
Big Boss Man Al Snow Kansas City, MO 08-24-99
Davey Boy Smith Big Boss Man Albany, NY 09-07-99
Al Snow null Albany, NY 09-07-99
Big Boss Man Al Snow Birmingham, AL 10-12-99
Test Big Boss Man New Haven, CT 01-17-00
Crash Holly Test Nashville, TN 02-22-00
Pete Gas Crash Holly Newark, NJ 03-13-00
Crash Holly Pete Gas Newark, NJ 03-13-00
Hardcore Holly Crash Holly Anaheim, CA 04-02-00
Crash Holly Hardcore Holly Los Angeles, CA 04-03-00
Perry Saturn Crash Holly Tampa, FL 04-11-00
Tazz Perry Saturn Tampa, FL 04-11-00
Crash Holly Tazz Tampa, FL 04-11-00
Matt Hardy Crash Holly Raleigh, NC 04-24-00
Crash Holly Matt Hardy Charlotte, NC 04-25-00
Davey Boy Smith Crash Holly London, England 05-06-00
Crash Holly Davey Boy Smith New Haven, CT 05-09-00
Godfather's Ho Crash Holly Cleveland, OH 05-15-00
Crash Holly Godfather's Ho Cleveland, OH 05-15-00
Gerald Brisco Crash Holly Detroit, MI 06-06-00
Crash Holly Gerald Brisco St. Louis, MO 06-13-00
Pat Patterson Gerald Brisco Nashville, TN 06-19-00
Gerald Brisco Crash Holly Nashville, TN 06-19-00
Crash Holly Pat Patterson Boston, MA 06-25-00
Steve Blackman Crash Holly Hartford, CT 06-27-00
Crash Holly Steve Blackman Tampa, FL 07-02-00
Steve Blackman Crash Holly Tampa, FL 07-02-00
Shane McMahon Steve Blackman Lafayette, LA 08-22-00
Steve Blackman Shane McMahon Raleigh, NC 08-27-00
Crash Holly Steve Blackman Philadelphia, PA 09-24-00
Perry Saturn Crash Holly Philadelphia, PA 09-24-00
Raven Steve Blackman Chatanooga, TN 12-22-00
Raven Al Snow Lafayette, LA 01-22-01
Al Snow Raven Lafayette, LA 01-22-01
K-Kwick Raven Greensboro, NC 02-03-01
Crash Holly K-Kwick Greensboro, NC 02-03-01
Raven Crash Holly Greensboro, NC 02-03-01
K-Kwick Raven Columbia, SC 02-04-01
Crash Holly K-Kwick Columbia, SC 02-04-01
null Crash Holly Columbia, SC 02-04-01
Hardcore Holly Raven N. Charleston, SC 02-06-01
Raven Hardcore Holly N. Charleston, SC 02-06-01
Hardcore Holly Raven St. Paul, MN 02-10-01
Raven Hardcore Holly St. Paul, MN 02-10-01
Hardcore Holly Raven Boston, MA 02-11-01
Raven Al Snow Boston, MA 02-11-01
Al Snow Hardcore Holly Boston, MA 02-11-01
Steve Blackman Raven Cedar Falls, IA 02-17-01
Raven Steve Blackman Cedar Falls, IA 02-17-01
Steve Blackman Raven Cape Girardeau, MO 02-18-01
Raven Steve Blackman Cape Girardeau, MO 02-18-01
Raven Billy Gunn Las Vegas, NV 02-25-01
Big Show Raven Las Vegas, NV 02-25-01
Billy Gunn Raven Las Vegas, NV 02-25-01
Raven Big Show Albany, NY 03-19-01
Kane Raven Houston, TX 04-01-01
Rhyno Kane Nashville, TN 04-17-01
Big Show Rhyno San Jose, CA 05-21-01
Chris Jericho Big Show Calgary, Alberta 05-28-01
Rhyno Chris Jericho Calgary, Alberta 05-28-01
Test Rhyno Baltimore, MD 06-12-01
Rhyno Test New York, NY 06-25-01
Mike Awesome Rhyno New York, NY 06-25-01
Jeff Hardy Mike Awesome Birmingham, AL 07-10-01
Rob Van Dam Jeff Hardy Cleveland, OH 07-22-01
Jeff Hardy Rob Van Dam Chicago, IL 08-13-01
Rob Van Dam Jeff Hardy San Jose, CA 08-19-01
Kurt Angle Rob Van Dam San Antonio, TX 09-10-01
Rob Van Dam Kurt Angle San Antonio, TX 09-10-01
Undertaker Rob Van Dam San Diego, CA 12-09-01
Maven Undertaker Los Angeles, CA 02-05-02
Goldust Maven Boston, MA 02-26-02
Al Snow Goldust Detroit, MI 03-11-02
Maven Al Snow Cleveland, OH 03-12-02
Spike Dudley Maven Toronto, Ontario 03-17-02
Hurricane Spike Dudley Toronto, Ontario 03-17-02
Mighty Molly Hurricane Toronto, Ontario 03-17-02
Christian Mighty Molly Toronto, Ontario 03-17-02
Maven Christian Toronto, Ontario 03-17-02
