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Mumbai limps back to normalcy

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Posted online: Thursday , February 14, 2008 at 07:12:22
Updated: Thursday , February 14, 2008 at 07:30:52

Mumbai, February 14: The country's financial capital returned to normalcy today with no fresh incidents of violence being reported after being on the tenterhooks for over ten days following anti-North Indian violence perpetrated by Raj Thackeray-led MNS.

In complete contrast to Wednesday evening's scenario, all taxis were plying in the city and the shops were also open.

"Over 1,800 activists have been arrested for substantive offences and as a preventive measure since violence erupted on the streets of Mumbai on February 13," Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) K L Prasad said.

"612 preventive arrests were made on a single day yesterday (when Raj was arrested on charges of inciting people) while 260 others have been picked up today," he said.

Sporadic incidents of violence were reported across the city following Raj's arrest last evening and police have registered 29 offences in this connection arresting 144 people.

He, however, did not peg an exact timeframe as to when the extra forces will retreat from the city and also when those held as a preventive measure will be let-off.

"More than the physical damage, thousands of crores have been lost due to the violence as investors shy from bringing their money here," Prasad said.

When asked about the delay in arresting the leaders, Prasad countered by saying �accused are not arrested so quickly in such offences, especially, if they are big people as any action in haste can boomerang�.

He said police are still working on 60-70 photographs of suspected MNS workers indulging in violence and are on the lookout for the accused.

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Mumbai contributes billions and billions of rupees from its taxes to the rest of the country. Although Mumbai receives an average per capita share of public expenditure from central government this is perhaps far outweighed by its very high tax bill. Mumbai�s population would welcome some commitment by the State and Central Governments to increased public spending on essential public services and infrastructure to cope with the growing demand. However it should also be pointed out that Mumbai gives more to the Centre and State Exchequer than it actually receives - Mumbai continues to make a positive economic contribution to other regions but does not receive an equal amount back for its infrastructure development. If our metropolitan city is to continue to contribute such large sums of money it requires more investment in its infrastructure and public services. There are hopes that a number of vital transport projects will go ahead and the populace of this metropolis look forward to continuing discussions among the State and Central Governments regarding the funding for these projects. Unless we can find a solution to the problems created by people like Bal Thackeray, Uddhav Thackeray and Raj Thackeray, Mumbai�s economy remains at risk by their frequent calls for bandhs and hartals forcing businesses and shops to close and people to remain indoors instead of going about their daily economic activities.


Mumbai serves as an important economic hub of the country, contributing 10% of all factory employment, 40% of all income tax collections, 60% of all customs duty collections, 20% of all central excise tax collections, 40% of India's foreign trade and 40 billion Rupees (US$ 9 billion) in corporate taxes.[25] Mumbai's per-capita income is Rs.48,954 which is almost three times the national average.[26] Many of India's numerous conglomerates (including State Bank Of India, Tata Group, Godrej and Reliance), and four of the Fortune Global 500 companies are based in Mumbai. Many foreign banks and financial institutions also have branches in this area, the World Trade Centre (Mumbai)[27] being the most prominent one. Up until the 1980s, Mumbai owed its prosperity largely to textile mills and the seaport but the local economy has since been diversified to include engineering, diamond-polishing, healthcare and information technology. Mumbai is home to the Bhabha Atomic Research Center and most of India's specialized, technical industries, having a modern industrial infrastructure and vast, skilled human resources. Rising venture capital firms, start-ups and established brands work in aerospace, optical engineering, medical research, computers and electronic equipment of all varieties, ship-building and salvaging, and renewable energy and power.

Mumbai limps back to normalcy? by Jaswinder Sing Gill on 15 Feb 2008

Failure of legislature to see problem of common leads to Success of hooligans on street in Maharastra. Did they found solution? No. This happens in world over U.S, Canada,Punjab, Maharastra.So How solution is to be found. Street, abusing people answer is No. Are our legislature concerned --> Make them. Let me start with simple idea. 1. All Panchayat will get 5 lacs per month. Now how that can be done Tax people? Yes Rich, what about middle class are they not contributor, give them tax relief to contribute to Panchayat fund. Hope we understand and act. Streets are for freedom not for fear or abuse. Chip in

Violence in Bombay by Charles on 15 Feb 2008

Its about time we indians start thinking with their own individual brains and not think and act as the corrupt politician as them to do. Same on us that we still get emotional about caste and creed, and we are ready to kill our own. Grow up INDIA.

What a society by Adward on 15 Feb 2008

how lol ! one politician says, "kill the punjabies, kill the gujrati's and Indian's start doing that, hahahaha". looks amazing society. My dear Indian people, just think about US, Canada, Austrailia, Norway etc etc and think that, will they start killing their own people merely on their politician's say ? just can't imagine.

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