Raven Maven Philadelphia, PA 03-26-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Raven Albany, NY 04-01-02
William Regal Bubba Ray Dudley Denver, CO 04-07-02
Goldust William Regal Denver, CO 04-07-02
Raven Goldust Denver, CO 04-07-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Raven Denver, CO 04-07-02
William Regal Bubba Ray Dudley Odessa, TX 04-13-02
Spike Dudley William Regal Odessa, TX 04-13-02
Goldust Spike Dudley Odessa, TX 04-13-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Goldust Odessa, TX 04-13-02
William Regal Bubba Ray Dudley Abilene, TX 04-14-02
Spike Dudley William Regal Abilene, TX 04-14-02
Goldust Spike Dudley Abilene, TX 04-14-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Goldust Abilene, TX 04-14-02
Raven Bubba Ray Dudley College Station, TX 04-15-02
Tommy Dreamer Raven College Station, TX 04-15-02
Steven Richards Tommy Dreamer College Station, TX 04-15-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Steven Richards College Station, TX 04-15-02
Goldust Bubba Ray Dudley Uniondale, NY 04-19-02
Raven Goldust Uniondale, NY 04-19-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Raven Uniondale, NY 04-19-02
Goldust Bubba Ray Dudley Des Moines, IA 04-20-02
Raven Goldust Des Moines, IA 04-20-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Raven Des Moines, IA 04-20-02
Steven Richards Bubba Ray Dudley Buffalo, NY 04-29-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards Cologne, Germany 05-01-02
Goldust Tommy Dreamer Cologne, Germany 05-01-02
Steven Richards Goldust Cologne, Germany 05-01-02
Shawn Stasiak Crash Holly Glasgow, Scotland 05-02-02
Justin Credible Shawn Stasiak Glasgow, Scotland 05-02-02
Crash Holly Justin Credible Glasgow, Scotland 05-02-02
Steven Richards Crash Holly Glasgow, Scotland 05-02-02
Shawn Stasiak Steven Richards Glasgow, Scotland 05-02-02
Steven Richards Shawn Stasiak Glasgow, Scotland 05-02-02
Crash Holly Justin Credible Birmingham, England 05-03-02
Steven Richards Crash Holly Birmingham, England 05-03-02
Crash Holly Booker T London, England 05-04-02
Steven Richards Booker T London, England 05-04-02
Booker T Crash Holly London, England 05-04-02
Booker T Steven Richards London, England 05-04-02
Bubba Ray Dudley Steven Richards Hartford, CT 05-06-02
Raven Bubba Ray Dudley Hartford, CT 05-06-02
Justin Credible Raven Hartford, CT 05-06-02
Crash Holly Justin Credible Hartford, CT 05-06-02
Trish Stratus Crash Holly Hartford, CT 05-06-02
Steven Richards Trish Stratus Hartford, CT 05-06-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards Winnipeg, Manitoba 05-25-02
Raven Tommy Dreamer Winnipeg, Manitoba 05-25-02
Steven Richards Raven Winnipeg, Manitoba 05-25-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards Red Deer, Saskatchewan 05-26-02
Raven Tommy Dreamer Red Deer, Saskatchewan 05-26-02
Steven Richards Raven Red Deer, Saskatchewan 05-26-02
Terri Steven Richards Edmonton, Alberta 05-27-02
Steven Richards Terri Edmonton, Alberta 05-27-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards New Orleans, LA 06-02-02
Raven Tommy Dreamer New Orleans, LA 06-02-02
Steven Richards Raven New Orleans, LA 06-02-02
Bradshaw Steven Richards Dallas, TX 06-03-02
Raven Bradshaw Cincinnati, OH 06-22-02
Spike Dudley Raven Cincinnati, OH 06-22-02
Shawn Stasiak Spike Dudley Cincinnati, OH 06-22-02
Bradshaw Shawn Stasiak Cincinnati, OH 06-22-02
Shawn Stasiak Bradshaw Washington, D.C. 06-28-02
Spike Dudley Shawn Stasiak Washington, D.C. 06-28-02
Steven Richards Spike Dudley null 06-28-02
Bradshaw Steven Richards Washington, D.C. 06-28-02
Shawn Stasiak Bradshaw New York, NY 06-29-02
Spike Dudley Shawn Stasiak New York, NY 06-29-02
Steven Richards Spike Dudley New York, NY 06-29-02
Bradshaw Steven Richards New York, NY 06-29-02
Raven Bradshaw Uncasville, CT 06-30-02
Crash Holly Raven Uncasville, CT 06-30-02
Steven Richards Crash Holly Uncasville, CT 06-30-02
Bradshaw Steven Richards Uncasville, CT 06-30-02
Steven Richards Bradshaw Frederick, MD 07-06-02
Crash Holly Steven Richards Frederick, MD 07-06-02
Christopher Nowinski Crash Holly Frederick, MD 07-06-02
Bradshaw Christopher Nowinski Frederick, MD 07-06-02
Steven Richards Bradshaw Wildwood, NJ 07-07-02
Crash Holly Steven Richards Wildwood, NJ 07-07-02
Christopher Nowinski Crash Holly Wildwood, NJ 07-07-02
Bradshaw Christopher Nowinski Wildwood, NJ 07-07-02
Justin Credible Bradshaw Lakeland, FL 07-12-02
Spike Dudley Justin Credible Lakeland, FL 07-12-02
Big Show Spike Dudley Lakeland, FL 07-12-02
Bradshaw Big Show Lakeland, FL 07-12-02
Justin Credible Bradshaw Daytona Beach, FL 07-13-02
Shawn Stasiak Justin Credible Daytona Beach, FL 07-13-02
Bradshaw Shawn Stasiak Daytona Beach, FL 07-13-02
Justin Credible Bradshaw Bethlehem, PA 07-14-02
Shawn Stasiak Justin Credible Bethlehem, PA 07-14-02
Bradshaw Shawn Stasiak Bethlehem, PA 07-14-02
Johnny Stamboli Bradshaw East Rutherford, NJ 07-15-02
Bradshaw Johnny Stamboli East Rutherford, NJ 07-15-02
Raven Bradshaw Houston, TX 07-26-02
Justin Credible Raven Houston, TX 07-26-02
Shawn Stasiak Justin Credible Houston, TX 07-26-02
Bradshaw Shawn Stasiak Houston, TX 07-26-02
Raven Bradshaw San Antonio, TX 07-27-02
Justin Credible Raven San Antonio, TX 07-27-02
Shawn Stasiak Justin Credible San Antonio, TX 07-27-02
Bradshaw Shawn Stasiak San Antonio, TX 07-27-02
Raven Bradshaw Columbia, SC 07-28-02
Justin Credible Raven Columbia, SC 07-28-02
Shawn Stasiak Justin Credible Columbia, SC 07-28-02
Bradshaw Shawn Stasiak Columbia, SC 07-28-02
Jeff Hardy Bradshaw Greensboro, NC 07-29-02
Johnny Stamboli Jeff Hardy Greensboro, NC 07-29-02
Tommy Dreamer Johnny Stamboli Greensboro, NC 07-29-02
Tommy Dreamer Bradshaw Miami, FL 08-03-02
Bradshaw Tommy Dreamer Miami, FL 08-03-02
Tommy Dreamer Bradshaw Pittsburgh, PA 08-04-02
Bradshaw Tommy Dreamer Pittsburgh, PA 08-04-02
Shawn Stasiak Tommy Dreamer Kelowna, British Columbia 08-09-02
Steven Richards Shawn Stasiak Kelowna, British Columbia 08-09-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards Kelowna, British Columbia 08-09-02
Shawn Stasiak Tommy Dreamer Kamloops, British Columbia 08-10-02
Steven Richards Shawn Stasiak Kamloops, British Columbia 08-10-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards Kamloops, British Columbia 08-10-02
Shawn Stasiak Tommy Dreamer Vancouver, British Columbia 08-11-02
Steven Richards Shawn Stasiak Vancouver, British Columbia 08-11-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards Vancouver, British Columbia 08-11-02
Raven Tommy Dreamer Terre Haute, IN 08-17-02
Shawn Stasiak Raven Terre Haute, IN 08-17-02
Tommy Dreamer Shawn Stasiak Terre Haute, IN 08-17-02
Steven Richards Shawn Stasiak Evansville, IN 08-18-02
Shawn Stasiak Tommy Dreamer Evansville, IN 08-18-02
Tommy Dreamer Steven Richards Evansville, IN 08-18-02
Crash Holly Bradshaw Norfolk, VA 08-19-02
Tommy Dreamer Crash Holly Norfolk, VA 08-19-02
Bradshaw Tommy Dreamer Norfolk, VA 08-19-02
Rob Van Dam Tommy Dreamer New York, NY 08-26-02